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    Muggletum Finivi update

    Muggletum Finivi update
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    Creating drama

    It’s a family of elves that farm, mostly exotic stuff for potions, poisons etc. The human dad Thorin, is friends with the elf dad. It could be a demon, a beast like monster or anything else of the sorts. I am starting to think a demon would be a little typical, but making it a beast that farmers would normally deal with in this world would be more practical like a rat monster, Ogre etc. I just dont have the tragity feeling that would lead to the lie.
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    Creating drama

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    rather loved “Goldilocked”
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    It’s been a hell of a year, right? I hope everyone has come through it okay… so far… And, well… I just thought I should warn you all, I’m planning to be around a bit more.
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    Thanks! As a matter of fact, I do have a new SVTFOE story in the works. It’s called “Smooshed (or, The Nine Wives of Marco Diaz),” and it takes place after the series finale. Now that Mewni and Earth have been smooshed together, Star and Marco are a couple. But things take a turn when a strange new cult declares that Marco is to be the king of this merged world, and that he must take nine wives to help him battle a coming evil. Even stranger is the fact that Star and virtually everyone else seems to believe the cult’s prophecy – everyone but Marco.