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  1. This is more appropriately a category request/request for category modification, and not a general staff question, since the moderators don’t assign category names. I’d rather not ask for this to be deleted outright as inappropriate to this thread, so I’m moving it to the correct thread.
  2. A very happy birthday to foeofthelance, and many more, lad! :cheers: :birthday:

  3. Azela still has an account here, but all stories were taken down by the member for personal reasons. Should the member wish to post the stories here again, we would welcome them back.
  4. It is indeed here on AFF as well: Salvation by AvengingAngel
  5. That’s a very good question, actually. For now, I think adding a co-author will let you get started on the transition faster, and DG can let us know what the proper method to remove you would be.
  6. Because fan fiction involves copyrights held by people other than the authors here, we don’t allow the mention of donation sites, Patreons, GoFundMe pages, or any other form of monetary exchange here on the AFF archive or forums, whether in profiles, stories, or forum posts. While a donation page isn’t really selling anything, and might not directly represent pay for services, we find it’s best to be like Caesar’s wife and avoid even the remotest chance of impropriety. So, I’m sorry, the short answer is no.
  7. I’m not quite sure what you mean. There is a default font size for both the archive and the forum, but every member has the option of adjusting that size for themselves via the Rich Text Editor in the archive or here in the forum. The default here is Arial 14 and that is what I’m seeing your post above as using. The default font in the archive, as I see it on my desktop (22” monitor) and laptop (14” display), without zooming, is the same size. I never access the site on a tablet or smartphone, because I prefer a larger screen for viewing, to be quite honest. We did, however, rework the archive code to accommodate mobile device users, eliminating most of the left column menus and other features which were not mobile-friendly (although this desktop user quite liked them). If a story’s text is spilling over the page borders, that is another issue altogether, and has to do with repeating characters used within the story text, and how the site draws those characters. People use them as scene breaks, or dividers, and it glitches the way the story displays on the screen. In that case, the author needs to remove the repeating characters, since that’s something we moderators can’t fix for them. You do have the option on most computers of setting your computer’s default display for text to a larger font. That might help, if that’s the method you use to view the site. Other than that, without knowing how you access the site or what OS you use, I can’t offer any other helpful advice.
  8. Hi, It’s actually fine to mention updates here, or on your Review Reply thread, or even in both places. Some readers will check the review reply thread, and others might look here, but if they’re registered forum users, they can follow either thread. That way, they get an email notification whenever you post. So it comes down to what you prefer to do.
  9. A very interesting survey! I enjoyed completing it.
  10. I’ve moved this to a more appropriate area of the forum, since the tech support threads are really only for AFF-related tech support.
  11. I’d go with the mostly-set-in fandom myself, to be honest. The Misc>Crossover category is mostly for stories which don’t have a proper category to begin with, and when a crossover is set in one of those, well, the archive dragons get peevish. And you know, peevish dragons and all that…
  12. I think you might find this FAQ helpful.
  13. I’m not seeing any record of staff action in deleting the stories, although it was noted back in 2010 that his stories were reposts at that time. It’s quite possible the author took them down again and hasn’t reposted them again.
  14. I’ve resent the email to the new email address.
  15. The issue with the story is that it’s missing the required story content tags. We ask that you properly tag stories so readers aren’t caught unawares by something they prefer not to read about. You should have received an email advising you of which tags were missing. If you didn’t see it, check your Junk or Spam folder. If it’s not there either, let me know and I’ll resend it.