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  1. Praetor

    AFF Holiday Party

    Dang it, empty handed again. I had a year to work something out! You’d think I’d prepare a little better by now. I’ll probably whip something up last minute and give it a proof reading skim right before uploading like I usually do.
  2. Praetor

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    Again? We just did this like a year ago.
  3. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    Technically, Kronika is a Titan. Which seems to be something older and more powerful than Elder Gods.
  4. Praetor


    I go out of my way to reword such sentences to escape it. The House of Ross, The place with the Ross family lives, The building full of Rosses, etc.
  5. Praetor

    RedLightZone Discussion & Ideas

    Hmn… I still don’t think there is only one ‘Random Fan’. So I totally get what was being asked of with the Luthor Strode story. It’s kind of like what happened to Frank Castle in Punisher Born. His firebase in Vietnam was overrun and the ‘battle’ turned into a massacre. Castle, who had already become captivated by war, was confronted by an unknown voice in black speech bubbles who offered him a deal, he would get him through the night and give him a war that would never end, but the price would be quite high (unstated but we, the audience, knows it will be his family). The rescue team arrives in the morning and find a battered but still fighting Castle amidst the countless slain. Who the voice was and what precisely was offered is unknown but this is the almost supernatural transformation of a marine into The Punisher. I think it was an id and ego thing and the ‘power’ was simply the will to do what must be done, no matter how unsavoury. Ties into the Ubermensch theory, which is similar to a Renaissance Man, in that it’s a very competent and capable person with many skills and abilities. Leads to transhumanism, which is the idea of ‘ascending’ humanity to something more than we as a species already are. In the context of a fic it would be mostly about a guy or futa overcoming the traditional boundries and limitations of what is considered human (developing super strength through working out or technology or something, becoming hyper cognitive, etc) with ethical questions of what it means to be human and if this person should be accepted by society or feared, and if such a person should naturally be one to lead them or try to live amongst them. This comes up a lot in Superman stories and poorly written ones come off as lame Christ symbolism so it’s a difficult area to operate in. Or at least in a more interesting fic, we’re here for harems so I am sure such a venture would feature our hero seducing women with his ubermanishness or something. If this is a bad take, let me know. If you’re tired of being asked things, jut say no. I still have to tell people I will not do a Jessica Nigri fic no matter how hard it is asked for. You’re not obligated to entertain people.
  6. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Misspoke. I just meant the comics, although maybe she’s in the MCU now? The credits identify Cindy Moon (Silk) is the Asian girl on the decathlon but I doubt that is going to go anywhere.
  7. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I don’t really like Miles, I find him bland. Into the Spider-Verse gave him some much needed characterization though. Maybe someone with vision and energy could do something with him but I don’t know if that’s me. More over, there is a tense race issue (especially in porn) in the States where it is set and I imagine most of my readers are from. I don’t know if I have the chops for it (was brought up in a similar discussion about Static Shock years ago, situation is the same). I think Miles and Spider-Gwen are dating in universe. I consider Kamala Kahn poison for the MCU and in need of a major rewrite from the ground up with a competent writer. The other new girls are kinda lame, the only one I kind of like is Silk and that’s solely because I am amused by how much they’re sticking to keeping her in Parker’s mold from the 60s. No project has been abandoned, I am just slow to update because I work full time and don’t like to update for the sake of updating. The next chapter of Naruko’s pact is a third of the way done but I haven’t gotten back to it yet. Mad Love doesn’t exactly hold a warm place in my heart so I am hesitant to go back to it, but I still have plans for it. Big plans, two of them to be precise. After numerous revisions, I was never satisfied with the next chapter for Omniharem and it has been scrapped. Working on the Charmcaster chapter now, which is half done.
  8. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    Hmn… Indeed, will Praetor use these ideas? Hmn hmn he he he...
  9. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    That’s more like 2 and a half. The RE VR fic, which could transition into a general video game romp (1.5, or two if you count it separately). Or a fantasy adventure in an amalgamation universe. I personally would prefer the amalgamation universe story for various tedious reasons but would be willing to do both. I do still plan on doing the RE VR story though.
  10. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    The VR fic is as of yet, exclusively a Resident Evil thing since it has like 24 potential harem members spanning a dozen games and like 8 movies. Depending on how I feel after that, I may spin that off into a series with VR exploration a la Log Horizon. Since those are all survival horror games, the video game mechanic tropes will be largely the same so there won’t be much to unpack there. Unrelated to that, there was a separate challenge called Ultimate XXX Mod or something that was essentially what we’re talking about now. That was more about a gamer using mods to snag video game vixens and play with mechanics, which is what the REVR fic would turn into if we started adding other games and women. Completely unrelated to one or both of those things, I was considering a Super Smash Ultimate kind of thing where characters are pulled into some kind of amalgamation setting (as opposed to the hero going from one to another) and the hero (or heroine if a futa) collects the harem there while fighting a super gang of villains or something, I don’t know. This is all tentative. So it’d be something like… Ultimecia (FF8), Maleficent, and Kronika meet up at a bar on girl’s night and decide to take over the multiverse with the assistance of Bowser (caught sneaking in as Bowsette) and Frieza (genuinely unsure if he even has a gender). They open a hole in space and time that heroes and heroines from myth and legend (in a hundred years video games, anime, cartoons and comics will be treated like Greek Myths) fall into and are trapped in some hellish nightmare scenario so they’ll be out of the way. The Wizard Shazam, sensing a disruption int he magical ethers, calls his champion to the Rock of Eternity but the lightning bolt strikes a passenger plane overhead on the way to Billy. So it accidentally summons Karen the Unlucky Schoolgirl, who (due to a misspeak) is granted the Cock of Eternity instead, and dropped in this hellish nightmare world. It’s a seemingly endless landscape whose appearance is a reflection of the characters in it and populated with monsters, enemies and traps from the various media that the characters are borrowed from. She must explore this elseworlds setting, make friends, not die, and eventually form a harem because the cock’s magic works that way and once she’s powerful enough, can challenge the big bads. Shooting from the hip there, the point is that the fantasy setting would be void of video game logic and treated as ‘real’ within the setting. Characters’ lives are in genuine danger, the magic is real and not number crunching, there isn’t a meta to work around, and the lead gains power, strength and magic by swelling their harem (which will also attract sexy villains). Versus the VR fic, which would have things like the MC leaving weapons on empty mags so that when he upgrades the ammo capacity with the merchant, it is restocked for free, or dying so that he respawns at the door with the Tyrant already out of its pod so it won’t ambush him, as well as taking place in levels and having hub worlds or chapters.
