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In memoriam - Anesor

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One of our members, and a personal friend of mine, passed away this morning after a long illness.

Anesor is one of the people who encouraged me to write, and while the first thing I ever posted isn’t up any longer, she never hesitated to offer support, advice, and friendship while I tried my best to hone my craft. We wrote together, beta-read for each other, and even indulged ourselves in some private commentary on some of the more florid fan fictions in our favorite fandoms.

I got the chance to visit her in-person once, and I’ll always cherish that day. It was like sitting down with a family member, because we knew each other so well by then. Her family was warm and welcomed this online stranger with open arms, just like Anesor did when she wrote the first review on my story, and asked me what happens next.

I will miss her voice, and her strength, and her sheer determination, but I will always hold our friendship close.

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BronxWench, thanks for everyone know of Anesor's passing, and your rapport with her.

Condolences and all the best to you Bronxie for your benevolent ministration of AFF--and thanks too to Anesor for having made AFF a greater place.

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