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Guest judy

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I actually have a lot of the story copied onto a word document (this was when I had no roaming internet so i regularly found stories I liked and copied and pasted it straight into a word doc for later reading)

I am inclined to post it myself since it is a very good story however I think the author deleted the stories because he/she watched a new report how smut stories eroge games and prono's increase the a person's likelihood of rape or not functioning in society or some complete BS reason. If you can't tell I always hate these kinds of report because they always over hype the worst cases and it's not a real representation of the average person. While I think that the reason is complete shit I still respect the author enough to not post his/her story though if enough people want to read it again I may as well post it for others to read as well.

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Sorry I should of been clearer.

It is highly unlikely that I would post but if I did I would not claim any rights to it whatsoever so it would not be plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of stealing thoughts, ideas or concepts of others without referring to the proper creator. You should always respect show the proper respect to the author even more so in this case. Though with that being said I have emailed the story to several people before who just went and put it up in other places like futanari palace but usually I or someone else alerts the moderators and they are taken down.

All of that being said it would still be possible for someone to attempt a rewrite or even just use the basic concept to write a completely different story (again giving proper referrals to the author).

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If you look at the Terms of Service for this site, we do NOT allow users to post for others. At all. If you take over an abandoned fic, we do require proof of permission to do so. If you change/rewrite someone else's work, again, we require proof of permission in order for it to stay.

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Guest Alex Dhar

This is driving me completely insane. I want that story so very badly. It was easily my favorite on this site. I'd do anything to get it back. :'(

If anyone has a copy please email me at removed

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@Guest_Alex_Dhar_* : You need to go to the post above yours and read it. Then you need to go to the top of the Cartoon section, or any section, of the Searching for a Fic thread. This is what you will find:


If you know the piece of fiction that someone is searching for is removed from the site, but you retained a personal copy, please do not pass the story around. If the story is taken down either by the Author or Moderator staff there is a reason behind it that must be respected.

Do not ask for copies of a story to be emailed to you.

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