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    Throw your ideas in here!

    It’s October again. So here we go. There’s a gorgon with an eye defect. She only turns statues to cheese instead of stone. A food critic says her cheese is bland. She turns him to cheese. This plot may require the typing of cheese a lot. Also, the “Gogon Zola” pun name has already been done. ** Jenny Greenteeth visits a frankly terrified dentist. ** Deciding to seek help with his love life a young man tries to invote Aphrodite’s blessing, but messes it up and invokes Thalia, Muse of comedy instead. Cue wacky sound effects and cartoon physics in the bedroom. ** A puppy is sent to hell and all the demons are too terrified of what it must have done to go anywhere near it. ** An (entirely fictional) President dies just before an election, but his party need him alive to get a supreme court pick through what with having no faith the cunt’d be re-elected, so reanimate his corpse and then have to deal with his increasing zombie hunger as the election approaches. But, hey, at least they get to turn the place into a theocracy, right? ** A descendant of Moses uses sea parting for a marine salvage business. ** A Mother and a Crone in Trenton, New Jersey, just can’t find a Maiden anywhere. ** Atropos loses her shears and suddenly people are living forever. ** ...see you next year. Maybe.