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    Star taking impulsive bad decisions and then feeling like shit about them is a recurring pattern in this fic, and of course if she is going to seek something from Tom is punishment (and comfort/absolution). I sometimes worry I am making the normally very happy-go-lucky Star too angsty here, but, honestly, she was pretty angsty during the particular Season 2 arc I am basing all of this on, so… I considered having even more Hekapoos, but it did not seem anatomically feasible… Food for thought: if she does the same trick by herself, is it an orgy or just masturbation? (Hekapoo’s sex life, like Moon’s, is probably something Star should not think too hard about) I am forever in your debt! I see what you mean. That is there as part of a series of “verbal ticks” that try to be particular to the POV character (e.g. Star for the first three chapters). But I also realize I am using the third person for every pronoun except the “I” in “I mean”. Not sure “She meant” works there, might just have to remove those altogether. Will review this with the other language/spelling errors when I get them. Thanks! Glad to hear! Hopefully the spelling errors don’t ruin things too much for you, and hopefully you like the plot when it starts picking up!
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    That makes a lot of sense, I don’t think I would have felt it needed to be that big a scene if it wasn’t the, for lack of a better term, “main piece” of its own chapter. It is actually a pretty nice sex scene, on a second read. I guess I was holding up to the standard of being the story’s climax (heh). The point of the story is made either way, and is not like I can complain about the lack of steamy scenes in this fic as whole Well, I guess I should have put my argument in terms of ἔρως (Eros, romantic love) being somewhat overrated and φιλία (Phillia, love between friends) being underrated, which is a weird argument for me to make when reading an *erotic* fanfiction, but nonetheless true. Either way, it is a great theme, specially for this series. My take on starco as a couple in cannon is that, while the jealousy triangle thing is certainly an obstacle to overcome one way or the other, they will probably keep their friendship whether or not they become an item romantically. But honestly, when “Just Friend’s” aired and based on wild speculation from the released episode summaries, my hope was that season 2 finale would have Marco (and possibly Jackie) rescue Star from Ludo/Toffee while we got a triumphant reprise of “Just Friends” for background music. There is not a thing wrong or lacking about those two being friends. Well, it is one possibility. If that theory is not true, then I guess Tom didn’t actually think of the implications of his plan if he did somehow manage to “trick” the Blood Moon into binding their souls when they were not at least compatible. It is not an unidirectional link, so Tom would also just have gotten her soul entangled for all eternity to someone who would hate him for it. I guess a forced soul-bound could be played for off the charts dark drama in the right kind of light, in a way that even rape or forced marriage don’t quite reach. Then again, the show does have a lot of elements that are super dark if you dwell to long on them, and supposedly “nicer and kinder” season 2 Tom did threaten to kill Marco just so that he wouldn’t tell Star that he was using the counsellor to spy on her... I guess “The Blood Moon binds Star and Tom” is a good potential prompt for a seriously messed up fic on this site