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  1. BronxWench

    kim possible fic

    KimberlyAnnPossible That story is not published here, and I can’t find any record of staff action with regard to the story. It appears the author removed stories from the site back in 2010 but that’s all I can find.
  2. BronxWench

    Resemblance Clause?

    What we look for in a resemblance clause is something like the following: “Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is unintentional.” “Any resemblance of events or people to real events, or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.” It’s similar to what you’ll see on the front page of a fiction book, by the ISBN number and copyright information. You can copy those examples, or write your own, as long as it’s clear that you’re not writing about real people as your main characters. Mentioning a famous person or place in passing is fine, like having a character go to a well-known restaurant chain. I hope that helps, and happy writing!
  3. I don’t think so, but I’ll find out. We’d gotten into a discussion of my favorite pie shop, but they’re English pies and don’t have the requisite gravy to make them edible in Australia. But, hey, Brooklyn!
  4. Oh, I wouldn’t change that. It was clear enough once I got to that bit that she was in a dream state, and I felt a bit sorry for her that she’d woken before getting a chance to experience her own orgasm. I love doing exactly what you’re doing—flashfic chapters with a plot to hold them together—and I miss having enough free time to do those, but yeah… Anyway, I’ll be waiting happily for part 3, and happier knowing I won’t be taking an endless subway ride to the lower reaches of Manhattan whilst daydreaming happily about misbehaving midwives. (Of course, the epic “Fred Gets Fingering” might ensure I miss my stop and wind up in the bowels of Brooklyn. The only upside to that is Melrick having discovered an Aussie-style pie shop in Brooklyn which looks worthy of a visit. :D) But anyway, keep writing, and I’ll keep reading! (See, you have a stalker-y sort of fan-wench… )
  5. BronxWench

    Archive tag search.

    I really have no explanation for why this isn’t working, but I had to type the word in full to get any responses myself. I’m going to move this to the appropriate forum, and hopefully one of our coder-types can respond.
  6. BronxWench

    Slave versus Submissive

    Boundaries can be very messy, I agree, but given the level of trust required between a Dominant and a submissive, I don’t think there’s any room for non-consensual acts. Even while exploring limits, there has to be a clear understanding between them both of what their anticipated limits are. A submissive has to be willing to end a scene if things get uncomfortable, and needs to trust absolutely that the Dominant will respond instantly to a safeword. Equally important, that Dominant needs to trust that the submissive will use their safeword without hesitation if things get out of hand in a scene. It’s the cruelest betrayal for either party to engage in or permit non-consensual acts. I won’t speak to a Master/slave relationship, because I’m not as familiar with the boundaries. I do think that relationship might be more prone to non-consensual acts while the limits are being explored. It may be part of the contract between them that the slave can’t say no, but that blurs line, too, doesn’t it? I don’t think we can ever think too hard about these things, though. Our characters deserve our best effort.
  7. Harry Potter has is own subdomain, here: From that archive page, you will be able to navigate to the various subcategories, or see the latest stories posted from all subcategories.
  8. BronxWench

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    More reviews! I’m like a kid at, well, Hallowe’en! Thank you, so much! The idea of wrens as Samhain sacrifices is pretty obscure—they’re more often associated with Boxing Day, and collecting pence for the wren. But I like my obscure details, and I am really glad it worked! You are completely awesome to have gone back and read the older stories, but it’s good to know they hung together well. I mean, I went years between them, so… Thank you! I felt pretty bad for Connor in the last one. He’s really not had a whole lot of luck in his life—losing his dad, and then his Gran, and the whole teenage rebellion thing at the fairy fort leading to ten years of servitude to the Sídhe. And when he figures out his grand exit, Murphy’s Law strikes again. On the bright side, I guess he won’t die a virgin after all…maybe. We’ll have to see if @Desiderius Price get his wish and there’s another episode of “Aw, fuck me, it’s the Sídhe!” in our future.
  9. BronxWench

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Yay! Well, you know, that’s how we keep the punters coming back! But I’m very happy you enjoyed it, even with the NoSex tag.
  10. BronxWench

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    Oohh, reviews! Thank you! I try to be a stickler for the little details, because sometimes I find myself jarred out of a story by something that doesn’t quite fit. I got into a huge argument with a professor once over Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” because there weren’t any clocks in ancient Rome, dude! And I’m glad the ending was a bit ambiguous—anything involving the fey should leave you wondering. I’m Irish enough to appreciate the old stories, and pagan enough to respect the Fair Folk. I blame the Viking bits for the bloodthirsty bits. Thank you! I’m very glad the “ten years later” part worked. I wasn’t quite sure if it would, or if I could conjure up a bit more from this tale, but it just felt like it needed a better resolution than where I left off in the second story. Now, of course, I’m wondering if there’s a bit more to poke at, or if I should leave well enough alone and find some other poor characters to torment. There’s always Yule… Thank you, from the bottom of my little black heart! I seem to be prone to writing oneshots in series. It may be a good thing, or maybe it’s just my own insanity. And I’m loving the connection to your RL job. I’ve always said truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. As far as next year, we’ll see if Lord Dubhlainn is finished with me, or if he wants to visit again.
  11. BronxWench

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    He republished it as a separate story. I’m glad, since I don’t think my personal reading preferences are any kind of guideline for what anyone else might want to read. I’m sure he’ll get plenty of readers, and hopefully reviews as well.
  12. BronxWench

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Nope, that was for another story, which was a Minor1 story—not my thing when I’m reading for pleasure. It looks like he took it down, so I’ll nuke the review.
  13. BronxWench

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Okay, and under the deadline! Title: Redeem the Land Summary: Connor made a pact ten years ago, a bloody bargain with the Sídhe to be honored each Samhain. Gran had warned him that Sídhe hearts were dark. She should have remembered that men’s hearts were darker still. (This is the third installment of my Halloween series, and follows the events of “Feed the Land” (2015) and “The Price of the Land” (2017) for anyone keeping track.) Warnings: AFFO Complete MC, MiCD NoSex (sorry!) Random Irish
  14. It would help if you could link me to your account. Thanks!
  15. BronxWench

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Oh, it won’t be up tonight, but I’m working as fast as I can!