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    Readers make no sense, lol. Often the ones who take the time to review, aren't in the majority. It struck me today: frequently what repulses us in reality does indeed attract us in fantasy, i.e. incest. At its root, incest is just - so wrong. But when reading fanfiction, without the "realness" of the characters, even I will openly admit that Wincest or Twincest is quite adequate for heating up a frigid day amid this despicable polar vortex thing. Write for yourself; what you enjoy. Screw the rest.
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    Thranduil Oropherion, from Lord of the Rings
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    Imasuky Lomae

    Janine's ninja training

    Though I write yuri I like het as well, I just don't do it very well so that's why I'd like to make a request for this. Janine has reached the last stage of her traning as a ninja and as a woman one of her greatest weapons is her body, so she needs to learn to use it. With the help of her father and several male members of the gym she'll learn just that. It needs to be messy facefucking and anal with tons of cum in every hole and her loveing every bit of it.