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    I'll never warm up to Islwyn, I keep expecting him to do something horrible... >.> Val will of course, but I won't. I'm going to write that scene glaring at the screen the whole time thinking "I don't trust you... you might live in my head but I still don't trust you"
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    I call dibs on this one, he's yummy. Oh and Chrissy, I know that Aneurysm isn't dead because you always tease me by killing off the character I don't care for and then bring them back. I'm sorta looking forward to having all three in Val's bed though Now that's an idea I can really get behind.
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    Lol, and sigh cause magus is sort of ogrey cute ogrey but t still, he's definitely not pretty Shhh, don't tell him though
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    Foriegn Vagina LOL, does it have queen card? I like foreign vagina...well after 16 years I guess its naturalized vagina but you better check your pretty boy for tube sox in her panties
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    That's in that realm of androgyny where my unicorns fall. That is a tasty elf-pire
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    Vampire elves... Very nice indeed... Oh, and sorry, DA, this is a male elf.
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    Under Joan's Bed Thank you for your review! Yeah, I did a whole bunch of weekly prompt fics and the flashfic length meant that the chapters had to be short and quite often the full stories too I did plan another three parts, but I didn't write the plan down and then I forgot it. Was going to involve kinky tentacle sex at some point, I think. The prompts are also responsible for me using words I wouldn't necessarily think about as there was quite often words that don't crop up in my regular writing as the prompt. Or, indeed, in any writing anywhere. Such as Frittle. So I guess they get the vocab credit! I might re-do my sig with the flames I got rather than reviews. They're deleted but I have copies in the old flames thread, and most of them would probably be seen as harsh but fair. Thank you again!