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We had a serious set of injection attacks on the archives Tuesday, September 13. This affected story titles and disclaimers being turned into site redirects. To maintain security and protection of our users, the archives are in read-only mode till we figure out how it was done and patch it.

If you posted a story or an update on Sept 13th, it has been lost due to data restoration (backup from Sept 13, 1am).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, but have deemed the read-only mode necessary for the time being. 

Update :  We are slowly rolling out of Read-Only Mode. Originally we were going to jut patch it, but it was decided it would benefit members more to roll out Fiction Portal 3.0 which as planned for our 20th anniversary in November. Anywhere you see the new layout, it means that area is no longer in read-only mode.

Fiction Portal 3.0 has some much requested features, changes, and some perks for those who have donated to the site.


  • Improved Navigation
  • Mobile Compliant
  • Persistent Logins
  • Fixed password reset bug
  • Fixed Registration activation bug
  • Upgraded visual text editor


  • Inline profile editing
  • Story Manager shows up when logged in to the right of archives in side menu (green icon)
  • Members directory now features top 50 Recommended Authors. (Recommending Authors now has an impact.)
  • Members directory & profiles will show Donors. (A thank you for supporting the site all these years)
  • Stories now show recommendations and currently reading counts
  • Archives will feature Top Recommended Stories and Top Currently Reading
  • One button to add and remove a story from recommended or currently reading lists.

Donor perks:

  • Featured in the members directory and profiles
  • Extended upgraded visual text editor for chapters and reviews. (Extra formatting options!)
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