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  1. As far as I can tell, BlackPriestess has not posted anything here in some time. Last activity on the account was in 2013. I’m sorry I don’t have more information for you!
  2. Wishing our Foeofthelance a very Happy Birthday, and many more, lad! :bday: :cheers:

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    2. pippychick


      Happy Birthday, Foe :congratualtions:

    3. JayDee


      Belated Happy Birthday!

    4. Savvat


      Happy belated Birthday Foe! :)

  3. BronxWench

    Up to his old tricks

    He’s definitely special, that’s for sure. I delete those reviews as I come across them.
  4. BronxWench


    Links for above: What a Witch Needs by Petalsoft
  5. BronxWench

    Regest 000

    Do you have stories for this category?
  6. BronxWench

    Login issue

    Okay, I have three accounts for you: (which has the story content) All three accounts use different email addresses, which is why you were able to create three accounts. The first account uses a Hotmail account, which has been problematic for us of late when it comes to resetting passwords. Microsoft has changed security protocols for Hotmail, Outlook and Live-com accounts, and they don’t like us. The second account should be fine, and I don’t think the third account would have an issue with its email client. So, the question is which account you want to keep. Once we settle that, we can work on regaining access and resetting the password. I would rather not discuss emails in a public forum, so you can email me at if you’d prefer.
  7. Erassmus posted his stories here before he was 18, which is something we can’t allow. Accordingly, his stories were removed and his account deleted to protect the site from legal repercussions. He’s more than welcome to post here now, since he’s over 18, but that is entirely up to him. This thread has more information which might be of interest.
  8. BronxWench

    Progress lost

    Hi, If you were inputting a story directly in the Rich Text Editor, then I’m sorry. It doesn’t have a save feature, so if you were logged out or closed that window, the content would be lost. The same applies to the upload page itself, where you would enter the title, summary, tags, et cetera. That page does not save progress, either. For myself, I write in a word processing program—either Microsoft Word or GoogleDocs—and then I copy and paste the chapter into the RTE, make any formatting tweaks needed, and publish. This way, I still retain a back-up of the story on my hard drive or accessible through Google in the event of any issues. LibreOffice is a good freeware office suite as well, with compatibility with Microsoft, to avoid the expense of Microsoft.
  9. BronxWench

    Draco the Cuckold

    @lissa How about a hug instead?
  10. BronxWench

    Draco the Cuckold

    @JayDee I think they might actually be able to find it now, thank you!
  11. A very Happy Birthday to pippychick, a dear friend and brilliant writer! Hope the day is incredible, and perfect! :wub: :hug: :birthday: :congratualtions:


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    2. Melrick


      I've already wished you a happy birthday, of course, but I'll wish you one in public as well. Happy birthday, sweetie. :wub:

    3. pippychick


      @Melrick It was a brilliant day, and I adored spending it with you (as far as we can at any rate). Thank you, Sir. :wub:

    4. Melrick


      @pippychick I loved it as well, as always. :wub:

  12. That one we don’t have, but go ahead and post is under Misc Games, with the fandom noted in brackets in the summary so we can move it once the category is created.
  13. It’s actually in the Television subdomain, under 1 through F, right here:
  14. BronxWench

    Password Reset

    I’d report the ransom email’s Bitcoin wallet to Bitcoin, as per that thread I linked. I did it with the one AFF got, and it was rather gratifying to see all the other reports for that same wallet. It’s a bluff, he has no video of you, and while I still recommend changing your password just because it’s a good idea to change passwords regularly, I wouldn’t worry too much about the sextortionist.
  15. BronxWench

    author; dedicated quill or Petra wolfe

    We haven’t heard anything here, but the profile name has been changed and all works removed with no comment. In many cases, when an author of original fiction pulls their stories, it is because they are looking to be published, or have been accepted by a publisher. Let’s hope that’s the case.