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    Ok, so last time the news was nerve-wracking, but I’m happy to report that things have improved substantially. My little brother is fine (his symptoms never got worse than the mild ones I described last time), and my middle brother’s wife has tested negative several times now, so it seems she was never infected. Still sort of nervous about my aunt, but that’s two out of three COVID-related things that have turned out well so far. With all that in mind, I have some reviews to catch up on. I know Invidia has started reading Mortuus Orbis, and of course JayDee has left reviews of every chapter, and @Sinfulwolf has left three wonderful reviews on the finale of WitS, so over the next few days I’ll endeavor to respond to all of those. As for what’s coming up next, I have at least two things to work on in the near future. Both of them are science fiction stories tied to another work, one that’s not on AFF and I don’t really want to describe here. Suffice it to say I make weird friends for who I am. Then again the first friend I made here was JayDee so maybe not that weird. In the case of the longer one, my co-writer has asked if she could just start writing, so I have to make an effort to keep pace lest I be left behind (as well as work out precisely which of us will be writing what scenes). I know Sparrow may be concerned at the moment, but I don’t quite know what the co-writing process with her will be like, so it may not eat up as much time as one might fear, and after the weekend, I will endeavor to be on Discord more often. I have another idea for a story called Below, but that doesn’t have anybody waiting for it, so it can be placed on hold until other things get done. Bringing it all back to the beginning of this post, thank you to everyone who wished my family well and offered prayers and support. You have no idea how much I appreciated all of that.
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    Every member of Congress who has been humoring Trump about his election loss for the past 2 months had a hand in what happened today. I have spoken.
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    How y’all doing you lovely smutmuffins?
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    Happy New Year, folks!

    Happy New Year, folks!
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    So, the paternal unit has turned 69, and after two weeks of careful consideration I have decided to spend the rest of the year sniggering. He does not think it’s that funny...
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    The happiest of birthdays to @Melrick, and hoping this year brings nothing but good things for you!
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    So I'm working on a Star Vs the Forces of Evil story, and I was amazed when I started typing the phrase "magical princess from another dimension" -- which I had last typed several months ago -- and my phone actually pulled up the correct next word. At least, up to a point. magical princess from another recipe Good try, phone, good try.
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    Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly on TV shows) misusing the expression “Divide and conquer.” This phrase does NOT mean “Split up to tackle separate tasks.” It means “Separate your enemies from one another so you can more easily overpower them.”
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    Happy Holidays, everyone, however you celebrate the season. Be safe, and may the new year bring you hope, love and joy.
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    Happiest of birthdays to my dearest Pooh, @BronxWench . Love you, my favourite dragon, and I hope the day will be full of joy and great food, and hilarity, and no more snow
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    well i just found out the hard way that there are shitty people in this world. I lost my phone Sat, and only got it back today cuz my carrier was nice enough to give me the name and phone number of the person who had my phone and i called and threatened them! ugh. I hope Karma bites her in the ass!
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    That review suggesting I reskinned another author’s story when theirs was posted a decade after mine bugged me a little. I mean, if I had a time machine I’d be using it to go back to the old west just like in Back to the Future 3, not stealing stories!
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    Wishing the very happiest birthday ever to my sweet Neko-baby, WillowDarkling! I hope this year brings dreams come true, love!
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    “Any god that demands worship is by definition a tyrant” going through my 1st year college stuff and its cringy
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    Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my dear Pittwitch! Love you!
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    I honestly don’t see Trump hanging out with this group.
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    What is 2021 like? Have the carrots attacked yet?
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    Merry Christmas, fictional friends!
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    Desiderius Price

    Happy Boxing Day!

    Happy Boxing Day!
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    You know what’s really lame? The biggest reason why I want to get the COVID vaccine is that I want to see Wonder Woman 1984 in a movie theater.
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    Porg-give me if this is out of line, but I wanted to show off the little buddy my hubby got me for Christmas last year. Folks, if you’re looking for love, find you someone who respects your nerdities and odditudes. Y’all can keep y’all’s his and hers towels; in this home we have Pikachu and Porgs.
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    I feel like there is a whole untapped subgenre of what happens when a zombie apocalypse gets worse. *Werewolf howls* or demons escaping hell or vampires going crazy as they try to find the last living humans before they go totally feral. or even suddenly it goes disaster movie.
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    Our dauschund is so proud of his wolfie provider prowess: he caught and killed a mouse!
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    I’m just going to say it… Congratulations, America.
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    Happy New Year, everyone. Hope 2021 will bring you joy, love and happiness.