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  1. Yes yes I finally posted a new short story:)

    I haven't stopped writing, but I stopped posting them. I have too many other hobbies I think. As you see in the photo I made Lin as BJD. I made his brother Yale as well. And that’s merely a sample of my many hobbies...

    lin klein

  2. It's gonna happen. Decided to talk to HR and see what they can offer to me. I'm going to quit work and start my own business.

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    2. BronxWench


      So, what are you going to be doing?

    3. Laevi


      Design and make furniture, mainly! Love wood and metal... We're hard at work now, preparing the workshop and office. Can't wait to start.

    4. BronxWench


      Oh, that is really exciting! I think you’ll excel at something like this, where you can exercise your creativity and be very hands-on with the work. I wish you much enjoyment, and much success. :hug: 

  3. I posted the final chapters of Movladi (Part V) because of sex ;). Somehow I waited for the last chapters to add the sex. I loved building up the tension, I remember. And I had a bit of trouble with Movladi's age and innocence.

    Part VI will be Wasp's story. This one I absolutely loved to write and I've read it back many times. Wasp isn’t innocent... but he's completely f*cked up.


    At the same time, I began posting an orinal without the Wolves: Skins and Lawyers.

    I hope you enjoy.

  4. Oh my. I'm 51 today. I looked for a picture on the web and found all these Area 51 warning signs... now it feels a lot better :P

  5. Next up (tomorrow or later today) will be Movladi's story. One of my favorites to write, the boy developed fast in my head. I managed to finish the final chapter, it’s a longer story with many developments. Sometimes stories just don't want to finish!

  6. Wow. I have written so many short stories in the past years. I shouldn’t flood this site but I will add them in manageable doses. 

  7. Posted part III and part IV of my Wolves story. Part V and VI are about to follow, but I’m still working on the end of part V.

    I wonder if it is appreciated by the readers at all? Because of the lack of comments and reviews, I have no idea if you even like my Wolves…? :/

    Comments and suggestions welcome you know. Just be kind to me.

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    2. Laevi


      The what now? O_o;

    3. Praetor


           Various random things that have wolf motifs.

    4. Laevi


      Right... Wolves form a gang, I hope that doesn’t disappoint you!

  8. Part I and II are now complete on AFF. On to Part III :) I enjoyed creating Stepan and Miron.

    My most favorite story story is about Wasp. That one developed so easily and quickly… But that is Part VI so it will take a while to put that up.

    Should I post one whole story at once or a chapter a day? What do you prefer?


    1. BronxWench


      Oh! So much to read to finish Part II! :lol: I’m not complaining, though! Thank you!

  9. TO COME...

    Wolves PART list


    Part I: Petr & Evan

    Part II: the Canadians

    Part III: Stepan & Miron

    Part IV: Baron

    Part V: Movladi

    Part VI: Wasp

    Part VII: Priest

    Part VIII: Jorey

    1. JayDee


      The sidebar preview was just the first two lines and I was worried someone was putting together woodland carnivores from spare parts.

    2. BronxWench


      I’m very happy that the Wolves are back! :D


  10. Alrighty then. Posting the chapters, not all at once
  11. Laevi here, with an update about my life. In short: it has been way too busy and stressful. But, I am still writing :) Just not posting. I finally found time to set up my laptop and I hope to have a true office soon, then I can be more active again. We have plans to start our own company and that will give me much more creative space. Hopefully, next summer. Fingers crossed because I am completely fed up with my dayjob. I have something like 10 new stories with the Wolves ready, let me see what I can do in the upcoming weeks, I would love to share them, if people are interested!
  12. Laevi

    Still around

    Wow, it has been years... Time flies when you buy an old hotel barge and work fulltime while restoring in your spare time. I still love to write, though Love, hugs, Laevi
  13. Bought a'n old hotel barge. Now I am way too busy to write,! (But boy, am I happy)

    1. BronxWench


      Congratulations! It's lots of work, I'm sure, but it sounds amazing! :D

  14. Ehh vacation over, busy at work, writing slowed down...

  15. Vacation, yay! Time to write!

  16. Laevi

    Original m/m "Bear"

    Yes yes I know... I wish I always had inspiration But for now I have, so I posted a bunch of chapters. I hope you enjoy. <3 Thank you for liking my stories, by the way... xxx
  17. Big Poppa is never far away... After reading all of my stories and later roll plays, the angel of inspiration touched me again, and the dreams came back. Happy to write again. Comments help, by the way.
  18. Hello sweetie! How are you coping with all the snow? Careful with your back Good to be posting again. I have been writing a lot, by the way. As soon as I am content with what I wrote, more stories will follow. The Stray is the one on my mind now, though. I hope to give it a satisfying finish, I feel quite confident about it. As soon as Theo is finished with chopping wood and his other projects, I will say hi for you :*
  19. Wow I have been away for so long! But I have been writing. I want to wait with posting until the plot has grown on me. I'm almost finished with The Stray, and started posted chapters. Enjoy! And happy 2014!! ♡♥♡
  20. Hi sweetie, of course I'm okay, indeed enjoying my vacation with Theo. I finished that last story and was empty again. That's what happens I'm looking for inspiration
  21. Took me 5 hours, but Mr. McFancypants is posted!
  22. I'm writing a new story, based on a dream, but this time I will finish it first. I will then post one chapter a day. That way I won't disappoint anyone and can still act on comments, if needed.
  23. Thank you for you best wishes! My birthday present was the flu, unfortunately. I'm only just recovering. I haven't been able to do much lately, but I'll be back soon. No worries, I'm alive and kicking <3
  24. I appreciate it when people point out errors to me! I'll fix them asap. But if your comment only points out the error, I'll remove that after I fixed it, okay? No offence, and thank you again.
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