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    If I Were...

    I'd be mounted. If I were a Mountie...
  2. Come Over, I Tied Up Sluts B O N D A G E
  3. redsliver


    I had them pre-aired since august, so I've been drooling for the next episode since them. Its been difficult, but this sunday means more Dexter! I can't wait to see how he handles his little dilemma. SPOILER :Unlike you Jadwin, I'm glad they didn't go the Dr Dango route. I love the books but at the moment I like the show more.
  4. Chaper 54 (the next bunch are written too, but I don't see a need to not hog the front page if I'm updating a chapter everyday.)
  5. ^ dead right < smell like a sound, I'm on the prowl, I'm the hungry like the wolf V got into the song even without Bruce Campbell
  6. Perky Erect Awesome Knockers C O C K T E A S E
  7. I have, I recommend it. I have never paid a hooker.
  8. because there's fuck else to do, why?