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    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    You know @JayDee, you’re the first person who’s read this story, including IBD, I think, who’s actually noticed that. Or at least has mentioned it to me.
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    From Fairy-Slayer on January 25, 2021 I do love to escalate. Thank you! Writing "The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant" gave me a lot of experience in describing dance performances in detail. The level of difficulty is slightly higher here because each performance involves two dancers instead of one, so I'm happy to know that it's working for you. That part was fun to write. I also liked that it gave me the chance to throw in a few more fandoms that I otherwise wouldn't have been sure how to include (Transformers especially). I suppose their "relentlessly cheery cheerleader versus gloomy Goth" interplay is a cartoon trope for a reason.:) Aw, dude. I guess I had that coming. If there are size queens, I guess there can be a size princess. Thanks for the alpha-ing, beta-ing, and review!
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I’ve been home with a cold all weekend, so I’ve been bingeing Kim Possible on Disney+. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid’s cartoon with a more overtly sexy main character. Not to mention that it has plenty of solid humor. No wonder this was so popular in the 2000s.
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From JayDee on January 24, 2021 Part 2 (sorry for the delayed review!) So… is this the actual Jesus? The biblical fellow? Chap that might well be based on a Jewish teacher from around the time of the early Roman Empire? Like hanging around with fishermen? I dunno, I feel like that’s not an originals character there I like how his power is basically getting everyone to get along tho’ Now that’s an ability coulda come in useful up before that religious court! He brings out the best qualities in people. Frost Giants went straight into party mode. That’s what they’ll remember a great time of drinking and feasting and the whole walked into a gruesome death will become nothing more than afterthought. Still loving Glykon – just having a demon fight in the background. Squeezing ass, taking names… Fighting underworld demons all by himself. So, Duncan’s kinda… hibernating? Healing up until the spring story? Close, Ereshkigal felt his death and sent the Gallu demons, The seven spirits of the underworld to come collect his body and since Glykon didn’t have hands they succeeded. He’ll be back she can’t leave the underworld and close friends need time to catch up. Ya know, that Jesus fella has a history of getting nailed at Easter. Good thing Duncan is a one-at-a-time dude really. Gotta feel a bit for Logan, but he seems ok. Party time with the giants seems fun too! Logan knows Duncan is dead but he’ll remember party time with family and Meeting with Hel.