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    Author: Darkling Willow Title: He’s all and he is more. Summary: A take on how Nicky and Joe met. Yusuf has believed that he cannot die for a number of years. In the middle of battle he meets another who cannot die. How do enemies become the loves of each other's lives? Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: (Movies >) The Old Guard (Netflix) Pairing: Joe and Nicky Warnings: Anal Angst Fingering HJ MCD MM Rim Violence (further warnings will be added if needed) Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered (how many unknown as of yet) URL: http://movies.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095472 Update schedule: Story will be updated bi-weekly, on Saturdays. Next update: October 23rd Review Reply thread: (Will be added when/if the occasion arises) So, I did a thing. I’ve watched The Old Guard now 3 times in less than a week, and am head over heels with Joe and his Nicolo. So, I did a thing. It’s my take on their origin story. As a disclaimer, I have not read the comics, so this is solely based on their relationship as it is portrayed in the movie. Also, this will most likely be a slow write since I’m supposed to be writing a Master’s thesis and just started classes to work towards a second Master’s… tell me I’m nuts…
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    Desiderius Price

    tentacle sasunaru

    I’ve abandoned a story on FF.net because it’s being datamined, repeatedly. I’d post a chapter, only to have it ripped off by bot after bot coming through; I figured no humans were reading, why bother with the extra hassle?
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    tentacle sasunaru

    Sorry—that was me who posted and then deleted my own post because the forum mod posted essentially the same thing. I’m actually archive staff, but I do sometimes jump in on forum issues that touch on the archive, like passing around work that’s been deleted by the original author, or harvested by a dataminer for inclusion in an unsanctioned archive (like Archive.org). When almost every Harry Potter fan fiction was lifted from FanFiction.net by a dataminer, there was an enormous backlash from original authors who hadn’t given permission for the posting of their work to that site. So, AFF has taken the position that we won’t help spread unauthorized publication of stories, because for many of us, it’s also personal. We write, too, and we don’t want to see our work posted anywhere we haven’t posted it ourselves.
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    Thank you, Bronxie
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    I would like a new category, please. Movies>M-through-R> Old Guard, The (Netflix) I am working on a story for this category. First chapter is being edited by Bronxie
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    Category added 8/30/21.