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  1. added
  2. Check your email, sent you instructions to be able to activate, and changed your email
  3. Leave your Flash story up for now, until I make sure I transfer over hits and such as well.
  4. I’m going to ask you to add your story for The Flash to the comics subdomain, as it’s a DC property, and that’s where that all lives. Let me know when you’ve done that, and I’ll make the necessary adjustments, including moving the reviews over to it. Here is where you find those stories. Suits is added
  5. As this in an animated movie (cartoon), it belongs in the cartoon subdomain. The category already exists, here
  6. Each category, where it’s applicable, has a general crossover category.
  7. Which part of the spacing between paragraphs are you wanting to change? If it’s between the sentences themselves, insert another space in with the spacebar where you want it.
  8. Hey all, Just a short note, to let you all know that I've been just a WEE little bit overwhelmed IRL. What this means for us, is that I've had no time to do much in the way of site related tasks. I do apologize to you all for this! Hopefully, work will start easing up again. Keep yer fingers crossed! DemonGoddess061
  9. So VERY sorry for the delay. Today is the first day I’ve had off in a month. Added
  10. you’re welcome
  11. I can actually do it, I just have to find the time TO do it. I should be able to do that simply by changing the add date in the database.
  12. you had many, many nonbreaking spaces. That’s what caused this.
  13. There is FINALLY an addon for Chrome to allow setting the text encoding. You’ll find that here
  14. Opera has removed it, but it is based on Chrome architecture, and there is FINALLY an add on for Chrome for that, here