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  1. merged and updated
  2. Nothing, and I have reached out as have several others, via email.
  3. Without an email address, I’m restricted by just how much I can search. I’m finding nothing at all with the search parameters given.
  4. added
  5. added. What you do with your crossover, is post it to the category where it is primarily based, world wise. For example, if it’s set primarily in marvel ‘verse, that’s where it goes.
  6. Which contact staff link are you talking about?
  7. We have new hires, that are even trained!  Let’s see how long this lasts, to where I can actually work a NORMAL week.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BronxWench


      1. HOORAY!!!!! :cheers: :yahoo:  :twirl:
    3. WillowDarkling


      … ::is not sure whether to trust this, or have entered the TwilightZone:: …. 

      I second what Bronxie said, HOORAY!! And I sincerely hope it’ll last for you, DG. :licking-cat::cheers::running::happykitten:

    4. DemonGoddess


      I hope it lasts too.  Very tired of the work/sleep work/sleep work/sleep cycle.  With NO time for hardly anything else, except errands.

  8. Sure! You can post your work in whatever archive you want when it comes to that. I will say though, that if your pen name is different on FFN, you may want to apprise one of the moderators of that, and what your pen name there is. Reason I say that, is we’ve had plenty of for instances when a user uses different names at different archives, and a fan see their story, and guesses theft. This is good, because it means people are looking out for you and your work. But you see why I say what I do about that, yes? Oh, if you want a category for your story, put the request here, and I’ll take care of it from there.
  9. Of all the spam reports, I’ve only actually seen ONE post. ONE.
  10. The important thing to remember when clearing cookies, is the browser must be closed and then restarted for that change to truly take effect. If you’re using a browser that gets a bit testy from time to time, like Firefox, CTRL+F5 AFTER you’ve cleared your cookies and closed/restarted the browser will force a refresh, and make sure the browser sees what you did.
  11. The requirement is actually five stories of any given pair, to create the category
  12. Can you link me to five pre-existing stories in this archive of this pair?
  13. That’s actually not a bug. It’s how boolean search WORKS. You have to have a positive statement to search with against the negative statement