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  1. I can't really write the story sorry, juggling things. But can I suggest a twist? Spidey doesn't have the powers himself. He, and his eventual team, is ENTIRLY dependent on his passing the powers on to girls, and this his continued intimacy. Adds a neat bit of drama and a reason to share him, they need the backup. ...also, and this can be subjective, but the girls (Mary Jane in particular) seem a bit out of character. But that's your choice
  2. Strange_idea

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Hmm... Is it alright if I leave some slightly off-season holiday concepts? I've none for the holiday at hand, but a few which may be useful later... Or if you want a slightly late one.
  3. Strange_idea

    Kingdom hearts challenge board

    I like the suprise scenario there, and i'm leaning more towards compulsion riku but feel frew to use either one. And thank you. Feel free to take up any you like, just be sure to give credit. And if you want to talk about it, feel free to message me.
  4. Strange_idea

    Kingdom hearts challenge board

    Riku, ansem later. As for the castle staff, that's up to you but it would make sense. I was mostly just going with female riku, and can link possible examples, but princess-ifying could be interesting. Would riku have compulsive 'princess' behaviour? Also, do you find any of the ideas appealing or interesting?
  5. Strange_idea

    Kingdom hearts challenge board

    given the recent release of kingdom hearts 3, i’m surprised there aren’t more kingdom hearts challenges at the moment…. so i’m going to just drop a bunch here. Let me know if you wat to take any or if you have ideas of your own: 1) Disney x kingdom hearts x kamen rider…..ish? Sora, a daydreaming student in a small, ordinary town, writes fantasy stories about the people he knows, including his best friend, kairi. In them, she is the sole protector left of a run-down frontier town in a Tolkien-ish fantasy land, dwfending it from monsters (heartless and other things) who keeps rescuing disney girls (based on friends he has in real life) that move into town and help it grow. Suddenly, his ‘heartless’ begin attacking in the real (non narrative) world and girls from his story begin appearing as mundane but obviously parallel people. At first he thinks its just a coincidence, but once the heartless show up he has no choice but too believe it. as Sora writes girls he knows into his adventure, he makes them heartless targets but also empowers them into powerful warriors with magical abilites (based on their films) and forms. Kinda kamen-rider-ish. In a neat twist sora is helpless becsuse KAIRI is the hero of the story, alomg with sidekicks alice and ariel, based on their other best friends. Alice is a very intelligent but spacey girl and ariel is a cheerful artist and tinkerer sadly confined to a wheelchair, so sora made her a life where she didn’t need legs. Girls good and bad become fadcinated with sora out of thanks and try to get close to him, sensing smoething about him or for more power. either way, the lot of them start trying to be his friend or coming on to him. many of the disney girls join up as more warriors or summons. Some have hidden motivations, some don't. To make matters more complicated, Sora isn't sure the magical side is real (it's implied to be a fantasy story he's writing) but keeps influencing events through it. Disney girls move in and have roles in both the fantastic and mundane versions, like for example the arendale sisters running an ice-cream parlour. Naturally the girls are REALLY busty and wide hipped, buy only he seems to notice. Both hero, ally and villainous girls. 2) mysterious park au this sora one is a little more complex, basically sora is a disneyland tourist (as far as he knows) but cannot remember hoow he got there and the rides all seem to be closed or changed, yet no-one minds. in fact, he cannot even remember the characters and finds that strange. he finds that by entering the rides he enters a version of the film, but takes the place of the male protagonist and he and the girls inside ovethrow an enemy. they MAY also be his classmates outside, i’m still mulling it over, which slowly has him realise that if his classmates are supposed to be a part of this, then what does that say about him? the girls either try to romance or sleep with him in their ride-worlds, and he leaves after finding himself back in the park with the ride open again and investigates further, leading to more park-worlds. not sure where to go next. 3) sora’s book of erotic fairytails sora’s adventure begins when he falls into a magic book of stories and enters a series of erotic parodies of disney tales, taking place of the protagonist (and sole male character) and reaping the rewards. e.g, in ‘alladdin’ jafar is jasmine’s older sister seeking to steal the throne, the genie is female (possibly eden) and sora solves the issue by bedding and marrying them all. 4) ariel’s accidental first decree ariel, after sora's first visit, dreams of the gummy ship and notices some odd things he said. Realising he's human, she develops her crush on him, (i can marry a human, see the worlds and and spend the rest of my life with my best