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So I have 12 mages, ATM I am calling them Grand Mages title wise.

But it feels too low grade for these mages, there supposed to be almost on the level of Gods, their all over a thousand years old, even the demons of the 9 realms dont want a direct conflict with any one of them, let alone all 12.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be a title for a mage of that level?

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You’re gonna want to steer clear of Grand Wizard, at least, unless one of them wears all white and doesn’t like other races.

Call ‘em Infinitus. It’s a boast and a title!

“Look, there goes infinitus Bob. Nobody wants to fuck with him!”

“Poor guy. Probably lonely.”

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2 hours ago, Thundercloud said:

I think a fairly common solution to this problem is to come with a setting specific title for this kind of group. Typically formed by using a weird spelling of some magic related word.

A related thought: You could invent a word in your world’s language that doesn’t directly translate into English but that means something like “near-divine” or “immeasurably mighty” or whatnot.

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High Arcanist

Transcendent Magister

Those Above Heaven

Wizard Saint

Arch Arcana

The Twelve Thrones


The Twelve Pillars of The World

Pillars of Heaven

The Ascended

Ascendant Magi

Those Who Have Ascended

The Exalted Ones

The Twelve

Gods of The Twelve Part World

The Apotheosized

The Twelve Emperors

Those Above All

The Enobled

Those Beyond Names

Keepers of Excellence

The Ancestors

The Beatific Ones


The Elders

Elder One

Old God

Rulers of the Twelve Magics

Epic Arcanist

Exalted Magi

Those Grand High Archmagi

A World in One

The Twelve Empires

Those Above Nine


Those Who Surpass

The Deific Ones

The Twelve Part Council

Oh Shit Everything Within Twelve Miles Is Dead Because Of Your Stupidity

Yes I Will Notify Your Next Of Kin

I’m Sorry Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover Random Acts Of God

Curse Breakers

The Millenials

Milenium Magi

Ten Centuries Arcanum

Arcanum Absoluta

The Enduring Ones

The Endless


And that was everything that offhandedly came to mind.


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humm guess I will have to play with it a bit more, but over all I think you guys have given me some good suggestions, thanks.

What about Mage Lord (Name )

Here come the Mage Lords.

Oh look kids, its Mage Lord (Name again)

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