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  1. You may want to check your spam folder as all three times we sent you a response and have copies of said response in our email. In those contain everything you need to know.
  2. LOL you're fine! Yes, it's the second set of links you need. The first set, though still around, is going to be going away in one of the upgrades. Nor can you edit the old one, only the new. The ratings, right now, aren't showing up on your profile but you can see them on the pages in the archive that list the stories or your old profile.
  3. read this, it explains that very well and your story was hidden on 2/19 after you were notified 2/11 of an issue about it. As the issue wasn't corrected, we do what we do to everyone else; it was hidden. Once the issue is resolved, we'll unhide it.
  4. RIP Ray Cusick-thank you for making one of the most amazing Dr. Who villians!

  5. In this case, your friend needs to contact us either here or via TOSmail to discuss the issue. Because I assure you we haven't been hacked.
  6. It's days like today that require you to remind yourself that you wouldn't look good in an orange jumpsuit as a way to control certain impulses...

    1. Danyealle


      *tosses you an industrial sized can*

    2. Daye


      but what if you would look fabulous in a orange jumpsuit?

    3. Danyealle


      most of us don't, Daye LOL then there is the whole i like my freedom thing...

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  7. Danyealle


    only one i can think of is this one, Care
  8. The worst part about keying in handwritten notes? My handwriting >.<

    1. JayDee


      2nd worst part: papercuts

    2. BronxWench


      Or you write at the pool, and realize later that your lotion can erase ink, and you;re stuck trying to read ghost scribbles... >.<

    3. Danyealle


      that would be just as bad, yes >.<

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  9. though one detail is off from your description, it sounds like Tortured Love
  10. I can see again and i mean REALLY see clearly! Though bifocals are going to take some getting used to...

  11. Danyealle

    New tag request

    ABDL- Most know it as DaddyKink (or mommy depending on the gender portrayed) or DaddyDom (MommyDomme, depending on the sex). Correct term is ABDL -Adult Baby Diaper Lover. Seeing quite a few floating around and need it for someone smacking me over the head with a foam rubber 2X4
  12. Danyealle

    New tag request

    i don't have that many fingers and toes to count them There are a great many in the archive. I saw, i think, at least three new uploads this week that would qualify in one archive alone. Scale wise, there are more out there than Vore when it would come to needing or using the tag.
  13. Danyealle

    Snarry fic Nights of a ge-something?

    Nights of Gethsemane is what i think you're looking for
  14. Danyealle

    A problem with the new member system

    make sure you're not logging into the center box as this is a known issue. Also, make sure your cache and cookies are cleaned out then try again.
  15. Danyealle

    character related world information

    i would suggest that the symbol you are talking about is the baphomet, the symbol for the Church of Satan, not the pentagram. It has the goat head on it. Japanese symbolism is very different than those of us in the west use. You may want to do some research before using something like that.
  16. glasses are ordered! WOOHOO! I'll be able to see right again. Though am protesting that bifocals came into play. Oh, well, comes with the territory i guess...

    1. BronxWench


      I wear lineless bifocals to stroke my vanity... :D

    2. Danyealle


      well, at this point, i'm to the end of required considering i'm getting blind as a bat so... just that age...

    3. DemonGoddess


      I can wear either the progressive or the visible. I've been wearing 'em for so damn long, it makes no difference to me.

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  17. glasses are ordered! WOOHOO! I'll be able to see right again. Though am protesting that bifocals came into play. Oh, well, comes with the territory i guess...

  18. And Give Me Wings is out! WOOOHOO!

    1. Danyealle
    2. kagome26isawsome


      just read the sample chapter and i soooo want it now! good work hun!

    3. Danyealle
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  19. in order for it to be added, we need to know where it belongs like in Movies, Anime, Television, etc.
  20. both cats sleeping soundly so i load up LO and prepare to write. I can expect a feline invasion any second now...

  21. Danyealle

    Harassing reviewer

    Flaming is against the rules. Period. We do not allow such things. Go read the TOS and Guidelines. We can, and have in the past, banned flamers, flamebaiters and others that engage in such 'happiness'. From TOS itself. I am also going to state this as clearly as I can; unlike other sites on the web, AFF is fully moderated and we expect our users to follow the TOS and Guidelines as posted. If they don't, we handle it. I would also like to point you to our Hall of Shame. Yes, indeed, there are flamers there - several as matter of fact. We, on AFF, take the rules seriously and expect everyone to follow them. Consequences for not doing so are clearly laid out and spelled out in very clear language.
  22. Danyealle

    Harassing reviewer

    Alright, we'll look into it as see what we can do
  23. Danyealle

    Harassing reviewer

    Yes, we tend to get irritated when review board arguments start, at all involved. To help, we're going to need a link to the story or review board for it
  24. Danyealle

    Can't change tags

    What you can do is tag chapters in the story that needs them as an author's note. Something like tags for this chapter: blah, blah, blah, blah. We accept that as correct and don't take issue with it. Just make sure you put it as an AN we'll see, or the readers will, at the top.
  25. Danyealle

    Bad Author

    I'm going to state what i did early on in this thread once more... I stick by that statement. If someone is so thin skinned they can't handle concrit, this isn't for them. Period. Because, honestly, if they think concrit is bad, try an editing process with a pro or reviews you get after published. Those are ego smashers.