friend, this is severything i've wanted since i was six!) and during his second visit she notices an attraction but he seems reluctsnt so she makes up a 'mermaid law' that says they're married. He's startled but she takes him on a date to try and change his mind. When she finds out about kairi she panics and blurts out that the “mermaid law” says he can still marry her, so sora seems to accept. Later, in kh3 sora introduces her to kairi and awkwardly explains he's kind married. Kairi sees through it, but winks at ariel and agrees to talk sora into it (i get to marry sora AND a mermaid? This is everything i've wanted since i was six!) you can leave it there or have them scheme together to plan out who else they want from the competition 5) kingdom hearts/avengers/justice leauge Sora is tasked with bringing together and attending to a team of superhumans. each of the girls is a disney girl crossed with a thematically relevant or similar dc or marvel hero or heroine. they slowly start to fall in love with him as they develop their powers and begin saving the world. 6)kingdom hearts x deadline summoner when their world was sundered, kairi was discovered the chosen keyblade weilder, and goes off to save the world while sora is thrown into the darkness. however, he is far from helpless. as he travels he picks up spirits that used to be young girls from various worlds lost to dakrness, and aids them in fighting to the heart and restoring worlds in his quest to get back to kairi. what neither he not she knows is that in doing so he opens new worlds for her to free in her own quest, but there’s a catch. the spirits of the girls are too closely linked to the world and cannot return once they are mended, as the world restores them to life too, filling the gap and leaving the summon girls without a home. thankfully, sora is there to look after them, and miss their fighting for his attention or attempts to charm him. basically, sora goes through the dreaming and darkned worlds to restore them with the disney girls as empowered summons/future harem members while looking for kairi 7) sora the “dragon slayer” sora, apprentice dragon slayer under mulan, and the two are on the trail of the sorceress maleficent for having kidnapped a princess. when they find her, to her horror they see her transform the princess INTO a dragon, followed by mulan herself. Sora gets away, but see maleficent take the princess with her and set mulan on a nearby town. he manages to fake her death and sneak her away, but the town is convinced he slayed the dragon…. as sora follows maleficent, more girls are turned into dragons (or other mythical monsters) and with the aid of the girls he’s rescued, sora can take them down, fake their death and save them. Thus his reputation as a dragon slayer grows more and more as he seeks to find maleficent and break the spell 8) an unsual curse sora is ‘blessed’ with an unusual curse. to bring back the keybladers and spread the light, he is prophesised to have many children across the worlds. the dubious blessing goes that even the foes he defeat will become his wives, and the slip of wording means that any villain he conquers becomes a woman and falls for him. and while friendly spars don’t trigger it, misundersandings like the fights with the beast and possesed riku DO. 9) Riku’s dilemma a kingdom hearts AU were, for his failure, riku is cursed to replace the princess he lost (along with possibly the other disney princes) and is slowly falling for sora while trying futilely. a possible epilogue is them, kairi and the princesses proper fighting over sora. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- more 10) quest for sora's heart Sora's partner's on his journey are kairi and aqua. As they journey through the world, the two of him compete for his attsntion and get into trouble trying to use the world to their advantage. In each world, kairi, aqua or both undergoe erotic circumstances brought aboht by themselves which are thematically linked to thr world, e.g for wonderland they could become bunnygirls or grow/expand due to food, in agrabah they could be turned into dancers or genies, and in beast's castle they could be enlisted as maids or cursed into an altered form. As sora's attraction to them grows, so does their suppressed attraction to each other. All while they stave off attraction from the disney girls or team up with them. Possibly, due to connecting with the local disney girls, kairi and aqua get drive forms.... which happen to be the same as their altered states from that world. AND come with the disney girl riding in their head. 11) dating/world only god knows/capture game au Similar to hunnie pop or a dating rom, the heartless are formed from the lust and lonelyness of disney princesses, so sora must track them down and seduce them to save the world! any takers are welcome as are suggestions, but please leave a comment letting me know or message me.
  6. Strange_idea

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    it might be a good idea to have a chapter focussesed entirly on the girls, minimal hiccup, and their interactions. Having them comfort elsa over her missing sister might be a good way to build them up a little and establish some dynamics.
  7. Strange_idea

