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  1. My plan is to have 8 tattoos dotted about on my body, of played noughts-and-crosses games. Or tic-tac-toe, as you prefer. Here's my plan for whereabouts to have them: I also wondered what your thoughts were on having variations on the theme. I'm not massively into the idea of heart shapes instead of noughts, but if any other alternatives occur to you guys then I'd love to hear them. I am considering having one left empty, possibly with the words, 'Wanna play?' underneath. So, what do you lot think? Cringeworthy or good?
  2. I recently bought the first two books of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy. After reading for a while, I checked the Amazon reviews to see what other people thought of them. And... I came across this one, particular comment that I can't seem to track down, now. While I think the idea that 'women can't write accurately about male sexual desire' is a generalisation and as such is surely inaccurate, I think that male and female desire are very different, if only due to different societal expectations, so perhaps there is something in the idea that women will struggle to write male sex scenes and vice versa. I'm keen to hear what both male and female authors here have to say on the idea. For the record, I will say that I am female. Also for the record, I will say that the writing in the Beauty trilogy is quite pretty and flowery, even when the male POV is used.
  3. Blimey, thanks you two! So much information, wanderingaddict!
  4. When you have an erection, can you tell - without looking down - that you've got one? Is there a physical sensation to it? Please let a slash writer know!
  5. *slaps forehead* My god DG, sorry! I must have had scales over my eyes! Anyway: thanx!
  6. And add to it, soon enough I hope. Just need to run it through my beta first. Shame that the forum isn't particularly set up for original works. I mean, an equivalent of The Roadhouse (a reciprocal review/networking subforum on FictionPress) would be brilliant. Perhaps I should try and start one...
  7. Hi, I'm not quite sure where to put this, but I've had a look around the site and can't seem to find where you intend for original adult fiction writers to put their stuff. There doesn't seem to be a heading for it, depite original fiction being mentioned on the title / age consent page. Does such a thing actually exist here or is the original thing a misunderstanding on my part / typo? Thanks in advance.
  8. Ooh, that's evil and I like it! Especially as there are timid students in the class and I suspect my teacher wouldn't like to humiliate them by making them sit through an unnecessary impromptu sex ed class.
  9. I'm writing a story where an 18 year old male student has been trying to bully his teachers, but is failing miserably on account of them being much more streetwise than they look. Having given up on the poshest one, he's now trying on the young-looking one (who is actually about 27ish). The scene so far is going like this: The teacher has turned his back to the class to write something on the board and, while he's distracted so, our student has torn a quarter of a page from half-way down his notepad (so he doesn't have the incriminating square missing from the top), scrunched it up, and thrown it at teacher's back. The teacher looked around in surprise, looks down to see this ball of paper on the floor, suspects it's the very student it happens to be but can't prove it. So he picks up the paper, opens it, pretends it's got a question on it and proceeds to answer it, knowing that at least some of the students surrounding the culprit will know it was him. My question to you all is, what should that question be? I did think of, 'How do you cure premature ejaculation?', but if anyone can come up with a better one I'd be obliged. I can't really make reference to the student being a virgin because he's coupled up with a female student and they're sleeping together.
  10. Aye, we've got two over on another forum I frequent. One of the women in question dated a man who ended up coming out as gay and she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder as a result. The other one is just a proper, brainwashed fundie who says her opinion on homosexuals is 'Biblical'. I'm not sure I want to know what that means, especially if I want to stay on that forum which, overall, I do. After a long - and rather heated - conversation about the ethics of homosexuality, she and the other woman decided that there was no reason for them to be prejudiced against homosexuals so they defended their right to continue with their prejudice based on 'variation of opinion', and congratulated themselves on that. Pricks. My mum used to be quite a lot like that - I empathise. While it wasn't so much about minorities and more about her caprices as an emotionally manipulative bitch, I certainly recognise the 'I'm not being unreasonabl!' stompfests. And I'm still glad I get to keep my distance from her after all these years. I'm selective in the contact I have and thank my lucky stars I don't have kids. I think people like you and I grow up to be more accommodating because we see the very worst side of prejudiced people. To see someone who has a worldview and is also angry, I think that makes a child grow up into an adult who does not share the same view. I think Christians sometimes get this with atheists - someone who is atheist and is also angry (perhaps because they keep getting preached at even though they don't want it) makes it look like all atheists are angry. We're not, of course, but people will forge these correlations sometimes.
  11. Mythdefied, I have to agree wholeheartedly - you've broken down most of the worst offenders!
  12. Just the name of one of my fancharacters. Nothing speshul.
  13. Hmm. I'm going to proceed to say this carefully, as in part I agree with you: nobody in their right mind would want to be raped, tortured or any of the other things that happen to tragedy Sues. However, I wonder whether there are many people out there who would like for it to have happened to them. At some point in the past, so that the real trauma is over, and you just have a juicy story to draw on to get others' attention. As for Sue being unlikeable because it is hard to relate to her, I agree with this - reality is twisted violently out of true to make Mary Sue fit, and that certainly rubs some of us up the wrong way. I don't really buy the jealous, though. I think what annoys me the most is the authors' lack of understanding of how social convention, psychology and so on work. The lack of insight really becomes clear when you see someone write an untruth. Come to think of it, it's a pretty good lie detector. You can always tell when someone's lying when the story goes exactly as they'd just love it to, can't you?
  14. I'm currently going further with a particular series than I thought I would when I wrote the first story. It's just developed. To this day (and I wrote the first story over a year ago), it is still my most popular, attracting a respectable number of readers. However, the second story in the series had to do something very subtle. While the first was a strong, simple message (Satirical Mary Sue bamfs into canon universe; actually gets treated like a jumped-up little tart actually would in that situation), the second story had to be more suble: (Mary Sue returns, doesn't reform because that would be too cheesy, but leaves with doubts over her attitudes). The third story, interestingly, is the second most popular in my cache (May Sue returns again, ultimately reforms into a nicer person, and gets on good terms with the canon characters). I've enjoyed writing up until now and am continuing to write, but story no. 2 just didn't attract the crowd. I've noticed something similar when reading trilogies: the first book has the powerful new idea, the third one has a long-awaited and satisfying resolution to the entire problem, but the middle one goes off like a damp firework. One of the reviewers for story no. 2 asked whether there'd actually been any point in the story at all. There was: story no. 3 wouldn't have worked without it. But I find the inherent flaccidness of middle stories to be frustrating. What I find to be a particularly sad thing about it is that, there's no way for the reader to be sure whether the final story will be satusfying. Therefore some, I suspect, just get bored half way through story no. 2 and don't go any further. Frustrating for the reader, soul-destroying for the writer.
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