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  1. Why oh why did I first read the topic as "Original Writer Sacrifice"?
  2. Does the 'like this' button do anything?
  3. Wrote this in the SB, but still applies. DA, may you be blessed with a bunch of nudists for, strike that, I think the parents might have an issue with that.
  4. "Portland," Episode #9 for SR: Jefferey, is now available. - DP
  5. Ohh.... think about the pranks somebody could play on their buddies too.... order the friend a sex toy/sunlotion to be delivered (public/private, depends on the friendship or lack thereof)
  6. Moving this from the other thread... Suggestions>Fiction Archive>Star Rating system for stories Without feedback, trolls are trolls, lets not pay them the toll? So, I'll consider your comment a review for SR: Alaska At the time, I was a bit nervous writing it as it was my first [minor1]. Now, I'm a bit more comfortable if both characters are a fair ways into or after puberty. If they're younger than that, I'll think long and hard about any direct sexuality involving them. I've also expanded what I'll consider for the [minor1] tag, more of a CYA sort of thing, so having Jaimie being naked in SR: Dolbourne, even though it's innocence and non-sexual, I'll still tag it for the squeamish. I'm glad you appreciated the shower scene Every review bolsters my sense of self worth - DP
  7. FF's the other site. I started that fic in 2003, getting up to (IIRC) 108 chapters/660 kwords, before rewriting it into 11 chapters/500k now, and it's still a WIP. And that fic is a sequel to my first fic, 40chapters/179k posted in under two months in 2003. I can't bring either of them to because I started that first fic by basing it off another fanfic (I was impatient for an update and the original has since been abandoned about a chapter or two after I started writing). I consider myself inexperienced, though, just my nature, especially before that first fic, I thought I hated writing (buying my mother's insistence that I hated it) -- I've since realized that I hate compelled writing. Now, freeform creative writing, that I love So yeah, dropped fics are annoying. In some cases, understandable (ie. an excellent author with severe medical issues), other times, not so much. Most are probably like me, intending to get back to my potter fic, someday, likely when I have a good looking physique, my house is truly clean, a unicorn is grazing in my front yard, and pigs have learned to fly. It's on my to-do list, really.
  8. Real trolls are nuts, so w/o further feedback from them, it's impossible to know why. Oh well, I suppose it's an achievement, earning ones first troll? And apologies there Melrick, I had left the edit open for a bit before posting.
  9. Oh, my potter fanfic (WIP, different penname, different website) has been languishing too, not certain if I'll get around to working on it, started in 2003 and last updated in 2012, but it needs a rewrite to at least break up the chapters from when I thought 25-50kwords were a good thing (it's not, IMO.) But yeah, regular updates are good. I find that I like that from the reader/viewer perspective, be it a a youtube channel or a fic, because that lets me know it's still being worked on, that I'm not going to invest time in reading a WIP to only have it loiter on a "to be continued" for years, or longer.
  10. On that particular story, I slipped slightly, and the [minor1] tag crept in because I had a 13-year-old come into play. (It wasn't planned, I'm sure there's a lot of unplanned things in our stories.) Anyways, that was the best guess the SB consensus could come up with, that the troll had a vengeance against that. For me, I have unwritten rules I go by when writing. If I realize I'm taking extraordinary lengths to avoid some action as I write, I'll take a time out, pause, and examine it more carefully. I'll either rewrite to remove the situation, or, let it happen. For my 13-year-old, she had to confront an older boy at his most vulnerable moment (ie, in the shower), so I decided to let that build on itself, which is where the [minor1] tag came into the story as it was too late to adjust their ages. Since then, I'll use the minor1 tag as a CYA if there are kids in it, even though their role typically is [nosex]. But yeah, can be trolls in the originals. DA's a polite troll, so she's acceptable
  11. I've been finding, at least from the dragon count perspective, to do it a chapter/episode at a time and wait. I've got two on SR: Jefferey, nearly ready to post, but I'm spacing it out so I've got a chance to work on the next ones. (Or, switch to the other WIPs)
  12. Could've been coincidence too, but nothing more frustrating than getting persistent downvotes w/o a review, a PM, or something to the reason. But yeah, I'm still around, still writing, still posting, and getting dragon prints, though reviews are few and far between. What has helped is having a person reading the stories before I post, giving feedback. Thank you CL_Mustafic.
  13. In my case, while I already had a positive vote, then a troll came in. After a chapter post, downvote, and repeat -- several were within a minute of posting, faster than somebody could read it. It gets discouraging to go from 4/5 stars down to 1 star like that, especially when there was no other feedback. I was on the fence for a little bit, there, debating whether to continue. IIRC, BW and a few others talked sense into me (and I think one or two of them went in to upvote, which helps).
  14. I suggest roaming the archive, choose one with zero reviews that has been up there for a while.
  15. Having been on the receiving end of a negativity troll, I'm rather glad it's gone at the moment. If done well, and everybody's honest with like/dislike, the its good feedback. Otherwise, those trolls are a good way to discourage newer authors who've just started publishing and are a bit unsure of themselves.
  16. Depending on how dirty I wanted to go, that certainly would work. But, given his mindset at the time, more along the lines of "get her back", it'd be fighting. That's how I envisioned it when writing it (which the point was to get him to the front door, as is, so his father could quickly grab him). - DP
  17. SR: Jefferey (episode #1) Most likely, if I had written him that far, would've been a nice, brotherly, attitude correction (ie, a underwelming fists/hitting/screaming, until the sister apologized or, more likely, when the mother stopped it). As always, thank you for the review, it had been so long, I was a deer dazed by the headlights when it came in. - DP
  18. Coated with 24 Carrots of gold?