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  1. Note to self check the weather before going on the nightly jog.

    Barely a mile in and I get blindsided with a duststorm. Good old AZ

    Where grit and sand get into places they were never meant to go

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      I can relate. Last year I spent an hour hiding under a bridge because I got caught in a massive rainstorm while biking home. My wife couldn’t even come pick me up because the streets were flooded.

    3. InvidiaRed


      Had to throw the shirt and gym shorts out. It was like the grit had become solidly enmeshed in the fabric and like hell I’m gonna ruin the washer and I’m not willing to have sandy clothes every time I wash.

      Hahah lessons were learned.

    4. Praetor


           One time me and a buddy went for a run without checking the weather and some how missed that there was an active tornado watch in the area.  Halfway into the run, the skies got dark, like might as well have been night, winds were threatening to uproot trees (and us) and it started raining sideways.  We had to take shelter in a nearby building until it passed.