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  1. paputsza

    A problem with the new member system

    thank you so much :clap: Some of the stories aren't there, but the one that I wanted to edit is.
  2. I just now tried logging into my author site, and I couldn't so I went through all of the steps on the forum that said to reset the password to something with more than eight characters, then log in and fill out the form, and then check the email and register. Well, after doing all of that I noticed that I didn't have any stories, so I googled my username, and I realized that I had set up my writing account with some other website called zoomshare, but when I logged into that website I realized they stopped doing free member email anymore since some time in 2011. This made it impossible for me to access any of my stories. Would it be possible for someone to transfer some stories for me to the account that I can log into or let me register. My pen name is paputsza for both accounts and I don't know why I made two accounts.
  3. paputsza

    the appearance of the website

    I'm sorry, but the color scheme reminds me of scatboi's. Also, the .gif formatted feather logo needs to be a .png so that someone can remove the jagged edges. It may also need some color.
  4. paputsza

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    One piece of advice is that the archive has searchable tags and categories, kind of like Mangafox's. Or something along those lines.
  5. paputsza

    Willing to Beta

    nvmd. Ignore the above
  6. paputsza

    Need A Beta-Reader? Here I am!

    I think your credentials are really impressive, and I would like for you to look over a story of mine. I'm hoping I will finish it eventually. It's 37 pages so far, and I'm sure there are giant glaring mistakes that you should be able to see. I did a lot of character planning, and I think you may be able to tell me if the characters are consistent to what I planned for them since all the characters based off of personality models. It's an original m/m fiction so all you have to read is 100 answers of the main character's background and appearance. I posted this request to another author, mainly because they seemed to specialize in slash. Also because I posted the request about an hour before you posted back and I have no idea how to delete a post. If you helped me insert more cliff hangers it would be great. I managed one in six chapters, maybe two at the most. So, will you be my beta? I think you may possibly like the basis in my story since it's steam punk, meets parkour, meets high society.
  7. I don't know how to delete a reply on this forum. How do I do it?
  8. paputsza

    Willing to Beta

    Would you beta my story, checking for grammar mistakes, typos, plot problems, and so on? It's an original m/m fiction and I've thought out the characters, but the entire plot of the story is vague to me. More violence is a must though, but so far it's become satire due to my ridiculously thought out characters and society. I have an excel file describing the characters, with a bit of brainstorming thrown in. I need a highly involved plotline. I may also need help with cliffhangers. My chapters never seem to end. I'm a lot of reading and editing, and completely undependable as far as time is concerned. I have six chapters so far I think, approximately 38 pages in MSWord that I would like for you to scan quickly for spelling and grammar mistakes so that I can re-upload them. I would appreciate your input on how to make the story more actiony in a way that's completely un-related to the slow-moving love story that's already planned out. There will be het, some of it even kinky het, but it won't be described. It's a high school story, so a boy and a girl will have to make out, and there will be fangirls. I'm assuming when you said "no het" you didn't mean, and there should be no women who have sex with men. I don't want to constrain my creativity, so I can only promise that the serious pairings will be mostly yaoi. There's also an ample bit of gender confusion, but the confusing isn't the confused since there isn't any cross-dressing in this story, except for the skinny jeans that will be added after the "transformation". It's hard to explain, but you'll understand after a minute into reading the story. Just your typical nerd meets perfect guy story, only the guy is ultra perfect, and the nerd is ultra nerdy. The story is unique in it's own way, but maybe it's just a regular idea that's been expanded on. The nerd's a real nerd down to his cold bronze heart, so he's not going to be very sappy. By the way, you misspelled perfectionist (you spelled it profectionist). Not to be mean, I just thought it was funny and ironic considering the sentence you used it in. I'm just tired of editing the typos in my story, you'll most likely get the ones I miss after the first run or two. The story is past tense, and your ability to spot inconsistencies is absolutely perfect. The excel file is the law, and all must follow it. Also, the main character is much more of a realist than I am so that could be a problem when I'm making up his thoughts and actions. He's an ISTP using the meyers-briggs evaluation thing. So, would you mind being my beta?
  9. paputsza

