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  1. So, just when I think things are settling down, and life is beginning to approach normal once more, my car decides to die. This is not simply a case of spending a week with its favorite mechanic. Oh, no. This is a case of the computer no longer talking to any of its sensors, resulting in a very large paperweight that looks quite a bit like a Jeep. 

    The daft one and I are going car shopping tomorrow. Hide the whiskey...

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    2. Rick_Andrew


      • no problems with computer, ever
      • Never replace a battery
      • Manual shift
      • optional stereo (bring one)
      • Convertible
    3. BronxWench


      Seriously, it’s looking better and better. Everything I wanted to look at was gone, except for one car, which didn’t have a roof rack and smelled like something had died in it. With under 9,000 miles, it should NOT smell that bad unless the previous owner was a sweet little old serial killer who only dismembered victims on Sunday, after church services were ended… Yeah, I’ll pass on the dead person special. :lol: 

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Only a hearse should have dead-people smell!  (That’s the ticket, buy a hearse, cause I heard they’re a hoot to park outside the emergency at the local hospital.)