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I am off to work for an entire day of useless staff meetings where almost everyone will bitch, moan, and groan - but nothing will be done.

I am wondering why people as a whole can't be more open minded.

I am getting off my soap box and getting the lead out.

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Guest Big Samurai

I am contemplating finishing my evening with giant robots ... once today's spot of work is done, of course.

I am noting that there is always more to type.

I am also noting that productivity is rarely, if ever, a bad thing.

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I am telling echtrae that it's not possible.

I am wandering if echtrae's workstation is ergonomically correct and his monitor is easy on the eyes.

I am sending some virtual healthy sigarettes to dazzled to help out with stress.

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I am awake hopelessly early on a Saturday morning due to my monthly torture called Corporate Saturday.

I am wasting time so I don't show up too early and have to wait out in the parking lot for security to get their lazy asses in there.

I am hoping it won't be like the last Saturday where over 200 people waited in the parking lot for over an hour because security "forgot" they had to get up.

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