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  1. I’ll refer you to this topic. The image files are missing, but the gist remains.
  2. It may take me some time to recover from the incredible mental gyrations caused by picturing not only JayDee but GeorgeGlass as well participating in a Very Vanilla contest. It’s also made me want to read those entries, so beware… Oddly enough, I think the most erotic things I’ve written were largely innuendo, while the more graphic things I’ve written were more… boring than erotic. I think my imagination is a far more encouraging place for all things erotic to flourish. I can twist fairly mild innuendo into a feast in my imagination, whereas something described in minute detail often trips me up while I try (and usually fail) to visualize the scene properly. And then I’m out of the story, and off on a tangent instead. This might just be me, however.
  3. I have definitely written a great deal which isn’t exactly my personal cup of tea. I don’t have rape fantasies, but I’ve included it in stories. I draw the line at a threesome in terms of my own preferences, but I’ve written moresomes, and no one who knows me would ever think of me as submissive, although I’m not really a domme, either. Femslash doesn’t do it for me, but I do think I’ve written it once or twice. For me, I write what the story needs me to write, and even if it isn’t my idea of a good time, if the characters are good, then so am I.
  4. TwistedHilarity – profile
  5. greenwizard is still active here. I’m not seeing any record of staff action, which would mean the author took the story down, and we expect you to respect their decision.
  6. Revenge of the MHP by Foeofthelance
  7. To be honest, I’ve never really thought of piercings as being a body modification, unless it was an extreme piercing. However, my take as an author is to tag conservatively, so I don’t wind up with a reader complaining that I sandbagged them with something unpleasant, so if it’s a genital piercing, even if already present, it probably doesn’t hurt to add a B-Mod tag.
  8. I picked a bad day to give up amphetamines.
  9. I’m not seeing any staff action with respect to that story, so I can only assume the author removed it.
  10. richonyx is now using the pen name industrialmidnight.
  11. I’m going to have to go read that one, Melrick! I always expect some of my stories get little to no attention because they might be in obscure fandoms without a huge audience. There’s not a lot I can do about that, and I tend to take those a bit less to heart, because it’s obscure. I also think some are not inclusive of enough kink. I’m equally fine with that, to be honest. I’m not throwing in some gratuitous BDSM, or a rape or three, or (gods forbid) Mpreg because people read that. As far as sex goes, I think one story I wrote which relies on a great deal of innuendo and suggestion is probably far sexier than my more explicit work. The mind is a wicked, wicked place, and imaginations are far kinkier than I could ever be.
  12. Happy Mother’s Day, from my lair to yours! :lol:

    1. GeorgeGlass


      Happy Mothers Day to all you tough mothers here on AFF. :)

    2. marley_station


      Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. Link for above: Lucky Charm by Blackkitten23
  14. Please clear your cache and cookies, and make sure to close your browser completely when you are done. Restart your browser, and you should see the menu bar for the archive once again.
  15. I’ll refer you to this FAQ, which addresses the black diamond issue.