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  1. Okay, the new hard drive is being treated to a clean install of Windows 10, and then I get to reinstall EVERYTHING else so I can move my files over properly. 

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    2. Wilde_Guess


      A fast and durable hard drive is never a bad thing.  As for *nix, you will want to be VERY COMFORTABLE with the “normally hidden wires” of an operating system before using it.  I have experience with SCO Unix, Intel Solaris, Linux, and post-Intel Apple OSX.  If you have to try *nix, get an iMac.  All the unix stuff is in there, but stays “hidden” unless you go looking for it.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @Wilde_Guess I read the "fast and durable hard drive" way too fast, started to think latex and naughty thoughts (this is AFF after all)  :)

    4. BronxWench


      @Wilde_Guess I’m an old DOS user, so I’m very much at home with working in the command prompt arena. The daft one and I were tidying, and ran across our ancient notes on tweaking HIMEM on our--really—IBM PS1. We’re hopelessly geeky, and the daft one has at least one laptop that runs Linux (don’t ask me what flavor) and one that still runs DOS.

      @Desiderius Price Very good! You get to move to the front of the spanking line. :lol: