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    Week 16: 1-23-11

    Prompt: Moon Please remember to follow the rules as outlined here: Rules Happy Writing!
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    Week 16: 1-23-11

    Pen Name: Sanura Story link: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600103272 Type of fic: Flashfic Rating: Adult Fandom: Original Pairing: OC Warnings: M/M NoSex
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    This is the review forum for The Truth Behind His Life. It is a cross over between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Batman but is slash. Review by Jaylynn: Oh please update this! I'm right when I am thinking of Jack and Selina as the future Joker and Catwoman right? Lol I hope so. This is looking to be really interesting so I hope you continue. Is Xander going to have a love interest and if so, who or at least gender? *I like both depending on partners* Sorry for so many questions but I really think this is a great start and enjoy your writing style. *I hate it when I read a story start and love the idea but the writing style makes it hard to get into it.* My Response: I'm planning on as soon as I can find a bit of muse swimming around my brain that's going on. *nodnod* I hope that you keep writing and enjoying. As for the pairing, I'm not sure. Right now I'm playing around with Dick/Xander. Review by Roxas: Please write more to this story thanks. My response: Yes, I will be, promise. Review by tomboy17: hi . this is great , I love it not to mention you got sum of my favorite characters but mostly xander and joker , I don’t think you’ve mentioned you will be the pair , hope you update soon . Review by tomboy17: it rocks and you rock on baby ,and keep rocking on . My response: Aww! I'm glad you like it so much. *bounces* And there will be pairings when I figure that one out, promise. *nods* *giggles and bounces* Thank you dearest. Review by jgood27: good story, please update soon My response: I will hopefully do so as soon as I have time and energy to do it with this story. I have so many others that I need to work on still. Review by sacred legacies: *snickers* now thats ammusing. lol. *considers* Is Batman gonna wierd out when Xander and the Joker finally meet and Xander calls him papi? My response: Oooh yes, the Batman is going to get the shock of a life time when I have those two meet for sure. *cackles and bounces* Review by LAS: I really like the story and I can't wait until you update it. My response: I'm glad you're enjoying this and I hope to write more once I get there.
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    Finding a Bit of Trust

    This is the review forum for Finding a Bit of Trust which is a SLASH pairing between Ibiki and Naruto. Review by fani: want more uke naru-chan with a splatter of mpreg.....lov this fic My reply: There is going to be uke Naru-chan. *nodnod* In later chapters. Maybe some MPreg. Review by Sneakyfox: Oh my. I'm gonna have to thank truelywicked for giving you this little bit of inspiration. I loved this chapter. Keep up the good work! Review by Sneakyfox: lol Sakura is doomed! Review by Sneakyfox: Haha.. in your face, Sakura! Keep up the good work. My reply: She happily takes the blame and PREENS about it. *giggles* *hugs her* I'm glad you are loving the story so far. Review by ShadowofLight: Yes finally! Someone has broken the mold! Sorry and i totally agree, Ibiki is, well he's alot like a giant teddy bear and I am so glad someone did this pairing. I would love to see how it goes (and I enjoy a good Sakura/Sasuke bashing time to time, I despise them even now). Great job, I'll be waiting happily for the next updates! Review by ShadowofLight: Fun time fun time fun fun fun time!!! Oh to be a fly on that wall with a camceroder. Well I have a camcorder but oh to be there. Hell I was thinking of a perfect torture for her! And it is never a good idea to hurt someone with such powerful and caring friends. So yay for ibiki-san!! I can't wait to read more and Merry Chirstmas and Happy New year!!! Review by ShadowofLight: Normally, I despite that prick, but when I read how well he manipulated that--thing! (and I use teh term very loosely) I was smiling. then I read the last several lines and I broke out in a large grin. So basically, the skank dug her own grave and now she's gonna lie in it. Perfect! not enough narutoxIbiki fics out there, I like Ibiki, he's a teddy bear! So glad you updated and I can't wait to read more. please tell me you have something very otrturous for hte bitch planned? And let Naruto find love