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    That glorious fucking delicious moment when my groove suddenly returns… ! Holy fuck, I’m happy
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    At long last, my anthology series Tales from the Glory Wormhole is complete! The new story (written by me) is titled “How Alexander Fucked the Earth.” It’s basically a scifi sex comedy. The link above goes to the introduction, which is posted on Hentai Foundry. The story itself is here on AFF. In other news, I’m doing my best to get my Xmas story finished in a timely fashion. Like its predecessors, it will probably be about 9000 words all told, so I need to give it some serious attention. Other things coming up in the near future probably include chapter 1 of my furry NTR story “Stallion” and the next story in The Power Arcane series.
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    Winter Holiday 2021

    Does this mean that you have a Winter Holiday that is one month long??? Myself I have just begun planning for what I possibly could write for the event.