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  1. What I say: "Hekapoo" (the name of a character from Star Vs. the Forces of Evil).

    What my phone hears: "Heckapoo," "pecapoo," "Hackaboo," "Packaboo," or "Hecka poop," depending on its mood.

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      This phone has learned well.

    3. WillowDarkling


      Your phone lives to make your life difficult, George, it’s time to face that fact, I think :D  :sobs with laughter too: 

    4. FairySlayer


      Your phone’s predictive algorithm is hella shit :P

  2. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    The second half of “Clydeborg” is posted! This story hasn’t attracted much attention, and I’m not sure why. But it’s not like I’ve ever been good at predicting what readers will find most appealing. In other news, I expect to post chapter 4 of “The First Adam” on Monday, and I hope to send the next chapter of “Smooshed” off to beta by the middle of the coming week. This latest chapter is going to be longer than any of the preceding ones, because a lot happens in it. Chapter 1 of “Secret Sash” will probably head off to beta some time next week, too.
  3. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I thought it was high time that I started a thread for general news and discussion about my stories and such, so here it is. As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I tend to have 20 stories in progress at any given time. The stories I’ve made progress on most recently are “Country Summer” and “Make It All Better.” This does not mean, however, that these are the next stories for which I’ll be posting new chapters, because I’m a flighty bastard who works on whatever story he feels like working on when he has time to write. This is basically the only process that works for me; if I try to force myself to work on one particular thing, the result is often writer’s block. I re-learned this lesson recently when I tried to make myself finish the last chapter of “Splinter” (just to have the story finished), only to stall out on that story and every other one. But now I’m back in the groove.
  4. Not that recent a thing either, but Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. I mean, the sheer sweetness of her. I keep imagining how she’d react if someone let her hug a baby giraffe.
  5. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Mia: Confessions of a Dickgirl” From ANON - Pstar 7 on May 17, 2022 Thanks! Assuming you meant all that in a good way.
  6. Re: "There's a New Seraph in Town" Creating a review reply thread before the story has gotten any reviews: blind optimism or shameful arrogance? Yes. In any case, if any of you lovely folks reviews "There's a New Seraph in Town," I will joyfully reply here.
  7. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    For all my fellow blasphemous pervs out there, the next chapter of “The First Adam” awaits thee! Chapter 3: Eve In other news, “Secret Sash” seems to be proceeding ahead of schedule. I expect to start posting chapters of it pretty soon after I finish “Clydeborg.”
  8. GeorgeGlass

    "Nonsense reviews"

    In the past couple of days, I’ve received five “nonsense reviews” that look like this: From ANON - on October 06, 2021NKGfAy cgrngykbkdod, uwuuwppwtogw, [link=]dbghcmuhsqds[/link], h**p:// There’s no obvious rhyme or reason to which stories are getting them, as some are in Cartoons and some are in Originals (the only 2 archive sections in which I have stories posted). A recent post from @InBrightestDay suggests that he’s getting them, too. Anything to be done besides deleting them?
  9. GeorgeGlass

    "Nonsense reviews"

    About a month ago, I got a few more “reviews” like these, so I turned off anonymous reviewing for a couple of days. Now I’m getting them again, and it seems to be on the exact same stories as before. I think, as an experiment, I’ll try not turning off anonymous reviews and see if these just stop on their own.
  10. Here, I’ll respond to reviews of short or obscure fanfics that may not warrant having their own response thread.
  11. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' fanfic review response thread

    Re: “Clydeborg” From DixieFreelove on May 15, 2022 Well, the distribution of chips is going to expand in part 2, so we’ll see what the marketing focus groups think.
  12. Thanks! Getting into the characters’ heads seemed important for a story that deals with both dreams and forbidden desires.
  13. Leave a review, win a prize! No, wait, it's leave a review, get a response. (Maybe my forbidden fantasy is to be a carny.)
  14. Here, I’ll post responses to any reviews for my story “Smooshed (Or, The Nine Wives of Marco Diaz).”
  15. From GrayNeko on May 11, 2022 My, so much speculation. You’re just going to have to wait and see.
  16. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    The next chapter of “Into the Third Dimension” awaits your eyeballs! Chapter 3: Bunny Business
  17. From ANON - SSB123 on May 10, 2022 Yes, they certainly have. Some of them might, but others may opt for sexy sleepwear.
  18. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Make It All Better” From ANON - Anonperson on May 08, 2022 Sorry, I’m not planning any more stories in this series. Angela was gradually weaned off her dependence on Daddy. Chiefly so Angela could move on. And so that Dad/Alan and Gloria could too, really.
  19. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    The next chapter of “Smooshed” is now available. Chapter 8: Interview With the Unicorn
  20. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Chapter 2 of “The First Adam” is up! Chapter 2: She-Ape
  21. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Make It All Better” From ANON - ThisBookIsMyFavorite on May 08, 2022 Suppressing it would never work, at least not in the long term. Ultimately, Angie accepted that the beast was part of her, and that she could let it be part of her without letting it dominate her life. (As we all must.) Much as I love these characters, I’m not planning on doing any more stories about them. I feel like doing more would cheapen the story that already exists. I do have some other stories that are pretty psychological, though, most notably “Unbidden.”
  22. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Show Dog” From Blacksheep on May 06, 2022 Indeed. Thanks! I post on AO3, yes. Depending on the content of the story, I also post on Inkbunny, Palcomix, Hentai Foundry, and Lolicit.
  23. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Stallion” From Blacksheep on May 06, 2022 Thank you so much. Thank you. Sometimes I like really getting into characters’ heads and showing the reader what makes them tick, and Mace was a fun one in that regard.
  24. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “The Red Day” From Blacksheep on May 06, 2022 Thank you! GoT certainly had that effect quite a bit of the time. I suppose I’m good with being compared with George R. R. Martin.
  25. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I’m pleased to say that the next chapters of both “Smooshed” and “Into the Third Dimension” are now in beta. The “Third Dimension” chapter is one-third shorter than the previous chapter, but that only means that it’s 10,000 words instead of 15,000. I expect the four remaining chapters to be in the mid to high four digits.