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  1. BronxWench

    Archive Server Upgrade

    As you might have seen in an earlier post, we are going to be moving the archive to new server hardware, scheduled at the moment for July 1. Because this is a physical change, there will likely be some unavoidable downtime for the archive. So please, if the archive does become inaccessible, bear with us and we promise, we'll be right back! One of the advantages of our new server will be stronger security measures, and we expect the recent spate of missing validation emails to go away once we've completed the transition. Right now, the registration problem is confined to anyone using a gmail address to register. (Our wonderful coder, manta2g, managed to fix the issues we were having with Microsoft email clients.) For the moment, new registrations are being manually updated, to bypass the need for the validation link. It can take 24 hours or so to process the manual updates, and we thank you for your continued patience.
  2. BronxWench

    Minor Minor! Minor!

    Haunted bodegas? It’s been done to death. Now, sin eaters… I can work with that, I think. *rubs hands together and ponders*
  3. BronxWench

    Minor Minor! Minor!

    As long as it’s a fictional character, and the story is tagged, we do allow it. We have one author who uses fictional characters under the age of 6, and he tags appropriately. It is unpleasant for most readers, honestly, but it’s not illegal. I’ll quote the policy set by the site’s owner: So, there you have it. That’s what I go by, until site policy changes.
  4. BronxWench

    Minor Minor! Minor!

    If they were, you’d have heard about it, so if I haven’t poked you, you're fine. We wrote our Terms and Conditions in plain English, unlike the nearly incomprehensible mess of legalese and general obfuscation that most sites use. (I’m looking at YOU, AO3. It’s sad when I have to explain to the Legal Department the meaning of what they wrote, or copied from somewhere else, more likely.) So, what we expect isn’t a mystery. When it comes to Minor1 content, you tag if there’s even an offstage mention of sexual activity involving a character under 13. Period. And you can never, ever, under any circumstances, write anything about real persons under the age of 18 in the Celebrity subdomain. Aside from that, we are fairly tolerant, and we’ll support the author if a reader complains about content that was properly tagged. And @Desiderius Price? If anything on this site starts blinking like a New York City bodega, I am going to offer someone’s liver on the altar to the Morrigan. NO BLINKING!
  5. BronxWench

    Minor Minor! Minor!

    *peeks, shudders, and debates fleeing* Some days, there is just not enough brain bleach on the damned planet. But since we’ve decided to necro this dead thread, I’m going to take a moment to thank @Desiderius Price for his diligent application of the Minor1 tag. This prevents a great many upset emails from reaching the site’s email address, and it saves me having to answer, over and over again, accusations that we’re running some sort of fiction archive equivalent of a pedophilia ring. Whether or not you enjoy a certain sexual practice, as authors or as readers, tags are there to alert people who don’t share your tastes to avoid the content. Tags for trigger content, such as Minor1/Minor2, or Rape, are not optional. Your personal take on Minor1 content isn’t going to do a damned thing to help when someone who was abused as a child stumbles across an untagged Minor1 work. That harm is real, even if your character is a cartoon.
  6. BronxWench

    D'autres comme moi?

    This might be a better area if you want to use German:
  7. You would need to reactive your account first, since the archive code has been updated since you last logged in. You can find the FAQ on hos to do that here:
  8. BronxWench

    Login help

    Passwords are stored in a part of the database with strictly limited access. I don’t have access to that information. I also can’t change your email address, as I said earlier. I’ve notified my tech admin about that issue, but have not heard back yet. I’m going to assume you no longer have access to that old email address?
  9. BronxWench

    Cruel Kushina cuckolding challenge

    We do not permit any mention of Patreon accounts, or allow authors to solicit Patreon contributions on AFF. Fan fiction exists in a grey area of the Fair Use provisions of copyright law, and one of the requirements is that the author makes no money from material copyrighted by someone else. Should the owner of the copyright choose to do so, the author could be sued for monetary damages, and the site would be required to at the very least remove the author and all works, or could be served with a cease and desist order preventing ANY fan fiction involving that copyrighted material entirely, or could be sued along with the author for copyright violation. You can read the relevant discussion of fair use here: So, while we all want to support authors, we cannot allow any Patreon or other funding sites to be mentioned here, or for authors to offer to write fan fiction for commissions.
  10. BronxWench

    Unreadable content

    Can you give me a link to the story or stories in question? It would help if I could see them, since we did make changes to the archive code to make it mobile friendly. It might be an issue that also repeats on other devices, in which case I’d have more to show our coder. Thanks!
  11. BronxWench

    Login help

    I don’t know your password. I can’t see your password. What I can do is send you a password reset link, but it will expire in about 30 minutes, so unless you get to it quickly, it’s not going to work, and I have to send it to the email address we have on record.
  12. BronxWench

    Possible Plagarism? It looks like an exact match.

    If anything, it would be the Hentai Foundry member who would have either posted there under another name, which is not likely looking at both profiles, or it was the HF member who plagiarized the AFF member. The AFF member posted the story in 2011, whereas the HF member did not post it until 2013. We always appreciate vigilant readers. However, this does not appear to be an instance of an AFF member committing plagiarism. I will, however, reach out to our member and alert them to the post on HF, should our member wish to pursue it with HF.
  13. BronxWench

    Login help

    I am unable to update your email address. The address of record is Please use that to log in, and you should then be able to change the email address yourself in the control panel.
  14. BronxWench

    Cruel Kushina cuckolding challenge

    Just as a reminder, any exchange of money for the writing of fan fiction is illegal. This seems to bear repeating, but AFF will not permit any works of fan fiction that have been written for compensation to be posted on our site. Anyone posting work that has been written for compensation can face removal of the story at the very least, and their account if we deem it necessary to keep our site in compliance with legal restrictions on the fair use of copyrighted materials.
  15. BronxWench

    Login help

    There is no update that affects your ability to log on to the archive, although you DO need to use the email address that’s linked to your archive profile, and that address is NOT what you have listed above. (I won’t post an email address to an open forum, where any passing spambot could see it.)