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As the forum title suggests, this will be a place to put your stories that you are no longer interested in continuing up for adoption! Each story should have it's own topic, that way we moderators can track it. If a story is adopted, the topic needs to be updated with the information of the person taking it over so that we have a record and can avoid any accusations of plagiarism going forward.

Please include the following information in all posts:

In the Topic Title, put the fandom and story name. (Example: Twilight: Inferno in the Snow)

In the Topic Description, put that the fiction is up for adoption.; If the story is adopted, moderators will edit to reflect that it is no longer up.

In the actual post:

  • Pen Name in Archive
  • Story Title
  • Genre
  • Pairing
  • Summary
  • How many chapters posted/written
  • Link to story if posted already
  • Basic plot along with any additional details you are interested in including, keeping in mind that if you include possible spoilers this is an open forum
  • How you would like to be contacted, email, PM etc

When a story is adopted, please respond to the topic with the following information: Pen name and link of the person taking over. Each author must also reply that they have both agreed to the story being taken over.

At this point, DG will move the story over to the new author's profile, while maintaining the original author's information connected to previously written chapters. We will then close the topic and change the description to adopted.

This is not the place to ask to adopt someone else's story. Also, if the original author hasn't offered to give up their story voluntarily then you can't simply take it over, no matter how much time has passed since it was last updated. To do so is plagiarism.

Remember, follow all these rules to avoid anybody being accused of plagiarism, because we take those accusations very seriously here at AFF.

Please note: Do not attach files of your stories to your post. If you do so, your post will be deleted.

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Guest FireAndPowder


hentai18ancilla has given me permission to adopt Dark Reminiscence. We have both cleared it with each other and the email said to get into contact with you. I have never used the forums and wasn't sure of how you wished to be contacted. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do. -FireAndPowder

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Sure thing!

Next thing I would need from you is the email (or whatever communication you used) forwarded to tos_team@adult-fanfiction.org, and a link to the story to be adopted. Once we have the proof on file, I then transfer the story from the account of the person giving it up, to the user who adopts it.

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There's no private messaging system for the archive, although we do have one for registered forum members.

However, as DemonGoddess noted above, unless the author has put the story up for adoption, we'd need the author's permission sent to us by the author directly. We've had people trying to adopt stories that haven't been updated in years, but without author consent, we can't allow that.

If this is an AFF author, we can forward a request and give them your contact information, depending on whether or not we can reach the author, of course. You can email us at tos_team@adult-fanfiction.org with the author's pen name, the story title, and your request, and I'd be happy to try to forward that for you.

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Okay so I already asked for help on this but I'm still a little confused on how this works. Now I have Gravemind's permission to adopt so would it be okay if I filled out the info from the top post, email it to Gravemind and then have him email it to the TOS team or DemonGoddess with a link to my acount? Would that work?

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Excellent! Our lovely DemonGoddess 061 is a bit snowed under with work, but I know she'll get to it as quickly as she can, so please be patient with us. :)

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Guest KrazyIvan

Permission to adopt a story by irishdragn.. KrazyIvan. Sarah vs the IAE is available to be adopted and KrazyIvan has requested permission to continue it

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