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  1. M Denis Villeneuve had best be working on Dune Part Two, or I shall hunt him down, remove his liver with my bare hands, and offer it to the Morrigan.

    And yes, Part One was an enormous improvement over David Lynch’s effort, although I might had chosen differently for the role of Lady Jessica. But by and large, c’est incroyable!

    1. InvidiaRed


      So you’re giving it your mark of approval?

    2. Sinfulwolf


      I’m 90% sure he is already. 

    3. BronxWench



      So you’re giving it your mark of approval?

      I am, actually! I read the books initially a very long time ago, and they stayed with me. I’ve reread them periodically, and I was SO excited when David Lynch was making the movie back in the early 80s. My brother and I were at the theater to see it the first week, I think, wide-eyed and breathless, but while the special effects were (for the time) amazing, and the film was gorgeous to look at, there was no passion. None. The best part of the movie was Jurgen Prochnow as Duke Leto Atreides, and perhaps Sir Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck. But the entirety of the first book is too vast to be covered in one movie, even if you were to show it as a three hour film. Denis Villeneuve left us on a cliffhanger, but he chose a perfect breaking point and I have high hopes that Part Two will be as wonderfully done.