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  1. That was the distinction I was missing. Fanfic, by its nature, is taking elements of canon and the contributions of the fanfic writer (at least in plot & the actual word arrangements) – I know, that’s being generous for some of the fanfic out there. An exact determination of derivative vs transformative can require a court case, to determine if fair use would apply (thereby allowing the fanfic writer to ignore a demand of the canon author to not post a fanfic). However, I’m not willing to spend $100k to defend a fanfic in court, and there’s that ever present chance to LOSE the case making the fanfic situation worse. Luckily for my Harry Potter fanfic, JK Rowling did famously allow fanfic on a not-for-money basis; thus rendering the debate closer to academic as I doubt I’d ever feel comfortable charging readers for my writings. (p.s. why is my auto-correct wanting to change “fanfic” to “fanatic”?)
  2. Apologize if you misunderstood. There’s a copyright lawyer on youtube, and I do watch a number of his videos on the topic of fair use, so that’s why I see this a bit more fuzzy than most, because there are times when something reads as a derivative work and succeeds at a fair use claim in court. (Was debating discussing this more or working on the Halloween story research … )
  3. The spook I’ll get is the relevant advertisments will haunt me for years.
  4. Nearly any line is jagged and a wide swath of area if you look at it closely enough. Now, I’m not a lawyer, but I do watch some on youtube… that makes me qualified, right? I’ll ignore the outright plagiarism you’re noting above and assume US copyright law based on what I’ve seen for my youtube law degree. Fanfiction is part source material and part new material. Author(s) of the source have copyright interests in their own works *AND* that part of your fanfiction that leverages their material. However, the fanfic writer does have copyright interest in the material they added in crafting their fanfic. Fanfic writers usually slap on a disclaimer, disavow profit, seek fair use as grounds for posting, and call it a wrap, easy done, easy go. BUT unless that fanfic writer has signed it away, they’ve got copyright in what they contributed, and therefore, they can use the DMCA against the offending website. That’s my $0.02 on how a fanfic writer can deal with a website that pirates their stories. If they want to go further, if there’s a legal tassle, then I’d seriously recommend consulting a copyright lawyer who can evaluate the situation.
  5. Don’t worry, this idea has already spooked @BronxWench 👻
  6. SOME SQL statements, even if they seem read-only, might be generating an internal “temporary” database table. Normally, not an issue because its so short lived that it likely isn’t even written out to disk, however, it can mean innocuous seeming searches won’t work when the database is in read-only mode. Another possibility is much more restrictive filtering of search terms from user input… SQL injections can be tough to fix without a lot of inspection of the code, it’ll take time.
  7. Given the SQL injection issues, I’d suspect that any wildcards would be rejected (at least until its all fixed).
  8. Okay, okay, new story idea, should be short enough so that it doesn’t feel like I’m cramming a novel in as a “oneshot”.
  9. Apparently, the odds of a surprise birth is 1 one 2500 (this is where the mother’s unaware she’s pregnant until labor/baby shows up).  Something I’m researching as I’m reconsidering my existing WIP halloween story.

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      It’s not like the first one was a bad idea, it simply had enough moving parts that a oneshot wouldn’t do it justice.  Even my hairbrained idea to “reformat” a multi-chapter story into a single one-shot wasn’t going to cut it anywhere under 45k.  So, the MC gets a reprieve and his sentence won’t be carried out immediately.

    3. BronxWench


      I’m just shuddering at the thought of a stealth pregnancy. It’s bad enough when you know about it. :lol: 

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Giving you a spook even BEFORE I post the story, that’s cool :whistle:

  10. I’m crossing my fingers hoping it’ll all be fine and dandy when it comes time to post the Halloween stories!
  11. Quote

    Overheard a couple of stoned teachers in the staff lounge,” Ruben said, “So you know it’s true.”

    Cracking up as I’m working on my Halloween story…

  12. Well played, though I’m now dabbling with Toby’s characterization (intended main character for my story)