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  1. Let me try making a link for the email: This way, I can check to see if there is any existing account associated with that email address.
  2. Okay, this works better if you use the format indicated in the pinned thread. Subdmain: Cartoons Category: Rick and Morty Do you have a story?: Yes
  3. Okay, let’s try a couple of things. First, what browser and operating system are you using? For example, I use Chrome on a PC running Windows 10, and both are the latest versions. Second, since you mention being a reader here for some time, have you tried clearing your browser’s cache, history, and AFF cookies? We have instructions on how to do that here for most browsers. A corrupted cookie string or out of date urls in your history and cache can cause a great many peculiar issues. You need to clear those, close your browser completely, and then restart the browser software. That should reset everything nicely. If all else fails, I ask that you email me with your email address. You can reach me at I recommend not posting your email address here, since spam bots can read posts here and you do NOT want to encourage them.
  4. I’ve responded to your other thread, which might be better than tacking onto this thread. I have a feeling these will be separate issues.
  5. Are you trying to register for the forum or for the archive? Archive registration is required for forum membership, so that should be the first step. If it is the archive you’re trying to join, passwords must be at least 8 letters and/or numbers long. No special characters are allowed in passwords, and they are case sensitive, so if you use a capital letter anywhere in making the password, you always have to type it as a capital letter to log in.
  6. DemonGoddess061, our tech admin, has been insanely busy with her RL work, and that’s why the delay. Please be patient, and I’m sure she’ll add the category to the Television subdomain as soon as she gets a chance.
  7. I’m sure I’d say the same about half the crap the developers do to my favorite games. I still haven’t forgiven Bioware for screwing up their elves in the second Dragon Age game, not to mention the crappy repeating dungeons and the single ending no matter how you chose throughout the game. They’ve redeemed themselves with Inquisition, mostly, but still. I’ll wind up banned from cons if I ever run into David Gaider.
  8. Actually, what JJ Abrams does isn’t really fan fiction. Some franchises solicit written work, such as Star Trek, and Star Wars. Or take RA Salvatore, and his famous drow ranger, Drizzt Do’Urden, who is central to a series based on the Forgotten Realms lore copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. There are quite a few authors licensed by WotC, and whose work is now part of canon. Of course the authors make money on their work. David Gaider, a writer for BioWare, also wrote a couple of novels based on the Dragon Age ‘verse. It’s not uncommon in some franchises, really, and I can guarantee those authors don’t consider what they do to be fan fiction.
  9. ::nods:: My Elderspawn mods heavily, but more for graphics and killer weapons and armor. I’m not a heavy user of mods myself unless I think the mod fixes what appears to be a plot hole or logic fail. And if David Gaider ever manages to write a decent romance, I’ll die of shock. As far as publishing goes, I’m sort of the horrible warning these days, since my publisher changed owners, and the new owners ran it into the ground. I’ve gotten my rights back, and I’m supposed to be cleaning up my manuscripts for republication, but there’s a few of us who’ve published, either via a press or self-publishing. Ask away, though, and I’m happy to answer!
  10. The legality of fan fiction is something of an ongoing debate. For now, it’s covered under the Fair Use provisions of the US copyright laws, as long as no profit is made (hence our insistence on disclaimers acknowledging the copyright and declaring no profit is made). While you can’t hold copyright on your fan fiction per se, we do hold that your Fair Use work is yours and yours alone, and so long as no profit is being made, the original copyright holder will probably never go beyond a cease and desist order should they decide fan fiction inspired by their work is a Very Bad Thing. But as far as passing around saved copies of fan fictions, we draw a very clear line here. We know it’s done, but AFF will not be a hub for that sort of thing, and I for one was exceedingly uncomfortable with AO3’s download feature and its format options. They have a not-for-profit with deep pockets and expensive lawyers behind them, however, so perhaps they’re okay with that risk. We don’t, and we’re not. I will also say there are some sites out there which archive work (especially HP-related fan fiction) without the permission of the author. We view those as pirate sites, and we won’t allow links to them in our search threads, no more than we’ll allow hard copies to be passed around. But Des is quite right about mods for games. A lot of game modders see their work incorporated into a game, and they don’t get a choice about that, but then again, if they’re consistently good, who knows? They might get a job. It’s much harder for a fan fiction writer to gain that level of respect (although I am still somewhat bemused by the fan fiction of a former fan fiction phenomenon...)
  11. Pretty much, since the story was plagiarized.
  12. We state quite clearly at the top of each search thread that we do not allow hard copies of stories to be circulated. Allowing attachments does not somehow constitute a loophole for that forum rule. You will note our forum administrator did not remove the links to the other online locations, because we do allow links to legitimate sites. It’s not all that difficult, really. Online links, good. Hard copies, bad.
  13. This is our forum, so you won’t find stories here. You need to be here to find stories, in our archive, which you can also reach by clicking on the tab marked “Archives” at the top of this page.
  14. The story in question was removed for Terms of Service violations which were not corrected.
  15. I looked at the story in question, and I don’t see an issue with the disclaimer as it reads now. I will admit we tend to be somewhat scrupulous when it comes to this subdomain, since the stories involve actual people, with friends, families, agents, and lawyers. We’re always happy to answer questions from our members regarding disclaimers, and what we need for the various subdomains, so please don’t hesitate to ask if anything is ever unclear. We try not to be vague, but what seems obvious to one person isn’t always as obvious to another person. However, we’re an active moderation team, and we do respond, here or via email.