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  1. i’m here, just been away a while
  2. that’s fine. i’m just glad you guys are okay
  3. Preator or nappa? I'm worried about both
  4. That, and she's a high born earth noble. So while she's not the royal family, she's viable enough as a minor princess
  5. Ahhh.... Yeah, but they're very western expressions. I dunno. I feel just having the bear and snake grumble to each other and move on would be enough but I see why you went there.
  6. I know you like reptiles and snake symbolism, but it didn't click till just now. Also, read through the story, and I... Don't really see the hypnosis. It's a good premise, carried out well, though i think the end carried on a bit too long. And I question where shanti learned that language. But otherwise it's quite well done!
  7. This is going to sound silly, but I only just realised why you call yourself snake king
  8. It's been a while, but I hope you are okay.
  9. No. Although I'm collabing with a guy on a different Harry story. Feel free to take this one, but let me know.
  10. yeah…. the behind the scenes story for that movie is… something. Roland emmerich was quoted as saying he rejected the original draft for the end because “it was just two giant monsters going at one another and i simply don’t like that” and that’s BEFORE they started getting editorial mandates on what godzilla couldn;t do.
  11. If you make and account, pm me and i'd be happy to discuss it. They frown on taking up too much space in these boards. It sounds like an interesting story. I'm also on to talk.
  12. Nothing yet, i'm afraid. I may try my hand at it when i can, but still appreciating any takers.
  13. you said two versions. what’s the other?