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    I will be very happy when July 31st gets here. That’s when the extra $600 a week for unemployment finally expires. That may sound horrible, but I’m on the opposite end of that. I have worked through this entire thing, and the only applicants I’ve gotten for my critically short staffed store, have been applying for the unemployment requirement that they do so. Have only had one day off since November 14th. ONE. Plus, I’m already on schedule for a minimum of 80 hours a week, and if anyone calls off, I get to cover it. Because I don’t have enough staff. So my average work week is more like 90 hours or better. Awful damn tired of people working the system.
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    I'm officially 24 now

    I'm officially 24 now
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    Thank you! I appreciate the kind words, and glad you enjoyed it. I’m not quite done yet with Lisette, so there is more to come. Thanks again!