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  1. Sure! You can post your work in whatever archive you want when it comes to that. I will say though, that if your pen name is different on FFN, you may want to apprise one of the moderators of that, and what your pen name there is. Reason I say that, is we’ve had plenty of for instances when a user uses different names at different archives, and a fan see their story, and guesses theft. This is good, because it means people are looking out for you and your work. But you see why I say what I do about that, yes? Oh, if you want a category for your story, put the request here, and I’ll take care of it from there.
  2. Of all the spam reports, I’ve only actually seen ONE post. ONE.
  3. The important thing to remember when clearing cookies, is the browser must be closed and then restarted for that change to truly take effect. If you’re using a browser that gets a bit testy from time to time, like Firefox, CTRL+F5 AFTER you’ve cleared your cookies and closed/restarted the browser will force a refresh, and make sure the browser sees what you did.
  4. The requirement is actually five stories of any given pair, to create the category
  5. Can you link me to five pre-existing stories in this archive of this pair?
  6. That’s actually not a bug. It’s how boolean search WORKS. You have to have a positive statement to search with against the negative statement
  7. For the archive, you go here: Then, you can come back to the forum and register here, making sure that you link to your profile
  8. yep, DMCA request.
  9. That email applies to the FORUM which is a separate program. However, it gives me a spot to look. Looked in the forum member base, and it looks like that account was deleted. I’d say, going by past experience, you’d registered for the forum and not the archive. Without finding a matching archive login, the forum account would have been deleted.
  10. I’m not finding either email address. What pen name did you use, and what other information can you provide to point me at an old account?
  11. There is no fail safe to keep someone from taking what is published on the internet, unfortunately. I wish there WAS. But having said that, I see no reason AT ALL to enable the theft and make it so much easier.
  12. Well, looking at this user’s profile, there are no stories published here. Having said that, I get the distinct impression what we have here is a “rules are for everyone but me” thing, yet again. The archive is moderated, consistently, continuously, and most importantly, FAIRLY. It HAS to be due to the nature of the content, or we don’t exist. It’s that simple.
  13. Actually, the stories I refer to often have very LITTLE sex or erotic content. And yes, we do have those on here. Very well written stories, whether short or long, that grab a reader’s imagination.
  14. So, I’ve finally gotten a day off, after many 12 to 14 hour workdays, and guess what I did?  Mostly I SLEPT.  Slowly getting other stuff caught up here now.

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    2. BronxWench


      I’m planning on sleeping next weekend. ::nods::  Yes, indeed, for more than 4 hours and without any alarm clocks going off next to me.

    3. DemonGoddess


      Can’t avoid the alarms, have to get up a certain time daily to be sure my cat gets his shot! :D

    4. BronxWench


      ElderSpawn helps with pup meds. :)

  15. all merged, your new login is now the only account, with the registration modified accordingly.