soon! My reply: Oh my, such a lovely set of comments! I'm glad that you're enjoying the fact that I broke the mold of pairings. Especially since there are like...1 other chapter story. And that's Ibiki/Naruto friendship going on. *shrugs* As for the camcorder, we all wish that we could do that. *cackles* The perfect torture for her is to know that Sasuke considers her a piece of lint not worth his time and forever is he out of her reach. *cackles contently. *cackles* Normally, I don't like Sasuke much either, but I've been feeling generous about the man. *nods* As for Sakura, I have my plans for her, I promise you! I have many plans for the stupid pain in the ass. *cackles* Review by usmorgan: This story has a brilliant start and I can't wait to read more. And it figures that Sakura would do that to him...she is truely my least favorite character...so bash away, if you please. I can't wait to read more I think this story will end up being one of my favorites. Thank you. Review by usmorgan: Like it and I can't wait for more. I really like how you made Sasuke in this story...very cool. My reply: I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. And it went from simple bashing, as it started out, to outright twisting her character and mind. I hope you're continuing to read and enjoy this story. *hugs* Review by Riddle Of All Time: it's really good i can't wait for the next chapter, I like IbikiNaru to, there isn't much of it out there for my liking, but then again I love Naru beig paired up with almost every guy on the show, he's just soooooo cute with all of them. Please keep it up. R.O.A.T My reply: I love the pairing personally. There is just not enough Ibiki/Naruto going on. *shakes head with a sigh* It's really so sad that there's not enough. *shrugs* Anyways, I like me some Naru/someone to. *nodnod* Review by bonnenuit: I have a secret love of this pairing as well =) Alright, it's not very secret. My reply: *squeaks happily* *giggles* I'm glad you love this pairing and just know...I love your stuff. Review by Nefertari: Great Beginning, would love to read more ^^ My reply: Oh why thank you! I'm hoping that you are continuing to read this story to lovely one. Review by qqsha: Ah~ he sounds so pretty. But *&*^*(&^*%^(* Sakura for hurting him like that! I thought the beginning here was really good, and I can't wait tell there is more chapters! My reply: *cackles* He is pretty in my mind in a fox like way. *nods* And yes, she's being well used as a plot device. *beams* Review by uchiha mikomi: OH GOD!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FINISH THIS FIC!!!!! go ahead and blame trulywicked, i for one LOVE that woman!! so what if the plot bunny bit ya. at least this is gonna go great!!! miko My reply: I am writing this as I go, I promise. *giggles and waves a hand* It's just taking a bit of time. Review by mykonosparadise: I already really like this story- very interesting pairing. I wouldn't be in Sakura's place in the next chap. And Naruto... hmm... I could practically imagine him with those ears and tail...cute! Update soon,ne! My reply: I'm glad you like the story so far. *giggles* And yes, so could I. Though some people keep asking me why they're not removed surgically, which is starting to annoy me. Especially when I have given every indication that he has lost his human ears. *growls at stupid people* Review by punkrocker69: OMG u must continue haha I wanna see what happens to the pink haired banche muhahahaa My reply: I have many plans for her. *evil smirk* and it's Banchee. missed an e there luv. I do the same often. Review by mykonosparadise: Hahaha, that's it Sakura, there you go... (sorry, can't stand her sorry ass) Sasuke is a tad OOC, but that's fair enough. Can't wait to see Ibiki's reaction when he sees the blonde... Since I don't know if my email will be shown, I'll write it: mykonosparadise@gmail.com My reply: *cackles* I love the fact that Sakura has dug her own grave. It makes me happy. *nodnod* And Sasuke has changed quiet a bit, but that to will be explained in later chapters. Review by Lady Laran: Nicely played Sasuke! I don't quite understand about the cat thing, maybe you can explain it a bit more in the next chappy? My reply: *cackles* Ah, the cat thing is code for ANBU missions, or a certain type. I will be going over that at a later chapter. *nods* Review by Lady Laran: I can't wait to see what happens to Sakura! Sasuke's upcoming marriage definitely was a great step! lolol Review by Lady Laran: Oh I hope Ibiki breaks her good for this! That stupid pink haired twit! GRRRRR!!!!! My reply: *cackles* I