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  1. I missed your birthday! A very belated happy birthday to you, youngster! :D

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    2. WillowDarkling


      wah, I missed Melrick’s birthday too!! I’m sorry…:blush:  A very belated happy birthday, Melrick :D

    3. Melrick


      Thanks! The older I get though the less I care about my birthday.

    4. BronxWench


      My kids care more about my birthday than I do, because cake. :lol: 

      Now, me? I count decades, not years. It’s much more fun that way. 

  2. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    It’s very true. Sometimes you need to actually prod the readers into realizing things that should be freaking obvious.
  3. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Sometimes, something about a character’s appearance is relevant, and so I mention it. Maybe his eyes are a shade not customary where he’s living, or maybe he has a unique scar. But on the whole, I describe the minimum about a character’s appearance. As a reader, I don’t want an overload of details. I might not growl about it in a review, but I do prefer being able to put my own mental spin on a character.
  4. It’s a good day when you get a first look at the cover art for your book, and it’s completely amazing! :w00t:

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    2. pittwitch


      Pretty pretty pictures for a wonderful story!

    3. CL Mustafic

      CL Mustafic

      I’m so excited to see it! And I can’t wait to read the new version too!

    4. KassX


      So exciting! Hope we get to see it soon!

  5. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    I totally fucking love you.
  6. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Oh, yes! This! Seriously, if I need to zoom to read what you’ve written, I’m just going to click on by.
  7. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Bear and bare. Oh, and definitely and defiantly. Really???
  8. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    I just cringe when I see people editing according to their favorite blog. Honestly, the word lists are brutal, and often flat-out wrong. I’d rather rely on things like the Chicago Manual of Style, and actually read things aloud to hear how they sound.
  9. BronxWench

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    I’m going to own up to abuse of epithets. My editors tend to want to beat me over the head, I think, and they are teaching me to stop that annoying habit. It started, quite frankly, when one person who was editing a novella of mine took the hard and fast rule that there could only be one “he” in a paragraph. Dude, I write slash, okay? It’s ALL he. If you are clear enough in the context of the sentence, a reasonably sober reader can figure out which male it is. I’m also coming out in support of the correct use of “that” because nothing grates more than seeing people go through contortions in writing to avoid a word someone put on a blog as a “bad” word. There are no bad words. Trust me on this. A good editor understands when you need “that” as opposed to “which” and certainly as opposed to the spate of verbiage required to avoid using either word. I do miss the Oxford comma, however. Apparently it’s going out of style again. ::sigh::
  10. The happiest of birthdays to our beloved @pittwitch:birthday::bday::twirl::beer::wub:

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    2. Melrick


      Oh you’re an April girl!  April people are clearly superior to others.  Happy birthday to you @pittwitch !

    3. GeorgeGlass


      Happy birthday, PW!

    4. JayDee


      Belated Happy Birthday!

  11. BronxWench

    Insecure connection

    We’re not an e-commerce site, so honestly, I never worry about AFF as far as losing financial data. Chrome flips me hissies every time I log into the staff email server because it can’t authenticate the credentials, and I’ve been ignoring that for years with no ill effects.
  12. BronxWench

    Insecure connection

    I’ve no clue what the additional costs would be, but we operate on a very tight margin as a not-for-profit site. It may very well be a case of the site not having sufficient regular revenue to be able to make that change.
  13. BronxWench

    Insecure connection

    We are not on an https server, as far as I know. However, I’ve never had an issue with my login being compromised. Then again, I also run antivirus and malware protection at all times because I’m paranoid that way.
  14. Do you remember the pen name of the account?
  15. BronxWench

    Site Functionality

    We’ve always had separate databases for each subdomain. That’s nothing new. The new levels of sub-categories and categories within those are something we have been asked to do by many members, who want to be able to navigate to a specific pairing within a subdomain. In the more general subdomains, ie, Anime, you do need to navigate to the specific anime you want to read, such as Pokemon, which has its own sub-category and levels of categories under that, or Ai no Kusabi, which is in the .+ to F sub-category and which gives you 4 pages of stories to look through. Is it slow to navigate? I expect it is, but you need to navigate within FFN in a similar manner. I f I want to read Dragon Age stories on FFN, I would need to Browse to Games, and then to D, and then find Dragon Age on the list which appears. From there, it’s all chronological based on dated published or updated, with 20.6K of stories for me to peruse. On AO3, I need to Browse, which takes me to a page of recent fics from every fandom, and then I have to click the link to take me to fandoms, and from there figure out where my fandom might live. I’m not sure what the difference is between Dragon Age – All Media Types and Dragon Age (Video Games), but I’m sure if I poked, I’d eventually figure it out, but with 46,669 works under Dragon Age (Video Games) I don’t anticipate the search being too quick. I don’t think any fiction archive has managed to find a way to streamline the search process. Certainly, since AFF was founded in 2002, the site has grown considerably, and what was a speedy process has become more time-consuming as we embraced new fandoms. It’s really only a few clicks to arrive at a fandom, and while I personally liked the left-side menus a lot better, they didn’t work for mobile users. But what can help is to navigate once to a fandom you like, and then bookmark that category. It’s faster to click that bookmark, and get to the fandom than to navigate through the menus, or Google a random story and backtrack. Using one of my examples above, you can go to Ai no Kusabi, and bookmark the category url: Most browsers let you edit the text for a bookmark, so you can edit it to read something like AFF-Ai no Kusabi, and then you’ll be able to rapidly find your fandom. You can also add specific stories to your Currently Reading section of your profile, which I do to be able to access a specific story with ease. Our FAQ here explains how to do that.