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    Serious Lack of Reviews

    Actually, speaking as a moderator for the moment, we don't encourage asking readers to suggest ideas in the review boards. That sort of thing is best taken to the forum, because there is a fine line between asking readers for ideas and posting a poll in the story, which is not allowed per our Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. As a writer, I have been chastised for not including my review reply thread in each chapter, so I heartily second Aysha's recommendation there.
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    Aysha c.c.

    Serious Lack of Reviews

    I find that it helps to generate reviews if you try to get your fans involved in the creation of the story. In your A/N tell them to post suggestions for the story in their reviews. I also find that creating a review response thread and assuring your fans that you will respond to their reviews also helps to generate more reviews. Keep in mind that you should post the link to the review thread at the end of every chapter.