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    The stories were all removed by c0p13r himself. He set a deadline of January 1, 2018, and then pulled every last story down. This was his decision, and we at AFF ask that our members and visitors respect that decision. If by some chance you find a copy of anything he wrote, do NOT link it here, or offer copies here.
  2. BronxWench

    Um. Oops.

    I’ll shift it for you!
  3. BronxWench

    ? in stories

    DemonGoddess has a FAQ for that here: As she works her way through the subdomains for the archive clean-up project, she’s doing her best to fix that issue permanently, but the fix in the FAQ does help.
  4. BronxWench

    The Unreviewed

    Just avoid Kindle Unlimited, from what I’ve been told….
  5. BronxWench

    Your writing over time

    Ouch to the biopsy….
  6. BronxWench

    I can't log in

    I’m very glad!
  7. Have you ever tried translating something into a language you know, just to see what Google will do to it? It’s hilarious! But to be serious ever so briefly, certain languages use syntax that Google and most other AI linguistics programs can’t readily mimic. Japanese, for example, rarely uses pronouns, or even subjects. It’s implied in the context of the rest of the sentence. Google mangles those translations horribly. Same thing with French, when some adjective precede the noun being modified, and others come after the noun. Google tends to substitute an entirely wrong noun and/or adjective because it’s not ready for post-noun adjectives. AI linguistics has a long way to go yet, but for translating a simple phrase in Latin into English, it’s good enough.
  8. BronxWench

    Your writing over time

    What Clover said! But really, fan fiction is a terrific way to hone writing skills. The world building and basic character development is done, and you just get to put your own slant on things. Sharing that online brings valuable feedback and yes, the chance to talk to other writers.
  9. BronxWench

    I can't log in

    DemonGoddess is on a few messenger services still, but her work schedule’s been insane lately. If you check her profile she has a few posted, as well as emails where she can be reached. Have you tried the usual run of deleting all AFF cookies, clearing your cache and history, and then closing your browser completely? Sometimes clearing all the old data resets any cookies that might have been corrupted, and lets you log in again. Unfortunately, I can’t look into the database and see if it’s the password field, or if the password is too short/too long/contains special characters or symbols. The new requirements are no less than 8 or more than 12 letters and/or numbers, and still case sensitive. I’ll post this for her as well in PM, so hopefully she can steal a few minutes to peek at the database for me, and see if it’s something there.
  10. As a proponent of a well-rounded classical education, I say make ‘em work for it! I mean, Google Translame, folks!
  11. I have no problem with titles in Latin, actually. I sort of like it, to be honest, and might have to brush up on my Latin.
  12. BronxWench

    Avatar IMG link not working on Archive

    This may be an issue since the archive code was updated to make it more mobile-friendly. Hopefully our coder, @manta2g will have an answer for us.
  13. BronxWench

    I can't log in

    If you log in on the right side of the menu bar, where it says log in, does it then show your pen name as the last option of the menu bar? If so, click your name, and a dropdown will appear. Select “My Control Panel” from your options, and you will see a new pop-up menu appear to the side, with the Story Managers for each subdomain. Pick the subdomain where you wish to add a story or a chapter, and you will be taken to a new page, showing all your posted stories for that subdomain with options to add or edit a chapter, as well as a link to Post New Story. The left side menus are no longer used because the archive code was amended to make it mobile-friendly.
  14. BronxWench

    The Unreviewed

    I don’t think there’s really a correlation between hits (dragon prints) and reviews. A lot of it is based purely on the fandom—the more active a fandom’s reader base, the more likely you’ll get a review, even if it’s someone questioning your sanity and parentage for not writing their particular OTP. I tend to write fan fiction for more obscure fandoms, and I don’t expect reviews, so any I get are exciting. The only reason my Dragon Age story got reviews like it did is that it began as a series of responses to the weekly Dribs, Drabs and Doggy Tales challenge prompts. (The Quarter of Insanely Obnoxious Words was particularly challenging, but I am proud to say @JayDee and I both managed every single word.) Certain tags draw readers as well. If the reader has an incest fetish, they will look for that tag, for example. But tags are vital, and we mods do monitor them closely, because some things are highly triggering, like rape, incest, and Minor1/Minor2 content. We get emails from readers who were sandbagged by content they didn’t expect to see, and some of them, quite frankly, are heartbreaking to read. Real life can be ugly, and maybe that’s why some of us write, but our readers deserve forewarning of even the most dubious content. I used the Rape tag on a oneshot with an offstage, not very graphic mention of rape just to be safe. As far as published work, my publisher has exceedingly narrow parameters for even mentioning rape. One way to try and gain a bit of visibility for a story is to use the Promote A Story thread. @Desiderius Price does use it, which I’m sure helps readers find his work. You can post for each new chapter for a multi-chapter work, and readers who are forum members can follow your post, giving them an email notification every time you post about a new chapter. Very useful, in lieu of a formal “follow this story” feature. And to sort of finish up for this post, at any rate, I will confess to not being as good about reviewing as I’d like to be. As a moderator, I read new chapters and new stories weekly in an ever rotating set of subdomains, checking for Terms of Service compliance. In that capacity, I only review if I find a disclaimer issue, or have had to hide a story. Sometimes I read something, and I want to go back later and review it in my own pen name, but real life sidetracks me, and I’m always bothered by that. I read it, enjoyed it, and want to comment. But as a further confession (and this is where tags come back into the conversation) when I read for pure enjoyment, I do avoid certain content. It’s not appealing to me, and if I don’t have to read it for moderating purposes, I’d rather not encounter it. So, that’s a partial mea culpa for not reading/reviewing certain things even if written by an author I like, who’s a good writer with an engaging style.
  15. BronxWench

    I can't log in

    The login is now the last option on the menu bar at the top of the page. Click on the link that says “Login” and you will see a dropdown where you can enter your email address associated with the AFF account, and your password. Then click the “Login” button in that dropdown, and the last link on the menu bar should show your pen name. Clicking on that will now give you access to your profile and your Control Panel.