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    I’ll admit it – I’m transmogriphobic. Shapeshifters give me the willies. I know, I know, I should get to know some of them before I judge.
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    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    Who were the two you managed to identify before they were named, then?
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    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    I never played any of them, don’t have the reflexes even for fighting games that came out after I was born, but that was the hope. In fact now that I think about it the only material I consumed concerning Chun-Li here was part of the animated movie this incarnation she’s supposed to be from (I had IBD watch it to completion but I got bored and wandered off before the halfway mark, though I did come back for the part where you see Chun-Li in the shower and then she has the awesome fight scene with Vega) as well as osmosis and idle research over the years. D’you think she came out okay? In-character and that? The others too, for that matter, since that was a big concern of mine.
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    Mortuus Orbis

    Chapter Ten is now up.