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  1. Strange_idea

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    It's been a while, but I hope you are okay.
  2. Strange_idea

    Ginny's accidental curse, harry's harem home.

    No. Although I'm collabing with a guy on a different Harry story. Feel free to take this one, but let me know.
  3. Strange_idea

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Merry christmas
  4. Strange_idea

    AFF Holiday Party

    yeah…. the behind the scenes story for that movie is… something. Roland emmerich was quoted as saying he rejected the original draft for the end because “it was just two giant monsters going at one another and i simply don’t like that” and that’s BEFORE they started getting editorial mandates on what godzilla couldn;t do.
  5. Strange_idea

    Harry potter and the school for witchcraft and young ladies

    If you make and account, pm me and i'd be happy to discuss it. They frown on taking up too much space in these boards. It sounds like an interesting story. I'm also on to talk.
  6. Strange_idea

    Harry potter and the school for witchcraft and young ladies

    Nothing yet, i'm afraid. I may try my hand at it when i can, but still appreciating any takers.
  7. Strange_idea

    Challenge discussion thread

    you said two versions. what’s the other?
  8. Strange_idea

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    It does. There's another example where he says to show the same scene twice, a normal dinner party and casual converation and a secind where he informs us there is a body in the next room. A good twist will have the audience thinking back and seeing things a different way. Or at least knock everything down in a constructive way (thr reveal in the jak and daxter series springs to mind) A bad twist, well one of the new robin hood series comes to mind. The authors killed off maid marian to establish high stakes then killed off robin for thr shock value. The series couldn't recover and cancelled itself. Of course, the recovery from a BAD twist can be a very good thing. Parralax was both the dumbest decision and best thig that happened to green lantern in the long term.
  9. Strange_idea

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    you can do all three. i’m trying. though my party story may have to wait a bit…. i’ve found a roll on a fanfic halloween story
  10. Strange_idea

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    I’ll see what i can do…. though if anyone wants a prompt, i;ve got a bunch of halloween ones.
  11. Strange_idea

    Challenge discussion thread

    these are fantastic and don’t feel pressured, do only as many as you want to. thank you for taking me up on my challenge if you DO want to do more that’s fine, but it’s your choice
  12. Strange_idea

    Gravity Falls: Boobmageddon

    May i suggest other crossover girls? The grimmwood girls, jenny wakeman, lydia deetz as a poltergeist or coraline herself. This is largely because your aging up characters anyway. Or the girls from extreme ghostbusters.
  13. Strange_idea

    Challenge discussion thread

    And something we also know exceedingly little about. Though there's nothing in the ben 10 lexicon which really matches either....… Bit of a tangent but.... a challenge. Who can come up with the best fatality for an ombitrix alien? Also, excellent work as always random fan and thank you for your time.
  14. Strange_idea

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Mine neither. So, if it's alright i'll probably not find them. I won't be looking particularly hard. I meant series request, but ill take that as a general thing
  15. Strange_idea

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Well, okay. batman, with superman and nightwing side stories (which sadly have been moved to pay only accounts) Danny phantom and again sweet Rwby story rwby fallout crossover Spiderman with interesting framing device an image gallery site. The images arenover the top erotic, but the story is actually quite sweet in parts. had a lot of stories, then took them down, leaving only parts of what we once had. Still might be good for you. He has a list of his projects on his deviantart account Anything in particular you want?