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    Pippychick's Review Replies (TV)

    Thank you for delivering such a good story! XD
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    Author: Jungle_Drums (myself obviously) Title: The New Breed Summary: Team 8 open up a secret vault, expecting to find treasure. Instead Hinata gets a face full of alien wing wong by a mutant facehugger. Said facehugger instead of just implanting her with an Alien embryo, came equipped with a new evolutionary advantage that could make the Xenomorphs reproductive process a lot more efficient (and wreck biological havok on the ninjas). Its a battle between the ninjas and the Xenos for the soul of Hinata, and the survival of the human race. I intend this more as a straight horror story with some elements of fetish to drive the narrative. Feedback: I’ve gotten a couple of comments and want to hear more of what I’m doing right. Fandom: Naruto and Alien crossover Pairing: Let’s keep it simple and just say Hinata x everyone Warnings: Being xenomorphs there is implied rape, and I plan on there being more. Oh and every female character that gets infected goess aggressively yuri. Solo story or chaptered story: chaptered URL: http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600106079 Review Reply thread: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/64614-jungle-drums-answers-replies-for-the-new-breed/
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    Great stories you never wrote

    Read The Warriors by Sol Yorrick. Dead serious. It’s all about black adolescent street gangs, their lives and how they form. Their mentality. Granted it’s set in like the 60’s or earlier, but it paints a vivid enough picture that it could easily be applied to inner city youths today. After all, war...war never changes.
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    Great stories you never wrote

    Working Title: The Bone Collector Fandom: Naruto Plot: Remember that filler episode where Naruto and Team 8 fought those crazy bee ninjas? I had this idea where the one woman Suzumebachi swears vengeance on the genin, Hinata specifically. She hears rumors of a powerful witch and against better judgement seeks out their help. What she actually finds is this cackling, foul mouthed, old hillbilly in cave and his pet crow. He claims to be a witch but she just assumes he’s a dottering old hack ninja. So Kurenai, Kiba, Shino, Hinata and Akamaru investigate this blighted village where a young lord claims there is a plot by the farmers to kill him, and he just wants them to investigate and see if there’s any truth to the rumors. At that point I got stuck on where to go from there, other than a few hazy ideas. Team 8 would have to solve a mystery, while fending off raiding parties of zombies and skeletons. With a touch of horrible dreams a la “The Serpent And The Rainbow”. Really the whole idea was just an excuse to have Team 8 have their own adventure, fighting skeletons and well, a D&D style necromancer. Fatal flaws: 1. While the eponymous Bone Collector was A LOT of fun to write about (think the unholy love child of Mumm-Ra and Otis B. Driftwood), and he stole show…He is an outside context issue for the ninja. He’d be more at home in a D&D or Conan The Barbarian story than in Naruto. That made it harder to justify his abilities and how it would contrast to the ninjas and how their world worked. Balance was an issue I just couldn’t work around without poking holes in accepted canon. 2. Team 8 themselves. They were never really explored much in canon, so I had to fill in the blanks myself how their group dynamic would work. Shino is especially difficult to make interesting. Kurenai was also with them supervising them as Kakashi would Team 7. 3. I tried working an angle of him being the servant of a Discount Cthulhlu god. This ended up requiring a whole backstory in of itself, with an ancient Groman/Not Atlantis city (in order to justify having a bunch of Hoplite skeletons roaming around the extremely Japanese setting of Naruto), and trying to staple it into an otherwise “working within canon” story. 4. Getting from point A to B was one thing. Giving the Team banter between themselves ended up not being as interesting as I had hoped. The whole plot revolved around their mission being a trap. The bee ninja woman kind of fell by the way side as the idea just fizzled out. 5. The team fighting their way to the Necromancer through his spooky zombie infested woods was cool and all but. But. . . actually fighting him? It goes back to problem 2, how to do it in a way that makes sense and doesn’t end in a curb stomp battle for either side. You gotta be damn good to convince cynical ff readers you’ve made a genuine OC and not just another Sue power fantasy. 6. Ninja aren’t exactly equipped to fight the undead. It’s not like in Inuyasha or something where Miroku could whip up some sacred sutra and Turn them. In order to justify spirits and other ghoulish fun that would mean giving the ninja something to level the playing field. I came up with the idea that Hinata’s byugugan can be trained to see spirits, and over the course of the fic she would learn how to unlock this ability. As an added bonus, to give the villain a reasonable motivation, he would be out to steal the byuguagn for said purpose. After I wrote it out, it just felt like cheating though. Typical readers of Naruto crap tend to frown on this kind of canon welding too. 7. My alternative to make the story make more sense was to pull a Shyamalan and make the so called witch...an actual fake! As in he’s just an old ass ninja who using illusions to make it seem like he’s this all powerful sorcerer, when in fact he’s a fraud. This idea bored me and was a chore to try and write. Keeping or abandoning? I started the first two chapters before fizzling out. I think I’ll scrap the fic and use the Necromancer character I made for something else. Maybe put him in a setting that makes more sense for his type of character.
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    My C drive is failing so I’m going to be offline for a bit until everything is sorted. Computers, I have a great love/bitter hatred affair with them!