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    I’ve been corresponding with Eh Steve about an idea for a new Gravity Falls story. (Eh Steve was a creative contributor to my GF story “Multiversity.) I won’t go into details right now because it’s early days; that story isn’t even on the List of 20 yet. SWP1 will be pleased to know what IS on the list: a one-shot sequel story to “Little Rose.” I finally had an idea for one that I really liked. It’s going to take a while to write, though. Chapter 7 of “Wishful” is now at 5600 words and climbing. I’ve also made some progress on the next chapters of “Cartooniverse” and “Biological Imperative.” Next, will try to focus on “Just One Rule” and, of course, writing more “Wishful.” Other random things I’ve been working on: --More of “Rashomonster” --A non-canonical Simpsons story about Bart gaining ultimate power and making every woman and girl in Springfield his sex slave. I’ve written over 7500 words of that, but given that the story is going to be 12 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue, that’s only a drop in the bucket. --A while back, someone suggested to me that I turn “First Time” (in which an furry alien describes his daughter’s first sexual experience) into an anthology series in which aliens of different species describe their own initial experiences with sex. I’ve had this in the ideas list for a while now, and last night I suddenly felt compelled to start writing one of those stories. It’s not officially on the List of 20, though, so let’s just say that I was making detailed notes rather than writing.
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    Count To Infinity

    39470 (aww I missed out on the 69)