  11. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    The Resident Evil VR fic will be a The Gamer kind of story that's all about video game tropes. Depending on how that one evolves, it could turn into a saga involving other video games. The other fic would be a more pure fantasy adventure story that has no video game mechanics and is basically collecting waifus from games, movies, tv shows, anime and such while pulling from all the settings kind of like the Smash series. They'd be different stories with different characters though, I'd take ideas for both. Dark Souls actually has some gameplay story segregation there. The first time you trigger a boss' appearance is the last time and in all subsequent encounters, the boss is already on the field waiting for you. Many characters even taunt you. I.e. Elaine the Crow asks if the Hunter still dreams, and if so to say hi to the Plain Doll in the Hunter's Dream. Lothric says the player can rest with them if they like (sadly no option to take him up on the offer).
  12. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    One thing I was thinking of doing was splitting the concepts. The VR game series would be a Log Horizon kind of game that plays more with video game tropes and the other would be a more traditional fantasy adventure that pulls characters from different mediums into a self contained adventure rather than ‘hopping’ from IP to IP. I was also going to do more of a SaGa series thing where by consistent use of the skills would result in learning more, i.e. continued use of handguns causes him (or her if a futa) to spontaneously learn trick shots or the constant mixing of herbs can teach alchemy skills. Once learned, they can then be leveled up but they don’t know what skills will be learned until the tree is more fully explored. I want all the powers and skills to be obtainable because in real life, they kind of are and it’s mainly a matter of humans being busy and not having a lot of time to master many crafts before we die. It should be like that in a game, especially for completionists. Levels 4 to 99 is kind of redundant, especially with how little gains you get after 60, but if this is going to be a long series then it’s probably beneficial to have a lot of leveling to do. 0 (completely unable, can not compute) to 5 (basically the god of this thing) leaves too little room for gradual improvement. I think a, say, 1-20 system for stats and then perks tied to stats that can be further leveled up or feats is the best way to go. I always hated the whole first levels are easy, last levels are basically impossible system. Why is my progress being halted? It feels artificial and clearly a game mechanic. Especially since in real life, getting good at something is a lot harder and more time consuming than going from good to great at something you already know how to do. Even in Dark Souls, later levels may be more resource intensive, but the game is designed in such a way that as long as you aren’t constantly loosing your souls to gank squads and friggin basilisks then you should be able to come out consistently on top of the challenge you are supposed to be facing. If you aren’t up for the task, then grinding in the area is an option because the soul output is usually great enough to make it an option. But it’s not strictly needed and there are numerous videos on the internet of people speed running the game without leveling up once. I like challenge based improvement and think it needs to be done more. I don’t like level scaling because I feel like that’s the point of leveling up. If the only point to scaling enemies is so that they’re consistently strong enough to fight you, or scaling rewards so you don’t get too many goodies at once, or to deny end game content for players who are too underleveled regardless of how much sense it makes, then there might as well not be leveling. Again, in Blood Souls, the challenges are intrinsic to the design of the game and it is possible to overcome them by being good at the game and understanding its mechanics. The games have a way of nudging you in the right direction, you can get access to the Hunter’s Nightmare halfway through the game but there’s no way you are apt for the challenge at that time and you should come back later after getting curb stomped. The primary reason for translating stats is to maintain flavour. The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is an iconic part of Fallout, so is the Plain Doll in Blood Borne, as well as the Crysterium in FFXIII et cetera. It’s also a way to more seamlessly merge the character with the new setting, and a way to curb their power. Once they’re a god in Skyrim and you drop them in Mortal Kombat and they’re still a god, then the conflict is unbalanced. For simplicity’s sake, the stats will probably be universal.
  13. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    I kind of like it but really don’t. Skill trees make sense in RPGs where your control over a character is limited to a keyboard and mouse or gamepad of some sort. In an immersive VR game where you are controlling yourself, your ability to, say, accurately engage a target with a rifle would be wholly dependent on your personal ability to wield a rifle. There’s no random number generation or invisible wall beyond maybe damage calculation. Skill trees also correspond with classes and I really don’t like those, they’re stupid and should die. The point of classes is to make a character fit an archetype even though there really isn’t a reason a Wizard shouldn’t wear armour and wield a weapon or a knight shouldn’t learn some useful utility spells or for a warlock to not get decent and running sneakily. I like the Dark Souls approach, you have like 8 stats and each can go from 4 to 99. So while there are technically ‘limited’ to 891 levels, most players will only get to 120 during a normal play through, with most PvP guilds caping levels at 150 and 180 being end game. It gets prohibitively expensive to continue leveling stats plus diminishing returns after 40 in each stat, encouraging smart leveling. Each time you level up, which is done by talking to the Bonfire/Emerald Herald/Plain Doll/Firekeeper with the requisite amount of souls (increasing slightly each time you do so) you get to put a rank in one of these stats. Raising your overall level and those corresponding stats (i.e. vitality for more hit points and fire resistance for some reason). Each level raises your overall defence and your ability to wield weapons and magic depends on your stats. If you have a 16 in dex and 8 in strength, you can wield a bow properly. If you don’t have a 55 in strength, you can still hold Smough’s hammer but swinging it will only do one very slow attack. If you have a 25 in faith, you can throw lightning bolts, regardless of your level, ‘class’ or playstyle. You just need to be holding a catalyst. It’s usually beneficial to raise your intelligence to 14 regardless of class so you can cast homeward, negating the need for homeward bone shards. All classes really do is determine your starting stats and equipment. Still, having RPG elements in these kinds of fics is part of the appeal. That’s also how it works in real life, wanna git gud at the guitar? Pick up a guitar and play it a lot. I was thinking ultimately of just having like 6 to 10 base stats that are fairly universal and just translating that to whatever game is being played if they have something unique. I.e. converting those stats to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. scores if he (or she if a futa) went to Fallout. I was thinking s/he would be able to level up depending on the game, i.e. opening up the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X or if there isn’t a traditional level up system in the game, be able to control it from a menu while ‘saving’. As to what skills and feats would be available, that would depend on the game being played. Obviously there wouldn’t be magic skills in RE. But for fun I was thinking he could carry abilities over from game to game. Like bringing Skyrim magic into Overwatch or being able to use martial arts learned in Street Fighter in Mortal Kombat. More skills and feats could be added as needed if going to a game that needs them.
  14. Praetor

