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  1. try it again, and this time let me actually look at it.
  2. I actually think it may be something as simple as clearing your cookies. With the migration, cookie tweaks and a few other things, cookies definitely need to be reset. As to the blocked loading, you can fix that in your browser for the time being.
  3. https is what you need, not http
  4. I’ll wait for the images then.
  5. Tried a test posting of a story. it worked fine. If you could step out for me exactly what you did, perhaps I can help you find out where it went weird on you.
  6. I tried opening chapters in several old stories, and cannot replicate the issue. Have you tried a force refresh since all the changes, and deleted your browser cache?
  7. As with just about anything, this didn’t go as smoothly as it could have and should have, given that it’s an intracompany transfer, from Nexcess to LiquidWeb, their parent company. So, instead of finishing up by, say the 3rd, we finally finished this all up by the 19th. Having said all that, I have to say I am really excited about the change, and here’s why. SSL finally works as intended moving from Interworx to cPanel has made a huge difference. We can actually tailor PHP needs to different subdomains. For example, the forum needs 8.x, and has that version. The archive is on 7.x. Manta is working on bringing all of it up to 8.x The ability to use the later versions of both PHP and my SQL are necessary to be able to implement things that we could NOT in lesser versions. The hardware is worlds away from what we used to have. More powerful, and efficient. Much better physical virus protection Much better spam protection Mind you, Manta and I both tend to work a bunch IRL, so the SNAFU on the timeline really, really, put a wrench in things. BIG BIG thank you to Manta for carrying the load during this migration, as work, as it tends to do, wouldn’t let me have time off for much of anything. Go figure.
  8. With the server change, backfield software change, and other things, I can talk to the coder and see if we can actually implement across the mini database like that. I doubt it, but I can ask.
  9. The forum doesn’t have the option of saving a post as a draft, as that would cause unnecessary database loads.
  10. I take that back. You have to clear the cache of your browser. Not the cookies, just the browsing data itself. Then press ctrl+F5 (which is refresh). Mind you, for some reason the actual home page isn’t wanting to work, but you can go to each and every subdomain and it all loads and works.
  11. You may have to ctrl+refresh while the DNS updates and propagates
  12. There will be downtime at 2 am EDT on July 13th to replace part of the RAID array. Also, the migration is nearly done
  13. This has to do with our system migration. We are getting a better server. Migration should be done end of day today
  14. We will be upgrading our server hardware July 1st. There may be some down time involved while things are transferred from old to new.