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    Under a rock in the Missouri Ozarks
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    Rabid reader and writer. Occasional digital artist - hobbyist level.
    Unrepentant overthinker. Spotify addict and musical frissonist.
    Lover of symbolism, Drambuie, wildflowers, rainstorms, and foggy days.
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  1. Things which literally never happen to me:

    1. Hearing Nuvole Bianche without mentally melting into a blissful rapturous puddle
    2. Seeing “Woozle” snoring with his mouth open and his little tongue hanging out without snickering
    3. Smelling an old book without the urge to huff it like a lunatic regardless of who’s watching
    4. Tasting a well-prepared quality tea without being thankful for life in general
    5. Feeling Heiferlump step on me with her pointy little toes without shrieking in pain then apologizing for startling her.


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    2. BronxWench


      Ah, my wee corgi lass has ideopathic epilepsy. It’s been over 4 years since her diagnosis, and we’re managing to keep it to one or two big episodes a year, so that’s something. And for 99% of the time, she’s our sweet, lovable bundle of happiness, so it’s all good. :D

    3. InBrightestDay


      I’m honestly really glad to find out about the book-huffing club.  I remember going to the library and just loving the smell.  I always thought I was really weird.

      I mean, I know I’m weird (I talk to the bugs I pick up to take out of the house), but you know, at least it’s not for the book smell thing. :)

    4. Ghost-of-a-Chance


      InBrightestDay, I regularly argue with my older cat...and lose. She can’t speak English but I still lose. Compared to that, demanding bugs stay out or pay rent isn’t that weird. ;)

      Also, libraries always smell DIVINE to me. Or, at least, OTHER libraries smell divine to me. Our local library stank of dirty feet and unwashed underwear for the last few years; now that it’s moved into the new building it just smells like paper and fuckboy. Fit to make a body cry, it is. The college library, though...WHEW! It’s a book-huffer’s dream come true – one step through those doors and your nose needs an after-fun cigarette.

      First rule of Book-Huffing Club: You don’t talk about Book-Huffing Club.
      Second Rule of Book-Huffing Club: There is no Book-Huffing Club.
      Third rule: If you find a good one, don’t be greedy - SHARE IT with fellow Book-Huffers.