    Challenge discussion thread

    Woah, first of all, impossible is only found in the dictionary of fools. Strictly speaking, only the games set in Raccoon City take place during a Necrolypse. My plan was to set the lemons in the various safe zones with a typewriter where you can save when there’s a little down time. The door was open for more games after Resident Evil if the author so desired but adding more games, methinks, distills the subject matter and turns it into more of a collectathon for virtual waifus, for which there are already a few other challenges for. More over, the Resident Evil IP has enough lore and characters that you can make a lengthy harem fic out of its source material already without having to add more. I started a demo for this challenge but don’t want to commit until I know I am about to seriously work on it. I don’t like Sword Art Online style stories where the virtual world is clearly virtual because that diminishes the sense of urgency and important, I think. I was going to do a vaguely magical thing where the headset chooses a champion somehow or something, I dunno (it’s in prewriting). The harem mode is kind of a weird thing to be designed to be put into a game intended for mass marketing so I was going to have it be less deliberate. He (or she if a futa) would get the enhanced body over time by buffing stats in an RPG kind of way. There’d be a hub area that over time would become populated with characters taken from the completed levels that would build the settlement like Majula in Dark Souls 2 or the Ebon Hawk in Kotor. He (or she if a futa) could also get training that way (learn first aid from Rebecca Chambers, pistol marksmanship from Jill etc). There’d be a skill tree that would have useful things like weapon proficiency, martial arts, utility skills, and of course, a sex tree. Orgies could also be hosted in this area with obtained girls. For main characters, the only one I considered was MGS2 era Raiden (pretty boy, good with guns) or Solid Snake (because I kind of want to play with a much older hero instead of a very young one). I was more interested in an OC for this though because of the relative self containedness of it.
  15. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately, the answer is the same, I don’t know enough about Adventure Time to really do it justice, on top of my incredible backlog of ongoing and planned projects. Speaking of, update for Overlord. The long awaited sistercest fest is here. I got kind of dirty and kinky there near the end, just trying new things. Let me know what worked, what didn’t, or what else you think I should cover, and as always, happy fapping.