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    Here it goes, borrowed from The Sound of Music: Bishonin in poses while semes look smitten Big uke eyes and fanfictions written Twinks in their bedroom all tied up with string These are a few of my favorite things Long haired bishonen and R18 doodles Watching hard yaoi and knowing that it rules Wild all male orgies and hot guys with wings These are a few of my favorite things Bishis in leather and tsundre with glasses X-ratd doujun and men with nice asses All of their hotness makes me want to sing These are a few of my favorite things When my life bites When my pride stings When I'm feeling mad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad ****I felt inspired so I wrote ths and posted it elsewhere. Thought ypu guys might like it too.**** When I posted this in that other place I accidentally pluralized one of the bishonin . . . now I feel silly.
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    I have been asking a question to myself for a few years now. Ok, more than a few years. It has been since texting got to be a big thing. The question is why do some authors think people want to read what they wrote when it is all in text speak. The readers can never tell what the author is writing because there are so many different way it can be taken. Like LOL, that could be 'lots of laughs' or 'laugh out loud'. Another question I have been asking is why do they shorten three letter words? Are they that lazy, that they can't be bothered to put the letter that goes in the middle in there. How do people still miss spell words to we now have auto correct and they can use their voice to say the word and it will come up.
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    Grammar and spelling

    I may post a semi-raw chapter to give readers something to look at if I have not been posting much because of the real world situations that happen, but I replace such chapters as soon as is humanly possible with grammatically repaired versions. I tend to use human speak in dialog because people don't use proper grammar when they talk to each other as a rule. However, I am very strict with my own writing when it comes to all other elements. To my thinking, grammar checking programs are the most important tool any writer can purchase. I have never had interest in cell phones or text message programs of that classification. On facebook, I am constantly lost when I run into text speak outside of the terms LOL, ROFL, WEG, and LMAO. I avoid text speak because I have never understood what was attractive about it. Laughter is one of my favorite things, so I do tend to abuse the above terms. Also, I loved the Weird Al song. Word Crimes made me laugh a lot so thanks for sharing that one @GeorgeGlass. I have seen a number of text speak stories on various sites across the web. Because I do not know the lingo, I must back pedal to find a different story. In some respects, the lost art of grammar is a sad statement about how our society has become fixated on doing everything faster, and more efficiently to the point it no longer has any meaning at all. We are losing too much of what once made civilization great. Fast and gratuitous actions only seems to increase the pressure of consume more ideals that are sold constantly on the radio, and on televisions around the globe. Civilization is losing a lot of what made it special because of the lost art of grammar usage I believe.
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    I wonder if sane Japanese people feel the same way when they hear garbled English in every other one of their pop songs . . . I think it's cute to an extent, but I find it ruins the mood of whatever I'm listening to because I tend to break out in "OhMyGodItsSoCute" hystarical fangirl lauguhter depending on how bad the English is. I wonder how people from Japan feel about us so hamhandedly trying to assimilate their language as they have done so to ours? Do think its cute or do they hate it? OmG, I challenge anyone here to write a Hetalia fanfiction where America and Japan have an argument about this
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    Grammar and spelling

    *Grammar. And the difference between 'laugh out loud' and 'lots of laughs' is not going significantly change the content of a message. That said, there is a time and a place for text speak, and prose is not it.