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I am kinda pissed

I am pissed cause no one believed that my inability to loose weight was totally due to laziness..its only partly the reason... blush.gif

I am going to talk to my family Dr. about my underactive thyroid soon.

I am hoping that he helps me with it

I am also hoping that if I do have to take meds this will kick-start my thyroid and make it work right.

I am also hoping that I'll loose a bunch of weight as a result

I am also going to go to the town's gym at my civic center at least twice a week if I can

I am tired of being overweight

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Guest Big Samurai

I am fervently disagreeing with Ms. Scribe.

I am thoroughly enjoying the new season of TV.

I am stating that I have substantially different tastes from Ms. Scribe, though; for example, I do not care for any of the CSI shows.

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