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  1. Ten questions I'd ask various superheroes if they were real:

    1. Squirrel Girl: What are you going to call yourself when you're forty?
    2. Black Panther and Aquaman: Shouldn't you guys be, like, at home settling trade disputes instead of running around in tight pants?
    3. Martian Manhunter: Suspenders with shorts? Is that a Martian thing?
    4. America Chavez: If you just gently poked some cookie dough with your finger, would it make star shapes?
    5. Iron Man: What do you do if you have an itch?
    6. Beast Boy: So, when you turn into an animal, is it always a boy animal?
    7. Wolverine: If you and Vandal Savage got in a fight, which of you do you think would get bored and go home first?
    8. The Flash: Do women actually like the speed thing? Because, you know...
    9. The Thing: Do you think the right moisturizer would help?
    10. Violet Parr: Have you ever searched your own name on a site called Rule34?

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      @Strange_idea Certainly.

      @WillowDarkling Foal me once, shame on you. Foal me twice…

      @JayDee All I know is, dog welding is not something you should try in your garage on the weekend, I’ll tell you that.

    3. Strange_idea


      Well, squirrel girls both knows she's never going to and is ditzy enough to be totally caught off guard if she does. 


      They do both, but aqua man is an easily bored conqueror king first and a politician second, while t'challa's generally solving a trade dispute by hunting the most dangerous game. 


      With manhunter it's an "I'm every bit as strong as Superman and know EXACTLY what you just thought. What are you going to do?" thing. And probably easy to shape-shift into. 


      You KNOW Tony added some kind of massage device and it went wrong.


      This is actually Canon, but beast boy can turn into other humans (but isn't allowed to by writers) and even species like krytponians. Since several species are female only,  that would mean he can change genders. And if not he can borrow it from an animal. 

    4. JayDee


      Any character used to knock around with the Doom Patrol’s gonna be able to get freaky when the situation calls for it. They oughta bring back Danny the Street.