rather like the idea of Sasuke getting married. I actually have a plan on how to really piss of Sakura. *nods* Review by animelover: oh yeah, you are a GENIUS!!! that was the perfect way to crack Sakura. Now, let's see ibiki rip her a new one, and some ibinaru action ... oh, when you get a chance, of courrse. My reply: *cackles* I have plans for everything, I promise. *nods with a smile* *cackles and bounces with a purr* Review by mi5tan: Great chapter, wonder if Sakura will snap & break out of prison to get her revenage on Naruto. My reply: I have plans for that, promise. *smirks* Review by Mirae: heyyy wait where is the next chapter i was so reading that and it was just getting really good to keep it up My reply: >:3 Got to love it when the story is just hanging there. Such anticipation. Hope you're still enjoying the story. Review by Kairai: Yay! I'm liking this story so far! It's so hard to find any Ibiki/Naruto, I like this pairing a lot! I hope to see more soon! Great job! My reply: *giggles* I know, it's such a pain in the ass when you're trying to find a good story with them. *sighs and pouts* Review by Sesshomarus-Lover: Awe! Though Sakura is just plain evil, it's sweet to see how much everybody else cares for Naruto. Please update soon, I can't wait for the next chapter! My reply: I update as often as I can, which isn't as often as I hope for, but I'm glad you enjoy the story as I'm going. Review by blu kat: This is the first time I have seen this pairing and I thought I give it a try. Like what I've read so far, especially the reaction of everyone with them being on Naruto's side. Thanks for the read. My reply: *giggles* I'm glad that I could get you to read a new pairing and enjoy it. *nods* *bounces off* Review by JtheChosen1: Very good work here! I can't wait for the hot and heavy stuff! I love this pairing soooo much! My reply: OOh, the hot and heavy stuff will be coming soon, hopefully. *giggles* I have to do a few more things before it gets there. Review by Drace: I re-found this again as I was sorting through my favorites and I still think its cool. Granted Sakura in the last bit is rather hurl inducing and makes me embarassed to be female. She's a 'close friend' to Sasuke? And a benefit to her village? Oh Baka-ura, planet reality is calling, you have a collect call from King Kong with Excalibur. Brood mare? Her? *shudders* Any child that is half her would have severe mental problems by their first birthday! Update soon please, I wanna see the pink haired Narcissus go boom. Preferably literally. My reply: *cackles* I loved this review the first time I read it and I still love it. *nodnod* *smiles brightly* I'm glad you enjoy this story enough to reread it and find it cool. As for Sakura...she is delusional. There is no other way to say it. Review by smint45: This is a really nice story!!! I totally like it!!!!! At the moment there is not much Naruto Ibiki action but I think the story is progressing well!!!! Sakura is really methally ill!!!! I hope they will lock her up somewhre so she can't do more damage!!! Please update soon!!! I wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year!!! See you!!! Review by smint45: That was wow!!! Sakura is really crazy!!! And the one visiting her was it Orochimaru?? Or somebody elese?? Well I can't wait for more of this wonderful story!!!! See you soon!!! My reply: The Ibiki/Naru will come in later on as their relationship progresses along with the main plot of what is going on with Sakura and her surprise visitor. Soon, you will find out who that was. *cackles* Hell, I barely have an idea who it was. >> Review by Dorkchic: So far I am really liking your story and I hope you update soon! In a sort of related note... I keep seeing this in stories recently and it is starting to really get on my nerves. When you want someone to not speak then you want them to be 'quiet'. 'Quite' means to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely. As in, "I am quite tired at four in the morning." Sorry about the rant. It just sort of spewed out. My reply: Aww, I'm glad you like this story. And yes...I keep missing that for some odd reason. My eyes just skip over it. And it's fine. I'm glad that you were nice enough to point that out to me and any others who read reviews have a new knowledge on what the two words mean. I will be fixing that...soon...hopefully. As long as I don't forget...again
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    http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600093868 And its up. I would have done it much sooner if I didn't fall ill on tuesday night.