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    Wait… Sonic isn’t real? Then who the hell keeps taking all my rings?
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    Dirty Unicorn


    If I’d realized this thread was here, I would’ve saved the flame I got at Fanfiction.net before deleting it. My apologies. But yeah, it was a flame on my Sonic The Hedgehog fic (he also trashed my other fic which was the precursor to this story) from an anonymous individual calling themselves “AntoineHero.” Now, I have no issue with negative reviews or harsh criticism. One reader pointed out an issue with my two leads, which I appreciated, someone else told me that the French I had one of them using in the same story was incorrect, and there have been times where I’ve found mistakes in my stories and felt disappointed that no one apparently wanted to alert me to them. But this “review” crossed the line into malicious territory I feel, hence why it was deleted. While some flames are funny due to being so silly or whatnot, I couldn't laugh at this one. Not just that, but a lot of their points were just plain incorrect/absurd. - AntoineHero saying that canon (the Archie Sonic comic) handled the bad blood between two canon protagonists deal so much better than my story does. That’s your opinion. I went with an AU setting in the first place because I dislike the Archie comics and how they handled characterization in general, especially that of the aforementioned two characters. My author’s note in the first fic bluntly pointed out it was going to be an AU. I’m not going to start liking some comic book just because you called me names. - AntoineHero hated my OC, who he complained “scolded Sonic like he was his mother.” Uh, if someone is constantly shitting on a friend of mine’s then yes, me and that person are going to have issues. I think most adults would. And yes, the OC is a young adult while the canons are all teens. If you think the OC’s sticking up for his friend is the equivalent of his acting like a bossy mom, then we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree there. - To continue on with that, according to this person, I am a nerd who wrote a Gary Stu power fantasy partly because the MC gets superpowers. Okay one: he was literally drained of those powers towards the end. Two, they altered his behavior and made him act like a douchebag who fought with my OC. It was all part of a story arc the MC (a person who felt like he wasn’t special) went through to understand what it was like to have power and use it wisely. Oh, and the MC’s super-hearing? Is a very passive ability that was mentioned as something he’d always had and which caused him a ton of problems. Maybe you would’ve known all this if you had actually read the story ( @KerantliDreamer, I feel you on fans who skim your work and then complaining about something they’ve taken out of context or misunderstood). And a MC getting beaten up at two points in the story and having to work his ass off and learning self-worth is a Gary Stu? That term applies to at least a few canon characters in your precious comic far more. But I guess them being overpowered and constantly getting their way by making frowny faces or whatever is fine because they’re popular characters. AntoineHero also told me the MC would be ashamed of me for writing this fic. LOL wut? The MC is a fictional sentient animal boy, dude. Unless you think you’re actually seeing him, in which case I suggest you visit a doctor immediately. Sorry, but your poor reading comprehension and fixation with canon isn’t my problem. And why should I listen to someone who didn’t even have the courage to sign in so we could have a real back and forth?
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    Dirty Unicorn


    Wait, that happens to you too? But… I always thought it was my niece taking them – OMG. He lives. Seriously thanks, I needed that laugh. XD Sonic fans appear to have this weird tendency to carry on like these characters actually exist.I remember an acquaintance who got an IC “review” from “Sonic” himself slamming a one-shot she’d written.
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    WTF mother nature?! come on now! not even 5 days ago it was 70! you need bi polar meds or something. seesh!
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    Oh, sweet gods, Notre Dame is burning…