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  1. And my day off is no more.  Got called in for second shift.  Jeeez

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Do you like this job?  (Just asking, because I’d suggest finding one that lets you have some time off...)

    3. BronxWench


      Honestly, you can’t keep this up forever, you know… You need some down time. :hug:

    4. GeorgeGlass


      Seriously, this is how the USPS ended up making “going postal” a household phrase.

  2. 85.24 hours this pay period.  AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH

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    2. DemonGoddess


      Pay period is seven days, Wednesday to Tuesday.  So that 85+ hours was Thursday through Tuesday.  I also worked Wednesday for 13.5 and today for 10.5.  I THINK I’m off tomorrow, but I don’t know for sure yet

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      7 days is 168 hours, max, so yeah, 100+ hrs/week, that’s some serious overloading which I normally don’t hear about apart from the game development industry!    And here I thought you’d have a vacation or something, you deserve it!

    4. GeorgeGlass


      Where’s the “Yikes!” reaction button? 


    70.45 hours and there is one more day to the pay period.  Put me outta my misery!

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    2. CloverReef


      That is bruuutal! 

    3. WillowDarkling


      That is just insane, you’re working similar hours to my dad during high season! That’s just crazy. :hug:


    4. JayDee


      I had a stretch with overtime like that and it was a killer, but the money was good. I hope you do get a quieter period coming up though after the pay period!

  4. Ugh.  Phase one of my VERY LONG WORK WEEK is done.  12 hours Wednesday, 14 hours Thursday, and 14.5 hours yesterday.

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    2. DemonGoddess


      We’ve had call ins as well.  Hence the excessive hours.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I prescribe you a two week vacation, you know, stress relief.

    4. Arian-Sinclair


      Call ins should have a limit to them, not give anyone hours like that, with little chance to rest.

  5. DemonGoddess

    TS - stole a fic from 1997

    Profile Yep. You guessed it. I got caught, dammit.
  6. DemonGoddess

    Anime Request

    added, the second is added as Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
  7. So, I’m on vacation this week.  Not going anywhere, just getting caught up.  Caught up the yard, and am now working on the house.  And the archive. :D

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    2. CloverReef


      On your vacation? That’s really friggin evil. Tell them you’re in Hawaii. 

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @DemonGoddess  IMO, a vacation is a vacation.   Too bad about the accident involving the phone and a sledgehammer….  Or, dismiss the call as a scam. 

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Now, if you still have to go in, make it fun.   You could leave an empty roll of plastic wrap in the restroom.  Or, go for the game/adventure with a toilet paper scavenger hunt.

  8. DemonGoddess

    DoesLifeHaveAMeaning - copypasta

    ...and here we go again profile This one is mostly copypasta, with very little changes. I have to wonder what the hell is the matter with these people. They apparently think that our users don’t frequent other sites as well as this one. Sheesh. I, for one, am thankful for our eagle eyed users!
  9. DemonGoddess

    JACKASS2016 - copypasta

    This is something we’re seeing more and more. Thankfully, we have some very sharp eyed readers. Cretins who think because a story is old (ten years or more older, usually), and the author inactive, that it’s okay to post it back up. Under their own pen name. Sorry to disabuse you youngsters of this particular thought, but, nope. It’s still theft. It DOESN’T MATTER if it’s an old story, or even if old and from a now defunct archive. There are ways to find them even still.
  10. DemonGoddess

    Guests can't post in my new thread

    Not useless staff, George, just very busy IRL.
  11. DemonGoddess

    Request: Games - Star Trek Online

    added and moved
  12. DemonGoddess

    Login dysfunfction

    sent you a test mail to the registered address
  13. DemonGoddess

    Login dysfunfction

    what email are you using to attempt login with?