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    Attack site

    Check this out: This is a link to a popular slash book on SL Publishing Group's site. I see a "Reported Attack Page" warning when trying to access it. Is someone messing with slash/erotica containing sites somehow?
  2. madlodger

    Looking for DM/HP fic

  3. madlodger

    Er... Are we all Rapists now?

    This banner keeps appearing when I read stories. In fact, it was the first one I saw after logging into the forum. The advert banner is called "The Unheard Screams Charity Drive - helping raise awareness while helping the victims". It is linked to this page: Helping victims of Abuse, Incest, and Rape is a noble cause, no doubt. How did fanfiction get linked with real rapes, though? Or am I reading this wrong? Ooookay... Does this mean that reading or writing fanfic about such issues is shameful and dirty? Or does this mean that I am supposedly unable to know the difference due to my extreme naivette? I do enjoy slavefics, for example. Does this mean that I support slavery? Don't think so. How about unprotected sex? Should everyone be wearing a condom in every fic? How true to RL does fan and original fiction has to be? Should 100 per cent of all fics be a clinical account of real stories? I am not happy to see fanfiction linked to real life crimes. I do not want hobbyist erotic writers, especially beginners, feel ashamed or unclean about expressing their fantasies, no matter how unrealistic. This is a world of makebelieve, not a support group. Disclaimer: No werewolves or elves were raped during writing of this post.
  4. madlodger

    missing stories

    Yep, the one with Akos, Azazel and Eir. I remember that fic and it had a sequel called Redemption. The author deleted the stories, their own website and purged their LJ. You could try to contact them and ask if the fics will ever be posted again.
  5. madlodger

    M/M Werewolf Story

  6. madlodger

    missing stories

    The Autumn on the Sea was about Aki and Sabreal, right? The author removed them.
  7. madlodger

    The Pet by Fluffnutter

    Check this out:
  8. madlodger

    The Pet by Fluffnutter

    The last I've seen it was on LJ, but discontinued.
  9. madlodger

    Looking for fic website
  10. madlodger

    Two wonderful stories... Collateral Damage Ch 18 added 3/12/10... (A collaborative effort with the outstanding Mitts) A conqueror takes a slave in battle and the course of his life is changed forever... Abuse, Anal, Oral, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Love?? Angst > Slash - Male/Male Rated [Adult++] -:- Chapters [18] -:- Published [2009-01-25] -:- Updated [2010-03-12 00:55:55] -:- Edited [2010-03-15] -:- Hits [13890] -:- Reviews [171] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 233]
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    Where is the Original Fiction?

    No prob. Enjoy the smutty goodness
  12. madlodger

    Searching for a fantasy fic M/M
  13. madlodger

    Where is the Original Fiction?
  14. madlodger

    looking for an old, incomplete fic

    The Last Pure Human Yaoi Sci-fi Romance. Prince Kasan has a problem. His mating heat is almost over, and unless he has sex, NOW, his life is over as well. Which is why he's so happy to meet a small, human male... Anal, HJ, Humor, Language, M/M, N/C, Oral, SoloM, Yaoi Original - Misc > -Slash - Male/Male Rated [Adult++] -:- Chapters [22] -:- Published [2007-04-12] -:- Updated [2009-12-08 09:23:41] -:- Edited [2009-12-08] -:- Hits [86956] -:- Reviews [846] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 864]
  15. madlodger

    Brittany Murphy is dead!

    This is depressing. She played Tai in Clueless. RIP Brittany Murphy is a top trending topic on Twitter, that's how I found out.
  16. madlodger

    Can't find M/M story

    Hehe, an itsy-bitsy, miniscule legend Yep, fics are being removed quite often. I've gone to my old bookmark list the other day and so many were gone. Good thing that we found at least one of the two.
  17. madlodger

    Can't find M/M story SURRENDER The Cadence Palace is an Intergalactic Male Brothel that houses some of the most beautiful whores in the entire Andrenon Galaxy. While under the effects of an advanced mind control drug they will do anything and everything/ BDSM, M/M, MC, Oral, Slave, Tort Erotica > Slash - Male/Male Rated [Adult++] -:- Chapters [17] -:- Published [2009-02-26] -:- Updated [2009-07-16 16:53:57] -:- Edited [2009-10-31] -:- Hits [9732] -:- Reviews [46] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 35] Is that it?
  18. Jump into the Original section and Search by Title. The fic is there.
  19. madlodger

    Glowing reviews for very bad fiction?

    I dispute the 90% number. Sometimes, when people belong to a peer group and involved with that group for a long time, they start to believe that their group is bigger/more important/more whatever. The peer group of professional authors coexists with other ones, just like any other. Many of those who appear to work towards becoming a pro will never end up making a living out of it. Some will only supplement income from the day job. A large number will end up with a day job, a dream, and spending time socializing at diff author's forums.
  20. madlodger

    Glowing reviews for very bad fiction?

    This is because this type of authors and reviewers don't have an objective to 'grow into their potential'. Posting fandom fantasies is about making friends, and receiving 'ego stroking' and SQUEEEE!. A relatively small number of authors wish to become actual professional writers in RL. This is a normal occurrence in any fandom. Personally, I get irritated by wonderfully written faux fanfics posted by professional hackers for 'exposure'. Always good grammar and sentence structure. Except, the fics themselves are just Harlequin type novels casting fandom pairings. Good thing they get removed by the authors after becoming disenchanted with guerilla self-promotion.
  21. madlodger

    Looking for an olderish story

    There is always hope. I am working on mine, which was on a hiatus for almost three years. Was a bit disenchanted with Harry Potter after the final book. I bet, no one even remembers my fic, hehe! So, there is still a chance that JenJen could continue hers.
  22. madlodger

    Glowing reviews for very bad fiction?

    To be objective, we have people from 18 to 80s posting and reviewing fics. There is a huge difference in what diff groups of readers find valuable and score high or low. I've seen some poorly written high scored fics, but it didn't bother me a bit. Some of them had a strong teen following, some didn't. They did strike a chord with many readers, so there is something special in the storyline. I like what I like and so does any other reader.
  23. madlodger

    Looking for an olderish story

    I don't blame you. The site itself is really a collection of sites with a universal login. The search for a title would only work in the sub-domain where that title is posted, and many people don't know this. The search for content also works inside sub-domains only. The search for the author works everywhere across the border. That fic is my fave too, btw. I've been waiting for an update for two years, hehe.
  24. madlodger

    Looking for an olderish story

    Seriously, you know the name of the story and that it is an original work. All you have to do is to jump into the original section and search by title. It works.
  25. madlodger

    Story search

    It's been deleted by the author, as far as I know. I liked that fic also.