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  1. Green, deep forest green.
  2. Oh, Sere, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Buddy was a great bunny.
  3. Happy Birthday, Big guy! (Better late than never )
  4. Yes, yes. Happy Turkey day to all our Canadian members. Now quit talking about your yummy food. I'm starving.
  5. Are you looking for a list of HTML codes in general, or a list of what is acceptable and will work on AFF?
  6. Well, I've finally gotten around to writing the much anticipated sequel to Forbidden Fruit. It's called New Beginnings and you can find it here.
  7. Too funny! *Goes and digs out her copy of Cattus Petatasus*
  8. How about a chocolate covered Snape? (He's my last one, but I guess I can part with him....)
  9. Nanaea

    I Am...

    I am hoping that Daz feels better after some much needed rest.
  10. Happy birthday, Keith. Here's hoping it's enjoyable.
  11. I am no longer allowed to try new allergy meds thinking that they'll actually work and not make my heart freak out.
  12. Nanaea

    I Am...

    I am suffering from fall allergies as well. Achoo!
  13. Whatever offer he makes, I can top it.