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  1. BronxWench

    Message 008

    We don’t allow images with adult content in the Forum, and the archive itself does not support images. So, to answer your question, no.
  2. BronxWench

    can't log in

    As far as I know, it’s okay. I just had to log in myself, and it went without a hitch. Just to check, the updated password doesn’t have any special characters or punctuation, does it? Those aren’t valid, and it’ll blow up the new password and blank the field. It needs to be 8-12 letters and/or numbers for it to work.
  3. Wishing @DemonGoddess a very Happy Birthday, from one cranky old thing to another! :wub:  :hug:  :bday: :wish: :party:

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    2. WillowDarkling


      Happy Birthday, DG! :wish::cheers:

    3. pippychick


      Happy Birthday DG :hug:

    4. GeorgeGlass


      Happy birthday! Hope the coming year is less hectic than the last one.

  4. BronxWench


    Hi, First of all, let’s see what went wrong with the password reset. Did you get the email link for the reset? If so, did you get a confirmation that the password was reset? Passwords have a few restrictions. They must be between 8-12 letters and/or numbers long, and can’t include punctuation or special characters. They are case sensitive, so if you use a capital letter anywhere when creating the password, you always need to use a capital letter. Passwords are stored in a restricted area of the database, and I can’t see them to tell you what the current password is, but most commonly, the issue is an invalid character or a password that’s too short or too long. Second, only one account is permitted per member, and the site won’t permit a second account to be made. In order for you to make a new account, I’d have to delete the old account first. Unfortunately, that would also delete any stories posted under the account, along with all reviews and hit count data, so that would be a last resort, I think.
  5. My initial reaction is relief. Pure, utter relief. I’m not sure how long it will take to rebuild the trust we once had globally, or to even heal the breaches in our own country, but we have made a beginning.
  6. BronxWench

    Can't reset password?

    13 letters/numbers might be the issue. I’ve found that the passwords seem to work best when you use a minimum of 8 letters/numbers and a maximum of 12 letters/numbers. The login block in the middle of the page is generally used only for new registrations. If it appears, look for the Login link at the end of the menu bar. That is what you should use to log in.
  7. BronxWench

    Can't join

    If you have an email address from a Microsoft client (Hotmail, Outlook or there is a conflict with Microsoft’s protocols and our archive code. Our members using those email clients have been unable to reset passwords (or create them). We’ve found that using another email client (Gmail for one) has allowed members to reset a password. Once the account has been established, you can change the email address for the account via the Control Panel of your archive profile.
  8. BronxWench

    Possible plagiarist: Kiara Grey

    Hi, I took a look at both profiles, and it looks like they belong to the same person based on information in our records. Given that we only allow one account per member, what I’m going to do is remove the Kirara_Grey account as a duplicate account. I do want to thank you for catching this one. We haven’t finished clean-up in either Inuyasha or Originals, and the older stories are rife with this sort of thing. But we really, really dislike plagiarists here on AFF, so we always are grateful to alert readers! Thank you!
  9. BronxWench

    Message 007

    No. The archive is limited to the fonts available in the Rich Text Editor.
  10. So, it’s been a rough few days. My mom is in hospital with congestive heart failure, exacerbated by COPD, atrial fibrillation, and Parkinson’s. It’s been one step forward and two steps back for the past 4 days, but at least I’m allowed to see her for a couple of hours each day.

    So, if I’m a bit more absent, or crankier than usual, I apologize in advance.

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    2. DemonGoddess


      Aw man, I’m sorry to hear this is happening for you.

    3. Sinfulwolf


      Ah fuck. I know I’m not around as much as I should be,  but you got a lot of folks here as well standing at your side. Hopefully soon it’ll be all steps forward soon enough, but stay strong. As has been said, your mother is lucky to have you at her side in these times. 

    4. Anesor


      Moms being sick is so hard, hope he’s getting ALL the good ones!

  11. Hi, Per your request, the account has been deleted. All the best, and stay safe!
  12. BronxWench

    element magic vs element magic

    Sickly green for Hellfire, definitely. Think 1960s-type neon acid green. It always induced a strong desire to tear my eyeballs out and soak them in a cooling bath, that color…
  13. BronxWench


    Is this your account? cashewQueen If yes, it is a email address (I’d rather not post an email address on a publicly viewed forum). In the event you no longer have access to that email address, please email us at with the correct email address, and we can update that for you.
  14. BronxWench

    Possible bug with author

    Ah, thank you. The non-story is gone.
  15. BronxWench

    Need to change password

    If you have an email account with a Microsoft client like Outlook, Hotmail or, we are aware that there is a conflict between our password reset function and Microsoft’s new(ish) security protocols. If this account is yours, then that is the issue. We have been able to sidestep the issue by changing the email address to a account. Once you are able to reset the password, and regain access to your archive account, you can change your email address back to your preferred client in the Control Panel. If you want to try this method, we strongly advise you to email us with the new email address for the account. This is a publicly viewable forum, and we all get enough spam without making it easier by publishing email addresses here. You can email us at with the new email address.