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  1. The story was removed because it was plagiarized.
  2. You’re very welcome! I’m happy to help!
  3. The search forum is for inquiries about already-written stories, either ones you’ve read and can’t find, or recommendations along a certain theme. This thread, the Challenges/Requests thread, is for asking to have a story written which meets the criteria you establish, and so people who like writing in response to a challenge can find a prompt which suits them. I don’t recommend double-posting, since our forum staff tries to keep things a bit more orderly. I’ve moved this to the Searching for a Fic? as being the more appropriate place.
  4. Hi. there! Our tech admin, DemonGoddess061, has been insanely busy with her RL job, but what I can do is to write this up for her, so she can update your email address in the database. Once she’s done that, one of us will contact you with the instructions on how to activate your account again here on AFF. Bear with us, and we’ll get this all sorted for you. And welcome back!
  5. If it’s a request for a story to be written, you’re fine. If it’s a search request, I can move it to the right area.
  6. I got my email this morning!!! It’s all downloaded, and ready to go on the Kindle!
  7. It might be that you’re not using the email associated with the AFF account. If you’re like me, and have multiple email addresses, you need to remember which one you used here, because if the address you enter in the reset doesn’t match what we have in the database, you won’t be able to reset your password. I prefer not to post member email addresses in what’s an open forum, because I don’t like feeding spambots, but you can email me at, and we’ll see if the emails match. If they do, then it’s another issue, such as the password containing invalid characters, or not being long enough. If the addresses don’t match, we can correct that for you.
  8. It was deleted because it was placed in the wrong subdomain, and as we warn in our Content Guidelines, which are a part of our Terms of Service, we delete stories placed in the wrong subdomain. You posted your story in the Television subdomain, and it belongs in the Celebrity subdomain, which has a subcategory for WWF/WWE. You were also sent an email about the story deletion, telling you where it more properly belongs. If you didn’t see it, check your Spam or Junk folder, and then add us to your contact list to avoid future issues.
  9. I find myself profoundly intrigued by why Bob and Joan are doing mundane things as Lizard people are attacking. Then again, I’m rereading Delany, so it might explain a good bit about me.
  10. I show that email address associated with this archive account: YamakaziWolf If you want to change your pen name, you can log into that account and simply edit your profile to amend your pen name. If you can’t access that account because you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset your password.
  11. Care by SaitouLover
  12. ::peeks out from the frenetic RL stuff:: Think about those little bits you read on the flyleaf of a book, or the back of a paperback, which give you a quick hook into the story. It’s a bit of who, and bit of where, and a bit of “Wait, wtf happened to them?” At least that’s how it was explained to me when I was pondering cancelling a contract with a publisher because I found out I was supposed to write my own summary. I mean, isn’t that what editors do? (Turns out they only read the summary you write, and then tell you to fix it...) But, while trying to come up with a way to make people want to read my book, it occurred to me the first person I needed to sell it to was me. Would I want to read the book based on my summary? Or would I cringe and put it back?
  13. Links for above: Bloody Skies by TokiMirage
  14. While it’s true there are programs that can assist in detecting plagiarism, it’s not our only tool, nor is it ever as simple as merely identifying identical text.
  15. DG’s been working mad crazy overtime, so I wouldn’t add to her workload, to be honest. She’s barely had time to breathe lately.