    Plots needed

    You could always write something with inanimate objects like annais wannabe's Laptop ( I feel like there has to be more of this stuff in the world.
  10. paputsza

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    The abundant use of the word "teenager" creeps me out. It's not at this site, mainly the highschool section of Also a mentioning of "six nipples". I barely have a tolerance for furries, but when the characters are anatomically correct animals, and there's almost no sign of them being humans besides probably walking on two feet.
  11. I'm looking for a Beta who has a lot of time on their hands, who has access to a computer every day. I'd like someone dependable and good at grammar and spelling. I'm completely open to any advice you will give me and open to anything that doesn't squick me, like shota, guru, and anything with six nipples that's supposed to have sex. Almost anything else is fine. I have a preference for humor and violence. Sometimes I go into poetic moments, and it's misleading to the rest of my writing. Pm or email this Paputsza at yahoo. thank you for your time
  12. paputsza

    New Beta

    Could you please be my Beta? I write original slash/yaoi. I don't have enough time to grammar check it all and I write the first version on pen and paper in any spare free time. It takes up too much of my time to go over it the twenty times that it takes me to edit my own work. I think I may also have some issues with the flow of the stories too. I write mostly comedy, with occasional yaoi smut. I'm a die hard yaoi fangirl and techie and sometimes there is a fantasy element in some of my older stuff. The main character's usually an uke for the largest part of the story. I need work for earlier chapters, and there will be violence since, regardless of my glittery pink heels, I'm not fragile. There will be explosives and there will be martial arts written in my stories in an informative and almost illegal way. I don't know where to put commas:< and tend to over-punctuate. pm me with response, thank you
  13. paputsza

    Need a screenwriter

    Hi! I'm a growing cg artist and rabid yaoi fangirl. I wanted to make a webcomic so I started using Poser as a type of figure drawing model, but that messed up in the end so I started using Maya. I had to go through weeks of tutorials to find out how that used and now I've noticed that it's actually easier to keep just make a 3d tv series using maya and mental ray than it is to make a webcomic. I want to make a cg film, but I'd rather not mess it up the storyline too badly. I need a story that's organized and written down. I've gotten the major characters' heads modeled and I have an idea of how their hair and skin should look, but that is all set into magma, not stone. I've also gone through the trouble of giving the major seme and uke defined personalities via psychology for writers book. I've also defined a vague plot line. The story will be all of the following: sci-fi fantasy humor action super moe (cute) outfits If you can introduce some angst, some h/c, or some darker elements I would really appreciate it. I can help with the dialogue. I'm mainly hoping for a drawn out and elaborately decorated plot. If you write I'll do that three years of production that is put into every 3d movie. So could you please help me???
  14. oops. I started the insult the writer thing (a bunch of guys went to watch twilight and then some started making out). But man, desu is a bit "eh". It's not an insult as much as posting 28 times the same thing, which says nothing. Fix it please. I mean, it's a crap sentence "THE INTERNET HAS HAD THE FUCK ENOUGH OF TWILIGHT" and doesn't need to be capitalized or multi-posted like that either. It's a shame that grown people don't know where to put there curse words. If you're not going to use it right, you shouldn't use it at all, especially when it's one of those words like "f*ck". It's so strong it has it's own meaning. But yeah. Get to the ip blocking please XD url is above and in bold
  15. The original section on fictionpress can't work the same way as the rest of because the everything else is fanfiction already separated into subjects and it's obvious that if you're . That, and the slash section was more convenient before now. We wanted sections in the sections that were already there. Like putting a fantasy section inside of the erotica section instead of doing an erotica section and puting slash and femslash as categories. It would just making it easier to sift through since aff has always been the most convenient of the slash sites, hence it having the most of such stories in any one location, with so many hits and so many reviews in such a small amount of time. It's really hard and useless to muddle around and I'm seeing a decrease in traffic. So, my advice for it's reorganization is for it to look like it did before, but to be able to click on specific tabs once you get into the list of recently updated stories of that specific section so that we could read something that suited our mood. Since there really is a /lot/ of stories here, it would help the older stories get read if they were put into subsections easily. This thing is too much change at once it seems, and a shock to the system. This is bad, because if there's less readers it means there will be less writers. It goes round and about