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  1. My Funny Valentine Out Now

    Congratulations!!! That is completely awesome, and I’m hurrying off to buy my copy!
  2. M/M original Incubus with harem

    Link for above: The Incubus’ Harem
  3. New? Introduce Yourself!

    ::waves to Mistress:: Always glad to meet new people!
  4. Links for above: Forgotten by traxie
  5. Looking at the story, the author uses text line breaks: those dashes he places between his author’s notes and the story content. Those tend to cause page draw errors, and result in text running off the page. What we recommend our authors do is use the horizontal line function in the Rich Text Editor rather than manually typing in those multiple character line breaks. Using the horizontal line feature prevents this error. This is not something I can go in and fix for the author, unfortunately, and the issue isn’t happening on PC for me, so he probably isn’t aware of it.
  6. Help!!!

    Authors do that from time to time. They pull their work, and there isn’t any reason we can find. I’m sorry!
  7. Avatar IMG link not working on Archive

    I’m going to assume the Imgur links use .jpg/.jpeg format. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that perhaps the “http://” at the beginning of the avatar field needs to be cleared before you paste in the Imgur link. Other than that, it should work if the image is 250x250 pixels.
  8. Help!!!

    The_Bondage_Sage has no posted stories here, and I’m not seeing any staff action regarding the author, either.
  9. Kushina's capture

    The_Bondage_Sage The member has no posted stories, however.
  10. Help!!!

    I’m not seeing any staff action for a story by that title, and there’s nothing with that title in the archive.
  11. Also can't login or reset password

    Glad you’re able to access your account again!
  12. Ah, February, when the weather pattern resembles a roller-coaster, and my brain wants to hibernate...

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Melrick


      More like the middle I guess, on the east coast, about 2 hours north of Sydney.

    3. Wilde_Guess


      So, more or less along the Tropic of Capricorn?

    4. Melrick


      South of there.  The Tropic of Capricorn passes through the state of Queensland and I’m in NSW (New South Wales).

  13. Looking for harry/draco

    For Safari: To change your web browser encoding, follow the steps below. Click on "View" in your Safari browser. Select "Text Encoding" from the menu. Choose "Western (ISO Latin 1)" as your encoding type. Reload the page.
  14. Looking for harry/draco

    Which browser do you use to access AFF?
  15. would like to work on a story together with someone with similiar likes harry potter Mdom, Fsub d/s, pls email

    1. BronxWench


      Hi, this is probably not the best way to find a collaborator. I don’t write for Harry Potter, don’t write much het at all, and when I do write D/s, I do so with someone I know understands the lifestyle thoroughly, because nothing is worse than bad D/s in my opinion. This is my take as a writer.

      As the lead archive moderator, I’d just like to mention that spamming the status update wall is probably not the best way to find a collaborator. We have a subforum for that, which is where this belongs. I’m sure the forum staff will agree.