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  1. I uploaded a satirical piece both here and on FFN yesterday which is SFW. I rated it that way, which is how it shows under the exact section: But not under the main page for games: Can this be fixed? ETA: OS: Windows 7 Browser: Chrome Version 33.0.1750.149 m
  2. Sadly, I was not able to complete the story in the challenge's required timeframe. As such, I've deleted this story. At this time, I do not intend to repost, so you can delete the category if you desire. My apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. SpeedyTomato has removed her Inuyasha stories from AFF due to rampant plagiarism.
  4. I believe the story you're referring to was by Danyealle-sama. She removed her Inuyasha stories.
  5. AN chapter is a no-go, however, this one was last Edited : 2008-10-21; so that AN chapter falls under cleanup. And we're not in that section just yet.
  6. Whenever I'm trying to consider a character's name, I think of what the name means. Diana: Zoey: Valerie: Olivia: Olivia and Diana are both associated with beauty, which is a trait of the Veela. In choosing one of those, you are, of course, creating irony given your character's promiscuous nature. Both are also good for the "Enchanted Wood" theme in your title. I admit I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to names. Given that you're wanting to pass her off as Muggleborn, you might consider Olivia Angelson, since that last name is very mundane.
  7. It appears to have been self-published, but removed from SmashWords' catalog.
  8. RogueMudblood

    fem harry

    The Rise of the Meretrix by KMAT and review response thread is here
  9. NyQuil - you have to register for an account in order to view the material then. Y!gal allows its users to choose to lock down their content to logged in members only, and that message is given whenever a user has chosen to do so.
  10. We have two Eon's on site: Eon and Eon neither have stories posted.
  11. There is no notification system in place. People will read a story because it is on the first page. Bear in mind we have over 150,000 members currently, and even more 'guests' on site every day, so people who will go into a section of the archive periodically just to see what's new will often click on stories updated since their last run through. There is currently no way to see how many 'subscribers' your story has - in this case, I'm interpreting that to mean how many people have added it to their favorites list. You may certainly post in the promote a story forum, provided that the story is hosted here on AFF. The rules and regulations of that forum are found here. No, you may not use your review board as a communications tool. That is expressly forbidden in the Guidelines, which are part of the Terms of Service of the site: What we recommend is to create a thread in the appropriate sub-forum here in order to reply to reviewers as well as make any author's notes that exceed the 600 word limit. Users do not have to be members of the forum in order to reply to your threads there, and what you would do is, once the thread is created, copy the URL into your story chapter (either at the top or the bottom) to let readers know that you will be replying to reviews there. (Example from one of mine: "Review replies can be found here: ") The URL will show in full within the chapter of the story. I hope that answers all of your questions, and we'd certainly prefer that users ask if something is unclear to them.
  12. What you're describing sounds like flaming (without seeing the reviews exactly, would not be able to state definitively), and we don't allow it. If that was something staff found, it's possible the user's account was terminated, not just that the user removed the reviews.
  13. Link to the above: Home Unknown by karisma Olympus could use a guy like Joxer. Imagine his surprise! M/M m/f, general nonsense. Chapter 30 up! Posted : 2005-07-21 -:- Edited : 2008-06-03 11:21:37 -:- Read Reviews
  14. -sigh-
  15. Okay, dear, if you're trying wayback, that means you have a URL, yes? If you can provide the URL, I can check by that.
  16. I found one of that title that was Sasuke/Sakura Grey by MissyG As long as there was pain, either through sex or through battle, she never saw the grey. Onesided SasuSaku, SakuOC.[Complete.] Abuse,Angst,AU/AR,BDSM,Bond,COMPLETE,D/s,Dom,Fet,H/C,Humil,Language,M/F,OC,Oneshot,Other,Tort,UST,Violence Posted : 2007-09-30 -:- Edited : 2007-09-30 01:04:25 -:- Read Reviews But that's the only one of that title here in the archive. Sorry
  17. Posted when user was a minor (15). You can find the author's profile here.
  18. It's boobie month again! I'm still looking for links for companies that will donate, but since today's the first, please take a moment to get educated:, and (for US citizens) find a low cost detection center: Don't forget, men can get breast cancer too. Delta Airlines is running a Pink Pic competition! See their Facebook page for details. If 20,000 people vote on pictures, then they'll donate a total of $40,000 for breast cancer awareness. The following links all require money to be spent, but a part of purchase donates to charity - click the links to find out more. APL will donate 10% of their sales for October of one specific shoe: JC Penney will donate $2 for every pair of boots purchased: starting 10/04 UK residents Estee Lauder will donate the entire purchase price of the Pin and Compact on this page. nailsinc will donate £1 for every purchase of this nail polish. bareminerals will donate £5 for every purchase of this lipgloss to LGFB (for women who have been diagnosed with cancer) Astley Clarke London will donate £22 with every purchase of this bracelet Timothy Dunn London will donate £18 with every purchase of this candle And if you want to make a direct donation, Charity Navigator has a list of breast research groups you can peruse and determine which you'd like to support.
  19. May I request a Het section please?
  20. BronxWench - Aw, thankee, hun! I wanted to capture that tenderness, and I'm glad I was able to do so. You've made me smile today - thank you!
  21. BronxWench - Wow, two reviews! I really am happy that you're enjoying the story. I suppose I could have fit the last week's prompt in with this as well, but the other idea came to me so clearly, I just had to tell that story. (Of course, it's Melrick's fault. ) I'm glad you're enjoying the play between Rudy and Phoebe. You flatter me with your description of my writing, and I'm truly please you find it so! I do hope that you continue to enjoy this tale.
  22. BronxWench - Thanks for taking the time to read and review! I'm glad it intrigued you. And you know how I love to "shake things up." I'm pleased that you enjoyed the tale, and hope you will continue to do so!