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  1. So, it’s been a rough few days. My mom is in hospital with congestive heart failure, exacerbated by COPD, atrial fibrillation, and Parkinson’s. It’s been one step forward and two steps back for the past 4 days, but at least I’m allowed to see her for a couple of hours each day.

    So, if I’m a bit more absent, or crankier than usual, I apologize in advance.

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    2. DemonGoddess


      Aw man, I’m sorry to hear this is happening for you.

    3. Sinfulwolf


      Ah fuck. I know I’m not around as much as I should be,  but you got a lot of folks here as well standing at your side. Hopefully soon it’ll be all steps forward soon enough, but stay strong. As has been said, your mother is lucky to have you at her side in these times. 

    4. Anesor


      Moms being sick is so hard, hope he’s getting ALL the good ones!