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    And in other news, lions can be homosexual too…. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5046653/Gay-lions-seen-Kenya-angers-country-s-moral-policeman.html
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    Desiderius Price

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    Try my stories! Working on a super-awesome one where the repairman answers a service call in his underwear …. [/plug] Getting drawn in, attached to a story is good, be sure to leave a review! That’s a pat on the author’s back, a payday for them, to help make the effort to bring a story to life, to post it, to make all that effort a bit more worthwhile. If I were getting hundreds of reviews, I might be more picky about their quality, but right now, unless it’s pure hatred/flame, I cheer any review that comes into my inbox, useful or not. Because, when you’re stuck, a “this is awesome” can help motivate your muse to get back on the wagon.
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    The Reviews you'd like

    Very true! I’ll check you out soon *makes note to check out Mr. Price’s work* I’m currently waist-deep in updating my yaoi fics, but I love to read
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    The Reviews you'd like

    Goodness yes LMAO I can get ridiculously attached to stories. Luckily, I was already friends with the author. She uses this OC bad guy in quite a few of her stories, and omg I really do wanna kill him I just so happened to have a vague bad guy in one of mine and asked if I could use her OC with the intent of him being bad guy that hurt good guy-A years ago, and was supposed to have died then. But he turns out alive and good guy-A’s boyfriend, good guy-B is gonna destroy him. YAY! LOL sorry for the word vomit here, I just get really excited about my stories
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    I think a break is order. I’m trying to force this story and it is just not working