    Izuku: The Auto Adapting Hero

    I mean, if you want to go there why not have it be something a villain does? And deku's power adapts to comforting her.
  8. I'm seeking an author for a one peice harem story, i have several possible story scenarios for anyone interested and welcome suggestion or feedback on any of them. My idea would be with luffy making such a good attempt for the king of pirates competition picks up for 'queen', one possible cause cluld be the newspapers printing an announcment of his engagement, which causes readers around the world to realise they should have made a move.... and then the news prints a RETRACTION, and the hunt it on. OR, by communicating the idea to luffy, he starts seriously considering having a queen and paying attention to the women in his life. OR boa attempts to pre-empt competition for luffy by collecting them herself, possibly reasoning that as amazons she will rule them OR, boa's fruit gains the ability to manipulate love and reshape luffy's loved ones to suit her tastes better, such as strengthening crushes into love or remaking men into women OR, nami or AU luffy gets a fruit that grows in strength thr more women you have nearby or lets them reshape women, or lets them make people INTO women etc. There is an existing story where he gains the hormone fruit, but it has only a single chapter. OR nami is captain of an all female crew and luffy or whoever is cabin boy, there for 'relief' OR nami, luffy and robin wash up on a mysterious island in a pinkish fog (kin to the rainbow fog) and the two begin competing for luffy's affections. Then more and more women wash ashore and the island seems to be getting bigger, revealing more supplies, shelter etc. OR nami escaped arlong park and met luffy when they were children and impressed him so much he wants a crew mostly of women, oblivious to their affection for him until AFTER he's already recruited quite a few. OR multi-harem story where mutliple strawhats have harems of their canon girls of interest. Each strawhat's harem would act as 'staff' for their role, ie kaya as lookout staff, violet and pudding as sous cheffs etc. Someone STARTED a luffy all-female crew story includjng genderswapped canon strawhats, but they never got passed chapter 2. A continuation or reimaging would also be excellent. Playing on luffy's asexuality, a twist on the harem story could be girls ask luffy to help them let of steam, which builds up his libido, not to the point of losing asexuality, but to the point where he asks them to help wind down and celebrate after a lot of excitement or a major victory. Given he canonically sees love as a distraction from his work and is flustered by tashigi, Zoro's girls could be trying to undermine his swordsmanship and break his focus  Sanji's girls.... well he'd just lile the idea Ussop and kaya are trying to reach that point in their relatuonship And chopper wants to be taken seriously, seen as a man. Another possible twist on luffy's asexuality that can be played for emotion is that luffy sees sexual relief of his women as a duty and offerers it them upon request when they join, which everyone wrote of as misunderstanding but the women actually take him up on that and try for an emotional connection. This can be applied to most of the above scenarios. Just in case, here is a quick runthrough of one piece girls to be used. I'll stick to the more significant ones and skip the ones too far outside canon or who start the series dead, but feel free to add more if appropriate. Nami greedy, cowardly, relativly sane, reliable, intelligent, not above flirting her way out of trouble Nico robin - stoic and has the power to copy her body parts anywhere even if detached, intelligent Alvida - AFTER the slick slick fruit, her body has zero friction and is permanrntly slim but loses no strength. Likes luffy because he not only had the guts to call her ugly (she was) but also defeated her. Delilusional about her old appearance Vivi, dutiful princess, hypnotic bellydancer, brave, ditz Boa hancock - canonically the world most beautiful woman and ger powers are based on the fact that everyone falls in love with her on sight, even women. Can turn anyone in love with her to stone. In love with luffy, yes really. It makes sense in context. Needs a friend Rebecca the gladiator, Monet, evil harpy, snow powers, not actually a harpy Tashigi, marine, swordswoman, clumsy ditz but dutiful, needs glasses but doesn't like them Shirahoshi, princess, size of a small skyscraper, underage but REALLY hard to tell Nojiko, nami's sister (both adopted) Makino, waitress, luffy's surrogat mom Baby 5, assasin, can turn into any weapon, DEEPLY needs a hug Hina, marine, cage/restraint powers, talks funny Mrs valentine, assasin, weight powers, wants to be a choclatier Kalifa, (spoliers) (heavy spoilers) secretary, assasin, soap powers, kind of ditzy Margerite, amazon under boa, interacts with luffy a lot while he was on the island Perona, trickster ghost princess Jewelry bonney, age powers, bottomless glutton, BIG DEAL Shyarley, fortune teller shark-mermaid, civic leader Ain, rouge marine, de-aging powers Keimi/camie, idiot mermaid, sous cheff, professional hostage Wanda, swordswoman 'mink' Carrot, naieve 'mink' Conis, oppressed skylander, military reserve Reiju, (spoilers) supersoldier assasin, poision powers Violet, princess, eye-powers (mostly vision, but has giant whale tears) Charollte pudding (so many spoilers) Stussy, head of world prostituion, secret spy and assasin Lily enstomach, giant, shrinking power Baccarat, luck power, works in an evil casino Carina, nami's rival in theft Any takers? All suggestions welcome. Storylines, ideas, twists, AUs all appreciated. No bashing, the closer they are to character the better but feel free to go AU, a narrative is preferred if possible. Thank you Feel free to leave your OWN requests for potential authors to pick up.
  9. Strange_idea

