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    A long time ago, a time when the internet still howled through dial up and cell phones weighed as much as a small child, I wrote a story called the Cheerleaders. As with many things on the internet from that long bygone era, it has since vanished into digital oblivion. But now the The Cheerleaders are back, better written, but still having just as much sex! The first offering in this ongoing serial is available for sale now from BN.com, with Amazon soon to follow! Find it at: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-cheerleaders-f-thelance/1126443845?ean=2940157427368
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    I can read other peoples stories and get excited, some times even if the story is “bad” but the image they placed in my mind is all thats needed, sometimes i do get myself too in my own story, but thats never the “goal” until editing is done.
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    You know the whole world is having a rough day when even the entertainment news is awful. Roger Moore died, but okay, he was eighty-nine and had a good run. But 22 people getting killed at an Ariana Grande concert? Zack Snyder having to quit directing Justice League because his 20-year-old daughter committed suicide? Jesus H.
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    My god, this is hard to answer, yet I feel compelled. Been writing smut 14ish years. For the first four I didn't even know I could get turned on, to be perfectly honest. I wrote out of morbid curiosity. Then I was writing m/m specifically because it was so far removed from my own sexuality that it was non threatening. It was about abandoning the expectations of gender roles to me, so the sex I was writing had meaning, but by no means did it get my engine revving. It's just recently, within the last 2 years that I really began to get into the smut I was writing on that level. Maybe I evolved, maybe I devolved, but either way it definitely changed the way I write those scenes.