    My hero academia, all brawl for deku!

    LIGHT bashing if self inflicted but nothing exceeding canon. And if you CAN throw him a bone, feel free. Nothing as all-out as harry potter fics get. Thank you for asking. I appreciate your restraint and interest.
  10. I'm juggling a few things right now, so i can't get to proper writing for a while and have NO experience with erotic scenes, BUT, do you have an account on this site or Because i could create an outline and send you a link for feeddback, THEN fill it out... possibly with a bit of collaboration.
  11. Strange_idea

    Chakra being used to mould people's bodies.

    Hey, it's not QUITE the same, but evilfuzzy did a somewhat similar story on the hentai foundry called 'taking her home' where he turns people into busty concubine girls, starting with sasuke. Just thought you might like it.
  12. Strange_idea

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Hey! Based on expanded universe materials, anna apparently THINKS elsa might be bisexual, as she composed a list of potential secret admirers that included both sexes.… HOWEVER, it turned out she was misunderstanding the situation entirly and elsa has no confirmed or demonstrated interest outside of anna's shipping goggles, so evidence is leaning towards chaste.
  13. Strange_idea

    Total Drama High School (A Cody Harem Challenge)

    I apologise and would like to say that my new suggestion is general suggestioms for HIS idea, unrelated to my other statements amd waseant to be the last one. Also, he DID ask me for details. If it would help, i can delete my messages from this thread, leaving only the new one as they have already been moved to the new challwnge he suggested.
  14. Strange_idea

    Total Drama High School (A Cody Harem Challenge)

    So, changing subject. Some ideas. Bridgette seems to promise her body for a favour, but has lindsay pay up. Or, bridgette and gwen get into a love making contest.
  15. Based on Red_light_zone's challenge Total Drama High School (A Cody Harem Challenge) the challenge follows the basic rules of red_light_zone's and uses the 'wish' route The way thia works is BEFORE the event, everyone shares and 'if i could be something i'd want to be such-and-such' wish, and in the new world that wish is granted. So if you wished to be popular, you'd suddenly be thrust into the role of yoy-who-is-popular. Lindsay, for exampls wantes to have people respect her brain and she is now in the shoes of an alternate, brainy lindsay who is held as the intelligence queen of the school. But she is NOT brainy lindsay, so she struggles. They all do, as they are their old selves playing new roles. Cody, for example, is trying and failing to be the 'cool' cody of this world and is worried they're on to him because they're actig weird. And EVERYONE is acting weird because EVERYONE thinks the others are onto them, as no-one knows that everyone else is switched over, because they remember everyone else having always been in this role. They only THINK everyone is onto them. In reality everyone is in a state of 'imposter syndrome', too caught in their acting to actually notice everyone else is doing the same. It will eventually lead to sex, especially since cody is suddenly mister ladies man and we have a chance for the girls to 'open up' and reveal their canon personalities, him to accept them (noting they somehow feel right) and to bond with him and fall in love. By opening up to cody they realise he DOESN'T want to expose them, have an outlet of pressure and someone they can 'drop the act' around and begin to work out what's happening since the paranoia ebbs. And, as i said, everone remembers only THEMSELVES as different, so cody's group is really only the one that can talk it out and has a chance to work it out. I'm not sure how they deal with the reality shift, but the end result is a happy polygamous relationship form on support and connection.